Now, About That Tire!

When I told the story about my new cell phone and the horrendous road hazard in Mililani that trashed my tire, I ended the post saying,

What about the car?  What happened to the tire? That will be part four of this long story.  One thing just leads to another!

So, here is Part Four!  I really do need to wrap up this automotive drama some time!  The wonderful photo below shows the lovely hole made in my tire by that curb in the middle of the street.  I told my daughter-in-law that I was going to put her nails on the Internet.

Tire with a gaping hole in it!

Well, maybe it’s time for me to buy a new set of tires for my car anyway.  I was thinking it would be about $200 or so.  Apparently I was living in the dark ages!  I called around and had more people laugh at me than I care to mention.  I called five different places, at least.  They all said that I need to be thinking of at least twice that amount.  At least!

Finally I asked, “What if I only get two tires?”   Two places gave me the same price but there was still one problem.  Trust.  I was still having people issues at that point and not trusting anyone who says they will help me with my car.  Best advice?  Go with who and what you know!

Lex Brodie’s on Queen Street

Lex Brodie’s helped me once before when I was in a bad spot.  This time was no exception.   They made it affordable and they gave me, and my car, the attention that we needed!  They switched my tires around, keeping the best two to go with my two new ones, and they put my spare back where it goes and took care of the disposal of that lovely, destroyed tire.

Receipt for tires that got my car safely back on the road.

I dropped it off in the morning and picked it up after work.  Done.  “Okay,” you say, “they did what they were supposed to do.”  You might be thinking, “that’s their job,” or “it’s what they do!”  Blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, but they did it with their own brand of some much-needed TLC.

Pile of tires waiting for disposal.I looked at the pile of tires and wondered how many stories there were to tell about what happened to them and why.  The stories that tires could tell, oh my!

I did put in a phone call to the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) but I never received a call back.  It’s over now.  I’m okay and so is my car.

Time passes and things happen.  I have even forgiven the D.O.T. because, in case you missed this on the news, when a woman was struck by her own vehicle when trying to stop the thieves from taking it in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble, D.O.T. was there.

I was a witness and it was an emotional experience to be sure — a lot of emotions.  There was fear, worry, shock, concern, sorrow, and of course, ANGER!  When you’re rattled that way, the Honolulu Police Department and the Department of Transportation bring the feeling of safety and help your nerves settle down.

The lady is better now.  Her car has been found but, as far as I know, they have not found the perpetrators yet.  Sigh.  I just went there to get a book!  I said to the other witnesses that it had, “better be the best book I’ve ever read!”

It was a good book, I bought it to link it up with Bloggers Unite and their highlighting of World Suicide Prevention Day.  I thought I was being clever.  I wrote about the book here.  “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher.  Good and fast read.  Not “the best book I’ve ever read” but it was pretty darn good!  I hated the experience of witnessing that accident, but I’m glad I was there for that poor woman.  Mahalo to HPD and D.O.T. for being there and to Barnes & Noble for holding on to what may have been the only copy of that book left on the island.

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