Warriors are Bloggers Too!

These last few days before January 1, 2008 are worse than waiting for Christmas! I’m not the girly-girl type so nail biting is no big surprise but this Sugar Bowl anticipation stuff is driving me crazy!

Ryan Grice-Mullen, UH WarriorAt least the University of Hawaii Athletics Department was kind enough to set up a space for Ryan Grice-Mullen to keep us posted, blogger style, of the team’s activities while they’re in New Orleans. My only gripe is that there is no place for us to leave comments or ask questions. Of course we do need to realize that if there was a place to comment, etc., there would be so many comments that Ryan would never make  it to practice! 🙂

I “borrowed” this picture from that same UH website — thanks guys.  🙂   I can only hope that whoever is manning the website over at the University will let us know that they did receive a track back or something so they know we’re reading it!


I did receive a phone call from the UH Alumni Association yesterday. They were looking for alumni to renew their memberships and show our solidarity. Of course having the phone call come in from California didn’t help their case, but I fell for it anyway.

I know that as I’m typing this, more and more Hawaii residents are disembarking aircraft and heading for hotels. The excitement has got to be huge over there! It is here too! I think I’m going to have a cup of tea… with a lot of SUGAR! Thank you to New Orleans for hosting this event and I hope they get a nice boost to their economy because of it!

Don’t forget about us back home you guys! We’re excited and ready to scream and holler loud enough for you to hear us all the way over in the “Big Easy!” Stay safe, stay strong! GO WARRIORS!

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