Remember Mulligan Stew?

Maybe I’m dating myself with this but I thought of it when I saw “Four Foods on Friday.”  Mulligan Stew was a kids’ show many years ago that talked about the four food groups in an attempt to get kids to eat right.  It stuck, for some reason.  They didn’t do a very good job, however, of putting any emphasis on moderation.  If they did, that part didn’t stick!

Suddenly I seem to be obsessed with food!  I found out about this blogger and her meme when I was reading about what Skeet did with green beans.  The worst part was that I subscribed to this blog via email and I have started paying attention to stuff I like and keeping some of those emails and flagging them. 

Val gives food-related questions for people to answer and participate in this little food networking thing. Here is the current list of questions and my responses: 

1. Brownies. From a box or from scratch?

Let’s see, from the box because I don’t trust myself to make it better than the experts.  Besides, it’s faster that way and a nice half gallon of milk is a nice companion! 

2. Chicken noodle soup. Does it cure everything? Do you make it from scratch, from a can or from a package?

I’m gonna get slapped for this one but, I think chicken noodle soup is a terrible waste of calories.  If I think someone really needs it for health reasons, I’ll give them Campbell’s but I myself will go for vegetable soup or something with a beef broth base. So, from the can ’cause I don’t care for the stuff and I would rather not eat it… never mind make it.  🙂   I guess it just doesn’t have enough taste to excite my taste buds.  Sorry.

 3. Red skin potato salad. Do you think the red skin provides flavor or color?

You know, I think it actually does both.  I never thought about it but there is a nice, quiet flavor added and the color… makes it taste better.  🙂  Obviously I’m thinking that it’s a bit of a psychological thing!  But, having the skin left on with regular potatoes wouldn’t present half the visual attraction and it would have a decided flavor that might be more than most people would like in a salad.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those people that will eat the skin of that baked potato — I just don’t think it fits the whole salad thing.  The red potatoes are different that way. 

4. French toast. How do you make yours?

The problem with French toast is that you don’t usually think of it far enough ahead.  The bread, so I have been told, should be left out of the bag for a while to get a little stale so that it holds together but in my house it’s usually a spur of the moment thing.  So, when I make it I take the bread out and let it sit while I mix the eggs with a little milk, sugar and cinnamon (hubby like cinnamon).  I soak the bread in the mixture, put it in a frying pan with margarine and brown it.  Hubby likes the egg mixture to be overflowing and have a bit of an omelet thing going off the sides of the bread.  That’s it!  It’s a bread omelet!  Add syrup.  I’m not usually the one who eats it.  🙂    

Gee, I didn’t make a very good impression with those answers.  That’s okay, I was really wanting to share the blog and this recipe with you guys!  Pork chops!  I’m thinking I’ll try that one and replace the orange wedges with pineapple!  Yum!

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  • 1 valmg // Jan 4, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    WOW! I am blown away by your post. I love the thought that you put into the answers, and wow were you kind to mention me. Thank you! I’ve not had the greatest day and this made me smile. Thanks again!

  • 2 Evelyn // Jan 4, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    Hi Val! That is so funny! I thought you would be horrified by my responses! LOL! I too have had an odd day and I’m glad I made you smile so I can smile now too! Must go to Safeway to get pork chops! 🙂

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    […] Her post participating in this week’s meme was the highlight of my day. Thank you Evelyn. Evelyn mentions a tv show called Mulligan Stew that was on when she was younger. I’m 41 and have been racking my brain and cannot remember it. Who remembers it? Let her know. […]

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