Species Preservation and Protection of the Honu

Indigenous to the State of Hawaii, the Green Sea Turtle or Honu, has been a much beloved creature for many, many years. The charm of this gentle sea creature, along with the fact that it is regarded as one of the ‘aumakua from Hawaiian mythology, has made the honu a popular resident.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

They really do make great neighbors! They’re quiet, slow-moving, and they simply stop over for a suntan and a nap near coastal homes. These herbivores have seen a revival in popularity in recent years. Stores and small shops carry their image on many kinds of goods. There are earrings and necklaces, statues and stationary, and stickers for just about anything you can put a sticker on, including automobiles.

Pretty Shells

They are seen on shore in several places, resting, or basking if you will, and keeping the beaches company. They come close to shore to eat the seaweed found there. It is illegal to disturb or approach them. Well, it was. They were considered a threatened species and have been protected by both the Federal Government and the State Government. The word is out that this may not continue much longer.

Tortoise with a turquoise shell

The good news is, they have recovered! Apparently they have recovered quite nicely because there is talk out there about removing them from the endangered/threatened species list. I have mixed emotions about this. While I’m happy they have recovered in number, it concerns me that they may end up right back on that list before we know it.

Hawaii is not the only place that protects this animal. Places like Honu.org may have more to report down the road but, for now, I haven’t heard anything except speculation by the media. Time will tell and I will keep you posted!

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  • 1 Sheila // Aug 20, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Gotta love the honu!

    I knew that these sea turtles were protected, but I had no idea they were doing so well in increasing numbers. That’s great news!

    Excellent photos, Evelyn.

  • 2 Evelyn // Aug 21, 2008 at 7:53 am

    Hi Sheila! I too had no idea they were doing so well. It’s nice to know that we really can protect a species if we try hard enough!

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