We’re Baa-ack!

Staring up at a palm tree makes you dizzy.To anyone who has tried to visit recently, I am so very sorry! My blog’s version of WordPress (WordPress.org) was so badly outdated that when my darling ISP flipped a security switch, Homespun Honolulu was suddenly deprecated into oblivion! OMG, there were error messages everywhere!

Interesting word — deprecate.

dep·re·cate (dpr-kt)
tr.v. de·pre·cat·ed, de·pre·cat·ing, de·pre·cates
1. To express disapproval of; deplore.
2. To belittle; depreciate.
3. Computer Science To mark (a component of a software standard) as obsolete to warn against its use in the future so that it may be phased out.

Based on the way I felt when I realized this dilemma, any one of those three definitions would have fit quite nicely! But, since the third one is the most appropriate, I guess we will just go with that one.

I did not do the original framework for this blog when it started some five-plus years ago. Jon Symons, whom I will now call my Canadian friend, formerly of Home Turf Media, has since moved on to bigger and better things! Now the President of Jigsaw Online Media Inc., he is a little too busy these days to deal with such things as deprecated blogs. As luck would have it, Jon in Canada was kind enough to steer me in the direction of a nice gentleman in the UK to help me! Keep in mind that I’m in Honolulu. My ISP is in Arizona, I think. Time difference? You betcha!

I need to send out a huge “Mahalo!” to Jon Symons for starting me out so long ago and for continuing to help keep me active. Jon referred me to this very akamai (smart) and cool new friend, Simon Glover, in the UK.

Simon (aka SiMatt — long story) was just who I needed and he was a blogger’s miracle to be sure! Brilliant! Thank you so very much, Mr. Glover, 🙂 for having the patience and the know-how to deal with all of this! I would have pulled out all of my hair in frustration and I was already out of tears over it all.

Last but certainly not least, I have to send out a very warm “Aloha & Mahalo!” to GoDaddy.com, my darling ISP, who had to endure phone call after phone call from me to deal with all of this. They flipped the switch, yes, but I could not get mad at them for protecting all of their customers from hackers and other potential security issues.

“Fine! Help me fix it!” They did. GoDaddy.com staff went beyond the call time and time again, trust me, to help me help Simon to get this fixed! GoDaddy is the cream of the crop for me. That is why they are on the sidebar!

Let’s see, we went bouncing around from Honolulu to Canada to England to Arizona and back to Honolulu. I think I can safely say that Homespun Honolulu has done its best, albeit not successfully, to go global! 🙂

Now Homespun needs a “facelift” and I sincerely hope my new friend, SiMatt in England, will continue to assist me for at least a little while longer. I can feel a blog carnival on the horizon gang! Start thinking of your Hawaii stories that you want to share! 🙂

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  • 1 Sheila // Oct 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    I’m so glad you’re back! Funny thing was I was thinking about you and Homespun Honolulu just last night…wondering if you were ok.

  • 2 Evelyn // Oct 2, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    I was thinking of you, too, Sheila! I kept telling myself to send you a note to let you know what on Earth was going on! 🙂

    I’m so sorry my friend but it feels good to be moving with this! Sheesh!

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