Riding the Rainbow Warrior Roller Coaster

In recent months many of us have been so pumped up and excited about the University of Hawaii football program. We were looking forward, already, to the next season! Suddenly we were given the shocking news that we were about to lose the coach! No, he won’t go. That’s crazy. He would never leave us! Um, he’s gone.

Sign Holders Protest Loss of Coach

The outcry was immediate. Sign holders were out along the corner of University Avenue that skirts the University of Hawaii campus.

KHNL News Truck

The media, of course, were on it instantly! There was a lot of commentary to be extracted from this group of protesters!

KGMB Camera Man There had to be someone to blame. It was much too easy to find a recipient for the rage and hurt felt by the fans.

This was someone we just recently learned so much about and had grown to respect for his genuine caring of the students.

There was a new-found admiration for the support given by Jones to several of the students to help them overcome some personal issues.

Surely there is someone responsible for Jones wanting to leave. There must be someone to blame!

Fire Frazier Sign

Sign holders

There were signs waving and horns blasting like you wouldn’t believe! The fans were not at all happy to see things fall apart like this when the football program had just gotten it all together!

Everyone certainly seemed to be on the same page. There may have been mixed emotions about June Jones’ sudden departure but one thing was certain — something had to be done!

Well, for all of the protesting, sign waving, horn blasting and alerting of the media, Herman Frazier, the Athletic Director who has been blamed for many of the problems recently, is gone as of this afternoon.

KHON Channel 2 Staff

The University bought out Frazier’s contract and basically kicked him to the curb. An interim director is in place until the Board of Regents can deal with the situation.

Colt Brennan Quote

This lady wanted to be sure I got a picture of her sign so I want to be sure and include it. I too heard this statement from Colt Brennan.

Next step? A new coach. Bobby Curren, of 1420 ESPN Radio fame, called in to the afternoon show and said how the choice of Greg McMackin for head coach would be a good one. Greg McMackin is a defensive coach and he’s also an author. He has written a book called, “Coaching the Defensive Backfield.” He’s familiar with the program, familiar with the players, he’s experienced. Sounds good to me!

University of Hawaii Flag

Whatever the case, we’ll get through it because we’ll stick together. It’s ohana time, Hawaii! Let’s support the team because now is when they need it most!

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4 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Flo // Jan 8, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    In all of this mess, I really for sorry for the guys on the team who aren’t graduating. Poor Tyler!! He waited all this time to play under June and now this. Bummer. Did you read Lee Cataluna today? Interesting view!!

  • 2 Evelyn // Jan 8, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Hiya Flo! Sorry, I was having some technical difficulties there for a second. You know, Graunke was the first person I thought of too. But then as I was listening to the radio I kept hearing things about how a new coach might not be such a bad thing.

    If we get someone in here that is excited about the program and throws himself into it, this team can move forward and continue with their success. I’m actually excited the more I think about it and I think the fans may start to feel that way too… after this initial shock is over.

    Yes, I saw Lee’s article. The comments were interesting too. I don’t really know how I feel about June leaving; I only know it hurt a lot to watch him put on the colors of another school. Sigh.

    Hopefully the incoming coach will have his heart set on continuing the dream! I know the hearts of the players are set on it! 🙂

  • 3 Sheila // Jan 9, 2008 at 3:47 am

    Just from what little I’ve heard way over here on the East Coast, Jones tried very hard to get some improvements for Hawaii, but he was always told no. And didn’t the AD decline to negotiate his contract? That’s a kiss of death.

  • 4 Evelyn // Jan 9, 2008 at 5:54 am

    Hello, Sheila! All of the requests for improvements was part of the reason for the public outcry. Through all of that we were made much more aware of the pathetic condition of the facilities.

    As far as contract negotiations are concerned, they didn’t decline to do it, they just didn’t do it! That’s not the first time that procrastination has been a problem.

    The sad part is that some of our players have started to look elsewhere too!

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