Updates: Boats, Bikes and Books!

The Hawaii Super Ferry, which we mentioned here, had a practice run yesterday. Apparently it went well… except some people forgot about being sea sick. The Super Ferry is scheduled for its first actual run on August 28th. I’m sure the stories from passengers and the media coverage will be interesting! My advice to passengers is to take some Dramamine or keep some crackers in your pocket. No empty stomachs… it’s worse that way!

Now, about that Bike Show… I have the list of the category winners, compliments of Ollie Boy Productions. The following is a list of the classes and the 1st-place winners for each. I’m not real sure about the pictures since I am unable to match the names with the bikes, but, I wanted to get their names out there anyway!

  • Trike Class: Roxanne Rodriques (you go girl!)
  • New Old School Class: Philllip (Chico) J. Lucero
  • Full Custom Class: Mike Aiwohi
  • Mild Custom Class: Bob Uyman
  • Local Boy Class: Walter Kamai
  • Manufactured Class: Willie Gonzalves
  • Moped Class: Cycle Imports
  • Metric Class: Cami Orvedal

Congratulations to all of these 1st-Place winners! I apologize for the lack of pictures of the winning bikes! I’ll be braver next time and be sure to ask people, “Eh, whose bike ‘dis?” At least then I’ll be able to match the pictures with the winners! Mahalo, Matt, for making the list available! If I’ve messed up somewhere, let me know and we’ll fix it up right away.

We recently talked about Duane “Dog” Chapman being cleared of the charges pending in Mexico and the simultaneous release of his book, “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”. Well, The Dog is already a New York Times best seller. That’s an update for you! I still haven’t gotten a copy. I will.

While we’re talking about books, I can’t help but mention that Ian Lind’s wife, Meda Chesney-Lind is about to have her book released too! “Beyond Bad Girls: Gender, Violence and Hype” is written in conjunction with a colleague, Katherine Irwin.

Here’s the editorial review posted on Amazon.com:

“In this important new work, two respected criminologists challenge the characterization of the new ‘bad girl’ arguing that it is only a new attempt to punish girls who are not the stereotypical depiction of good. Through interviews with young women, educators and people in the criminal justice system, Beyond Bad Girls exposes the formal and informal systems of socio-cultural control imposed on girls.”

After reading that comment, I could only think, “No kidding — it’s about time somebody said something!” That one line, “…exposes the formal and informal systems of socio-cultural control imposed on girls,” was enough for me! Yeah, uh huh… gotta have it! My copy’s on hold. Borders will have it available on August 28th. If you’re interested, you might want to call them at (808-591-8995) and order a copy or put your copy on hold too! Or, order it through Amazon.com.

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