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I just thought it would be nice to update some of the ongoing stories that continue to grace Honolulu’s headlines.

Update to Walk Wise Hawaii

Hawaii is still not walking too wisely. They’re not driving too wisely either. At the beginning of the ninth week of the year, we have our ninth pedestrian fatality. The laws are more strict, the penalties more severe, but still the body count keeps rising. The only result we seem to have is that the driver of yesterday’s incident fled the scene! Granted, the driver must have been shaken and didn’t want to pay those fine(s) but, man, it sucks to be that driver when he or she is identified. At the same time I think it is important to note that the victim was not in a crosswalk and it was dark. The incident has people screaming for the installation of a traffic light at the location. Good idea. Let’s see how long it takes, shall we? Chinese dragon

So, my idea of restarting the New Year with the start of the Chinese New Year didn’t come to fruition. I guess firecrackers and dragons weren’t enough to chase away all of our highway demons. For both drivers and pedestrians — Auwe!

Update to Fire Hydrants for Dogs

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) was probably the hardest hit by this with 20-some-odd thefts causing six or better power outages. Now HECO is charged with the task (by default) of replacing all of that stolen copper wiring to re-light those streets that were left in darkness.

Hawaiian Electric Company logo

Sorry, HECO. You’ve had so much drama lately. Natural disasters are one thing, but the man-made variety are just not acceptable.

There’s hope! There is a new 2007 legislative package that includes not only crack down on the thieves, but a hard crunch on those buying the stolen metal. Copper buyers are now required to provide proper identification and an affidavit from the people they are purchasing the goods from.

Under this new law, both the buyers AND the sellers are equally liable for the passage of these stolen goods.Honolulu Police Department logo

Over the grapevine (or the coconut wireless as it were) I hear that HECO will be replacing the copper with a cheaper metal to deter further thefts. For HECO and Hawaii Law Enforcement – Aloha and Mahalo for your patience and endurance!

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  • 1 Roger // Mar 2, 2007 at 12:06 am

    Mahalo my friend ;D I wish that I could visit and I will.. but right now it is not in the cards 🙁 but some day….I will be able to walk beautiful Hawaii!!!!
    Your friend Roger

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