Pinwheels Pinpoint a Good Cause

Lawn with pinwheelsOn April 1st, last Sunday, 4,000 pinwheels were placed on the lawn of the state Capitol to mark the beginning of the prevention of child abuse month. These colorful lawn ornaments were placed there to represent the 4,000 child abuse cases on record in the state.

This cute and appropriate array of colorful toys was the combined effort of Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii, HMSA (Hawaii Medical Service Association), Foster Realty and the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

Some of the pinwheels, 20 of them to be exact, were larger than the others. Unfortunately, by this past Wednesday, only three days later, those 20 bigger pinwheels were gone. They were just children’s toys but someone decided to “borrow” them. Maybe they thought they would be great for Easter. Who knows? The culprit was probably unaware of the purpose of the pinwheels.

Endless pinwheels along the lawn of the state Capitol

While I was taking these pictures, a lady pulled up, got out of her car and asked me what those pretty pinwheels were for. I knew why they were there but anyone else would have been inclined to ask the same question. I have to admit that the signage was poor and the purpose was not clearly stated anywhere.

Plumeria tree branchSo, picking those pinwheels probably meant nothing more to the picker than picking a couple of plumerias from a tree along the side of the road. The person was probably thinking, “They’ve been here for three days and the wind is only going to blow them away anyway.”

Opposite lawn of the state Capitol

The idea was a good one and very colorful. It remains a question as to how many people were moved or how much awareness was raised by this display, but the lawn of our state Capitol never looked so festive!

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