Staying in the Pink

Pink Breast Cancer RibbonAre you in the red again this month? Did you manage to keep it in the black?!? This always seems to be our usual focus — coming out financially ahead of things. What about our health? Do the men go for their physicals? Check your prostates when you’re supposed to? Ladies, when was your last mammogram?

In October, that is the question of the month. How’s your plan? Did you do your monthly self-exam? Did you check with radiology for your next annual mammogram appointment? Are you aware that October is Breast Health Month? We need to stay in the Pink and be ever vigilant to man ourselves against this potentially life-threatening monster we call breast cancer.

As the sun rose over Honolulu this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how the clouds were… uh, pink!

Honolulu's Pink Morning Sky

What was I doing outside that early on a Sunday morning? Today, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had its Race for the Cure event in Honolulu.

Komen Race for the Cure T-ShirtKapiolani Park was covered with volunteers for the Foundation and participants for the 5K run and the 1-mile walk. There were over 7,000 participants in the run/walk this morning.

The corporate sponsors were there with their staff members who volunteered their personal time for this event.  There are events like this across the nation and across the globe.  I wish this thing was not so well known but it’s fortunate that we are aware and keeping vigil.  While medical science has made strides in cancer treatments and early detection, it’s still not full proof and it’s still not enough.

Komen Sponsors and Participants

The strength and courage of the survivors were recognized today, and people enjoyed a community event that spread the aloha for a very good and much-needed cause! Funds go to support breast cancer awareness, programs and breast cancer research.

The Internet and the blogosphere are not without their share of waging war against breast cancer this month!

Breast Cancer Awareness on the Web
The one that came to my attention this month is the Super Work at Home Mom (Super WAHM) blog.  This work at home mom has taken it and turned it into a contest… a Pink Contest! In addition, this super cyber mom is going to let it run through November 16th! That way, those of us who have fallen behind this month, can catch up. So, ladies, go ahead and visit and get in some entries… as many as you can!

We have a lot of things on our minds and we’re all busy, but you can’t do anything on your agenda or help anyone else if you’re not here.  Just make sure you put YOU on the agenda too.  In short, do try to stay out of the red, but make sure you stay in the Pink! “The best protection is early detection!”

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  • 1 Carole // Oct 24, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    Thanks for the reminder, Evelyn. My mammogram is scheduled for the 29th.

  • 2 Evelyn // Oct 25, 2007 at 5:14 am

    I’m glad posting about it served at least a small purpose! Great, Carole, I forgot all about all my female tests last year. Reminders are always good. 🙂

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