What Do Virginia Slims and VistaPrint Have in Common?

I may be dating myself with this, or at least my longevity on the Internet, but, I remember the company, VistaPrint, from days gone by. They made business cards for free a very long time ago. Now that’s a marketing technique from the past. Well, it must have worked at some level because, man, you should see them now! They’re offering all kinds of things to put your logo or picture on… a lot more than business cards!

The thing that caught my eye and started my mind thinking was the custom postcards. I couldn’t help but think we could use our photos (the good ones of course) to make postcards unique to our blogs, our islands, our cultures, events, whatever, that are not available anywhere else. Then, we can use them for just about any purpose — for sending holiday wishes, reminders, notices, all kinds of things!

Vista Print has taken things a step further at this point — they will even take a mailing list that you provide, and mail the cards for you! This may not work very well for holiday greetings to family and friends, but it sure works for business marketing and fund raising organizations!

I’m trying to date them but I really don’t remember exactly when they appeared. They may have come on the scene about the same time that eBay did. Yeah, I remember that too. My desire for my own identity makes me lean towards products like this. I think the bloggers and online businesses that are offering, or have offered, their t-shirts for sale or as gifts. I think that is so cool! Yeah, they do that too. Anyway, to answer the title question and hopefully not date myself even more in the process, “they’ve come a long way baby!” Now if I can just design a logo or come up with the perfect picture…

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  • 1 Beat of Hawaii // Jan 24, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Even though I don’t smoke, I can still recite the Virginia Slim lyrics. I guess that dates me too!

    The custom postcards are a great idea. Yesterday the blog, “Somewhat Frank,” mentioned Postalz.com. You can create on-line postcards with their free service using flickr.

    I’m trying the idea out on you and will be sending you a Postalz card today!


  • 2 Evelyn // Jan 24, 2008 at 11:49 am

    I don’t smoke either but the jingle was catchy. 🙂 Okay, Rob, I’ll keep an eye out for your on-line card — then we’ll have an avenue for online and one for the USPS!

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