WANTED! Dead or Alive!

Tokay geckoIsn’t he incredible?  No, he’s not a painted work of art like the Geckos in Paradise and he’s not in the zoo… he’s in your back yard!  He may be in paradise but he’s an uninvited and unwelcome guest.  This photo was taken by Richard Ling and the larger version can be seen at wikimedia.org

I have to admit, he is beautiful… as reptiles go, but, this little bugger bites!  We don’t have reptiles that bite.  Nobody told this gecko that we don’t do that here.  We also don’t need another predator to further threaten our endangered birds.  He likes to steal eggs.  

This little reptile is the target of the Oahu Invasive Species Committee (OISC) to stop it before it procreates and covers the island.  This species is NOT indigenous to Hawaii and is an invader who probably got here via the illegal smuggling of animals and got in under the radar of the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s quarantine station.

I know we asked the Geico gecko to move over for our reptilian works of art, but I think we need to call him back from vacation.  I wonder if Geico offers coverage for gecko infestation.  

In all seriousness, be aware and program this number into your cell phones!  If you hear him or see him, call 643-PEST!  Don’t mess around with admiring him.  He is aggressive and his bite is difficult to dislodge.  Here is the flyer.  He may be up to a foot long, he is loud, and I’ll wager he moves pretty quickly!  

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