Reunions & Restaurants Make Good Couples!

My husband, Rod, had a close friend, Becky. Becky moved away over 25 years ago. One day, she must have been feeling nostalgic and she set out to track him down. She found him via the Internet, sent him a letter (USPS no less), came home to visit from Michigan and invited us to dinner with her and her sister-in-law, Cheryl!

Rod and Becky talked on the phone about where to go. After these two clowns got beyond 7-11 being too cheap and Zippy’s being too expensive, the location was kind of left in limbo.

Rod’s task then was to find a place for us to eat. He is not a restaurant person but he likes to be comfortable.

Hmmm… a place not too fancy, not too cheap but comfortable with good food. We thought about it a long time and Rod remembered a place we have been to off and on over the years. Monterey Bay Canners! “Oh yeah, good idea!”

Awning at entrance to Monterey Bay Canners

We figured this would be comfortable enough that we wouldn’t have to worry about suits and high heels, but still nice enough to make a nice impression on these two lovely ladies. I’m not a seafood person but, as it turned out, Becky is! Perfect!

Sign just inside the door of Monterey Bay Canners

The one thing I remember about Monterey Bay Canners is that they have some awesome stuffed mushrooms! Mushrooms to die for! I’m not driving so that also means I get to have a margarita! Alright!

We picked Becky and Cheryl up at their hotel in Waikiki. They were staying at the Outrigger Hotel. We talked all the way to the restaurant, of course, and got to know a little bit more about each other. Becky is a kick and kept us fascinated with her memories of things that happened to them all those years ago. Memories that even Rod himself had forgotten. Men! Tsk! Cheryl and I listened to the warm-hearted tales as Rod drove us all to Pearlridge Shopping Center.

Monterey Bay Canners sits just on the edge of this shopping center, across a rather expansive parking lot from Macy’s. The fascinating thing about this area is the watercress farm. The walkway leading to the entryway door of the restaurant hangs right over it! A watercress farm right in the middle of this busy town! It’s a unique location, to say the least.

Watercress farm in Pearl City

When we sat down in the restaurant the conversation just continued. Rod and Becky had a lot of catching up to do!

Rod, Cheryl and Becky talk story

In the photo above, Rod (left), Cheryl and Becky talk story after being seated just before sundown. You’ve gotta love these two ladies — very friendly, down-to-earth and easy to talk to! The comfort level was just there. Hard to explain but, it just was! They were a lot of fun!

While Rod and Becky continued to catch up on things, we ordered food! The stuffed mushrooms, of course! They were delicious as always! Rod and Becky both had lobster and shrimp and they both enjoyed it and were very satisfied. Cheryl ordered the stuffed salmon which was made with the same technique as those wonderful mushrooms. What a meal! I had steak and an absolutely wonderful li hing margarita!

Drinks are served at Monterey Bay Canners

Rod kept teasing Cheryl (left) about how she looked like Shirley Temple. She kind of does look like her… cute smile with a sweet personality to match… yep, that would be like Shirley Temple. Both she and Becky (center) got a little too much sun that morning. They looked like cherubs but I know Becky was feeling a little more like a fire cracker than a cherub! Her quick wit and sense of humor certainly leaned more towards a fire cracker.

Our waitress, Lehua, was very friendly and very attentive — always taking that extra time to be sure we were enjoying our meal. I think we were all so into the food and our conversation that we didn’t notice much about what was going on around us. Obviously I was since I forgot to take pictures of our main dishes. We were all too full for dessert.

Rod and Becky argued about who would pay the bill and Becky ended up paying. It’s Rod’s turn next time, girl! The food was great, the company was wonderful and the night brought two friends together after many years.

Thanks, Monterey Bay Canners, for good food and comfortable ambiance. Thank you, Lehua, for tending to us. Most of all, thank you, Becky, for the company and the wonderful meal!

Becky called Rod the next day and says she will come back to visit every year! We’ll see what place we can terrorize when Becky comes back home next year!

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4 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Val Badder // May 17, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    Hi, Evelyn, I enjoyed reading this Blog very very much. Becky is my BESTEST FRIEND in the world, so I know what you mean when you said she is a quick witted gal. I have heard soooo much about Rod and was very happy for her when she finaly tracked Rod down.
    One day you may even get a chance to meet me, however I have been told that Honolulu, would NEVER be ready for both of us at the same time!!!!!!!! I am inclined to believe that..we kinda raise some heck when we are to-gether. I’ll give you a good example. We went to a party one evening, now picture this. There sat a group of off Duty Cops, just sitting around like they were at a Funeral, as soon as Bec & I rounded the corner of the house, someone shouted “HERES THE ENTERTAINMENT” as you can imagine the party kicked into high gear, Bec drank a whole bottle of Chablais (the big one) got drunk, not that wasn’t feeling any pain …and had to have to local Minister , yep ya got it Minister to drive our butts home, followed by a
    sober off duty officer, so he could take the Minister home !. Now if that whole ordeal wasn’t a hoot . Now we are talking, women oin our 50’s
    I say “love & love life”

    Val Badder (Ithaca Michigan)

  • 2 Evelyn // May 17, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    I love it! Thank you, Val, for visiting and for sharing! I think Oahu can handle the two of you just fine! As long as you guys don’t knock Diamond Head out of its dormant state, it’s all good! Of course I don’t know if Rod could handle you both at the same time! I know I would love it! Women! Tsk, tsk, tsk! LOL! 🙂

  • 3 Becky cook // May 18, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    Evelyn, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely blog of our night out for dinner on the 8th. Like I said, I felt that I have known you all my life. You are a wonderful person. I can tell. Rod had better take good care of you. It seemed good to see him happy. I miss you guys all ready. I’m sure going to try and get back again next year. And I will try and bring my friend, Val. You will never forget her once you meet her. She is the one I was telling you about that is from England. Hawai’i would, I should say will, never be the same.

    The e-mail address is my other one. I have two. This one and the one that Rod has. Please keep in touch and keep ‘da stories coming. Think about coming to visit Michigan someday too. Always have room for you two. Love, Bec

  • 4 Evelyn // May 18, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    Thank you, Becky! I can’t wait to see you again and to meet Val! I know Rod is already looking forward to it and misses you too! We’ll just have to figure out something outrageous so I can blog about it here!
    Hugs and Aloha,

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