Moon Phases and Reminders

The weather really is beautiful here! It’s a little wet at times but, for the most part, the sun is shining brightly. We do need to get our trade winds back just a little because it’s excessively warm but we’ll live.

It did rain yesterday morning, which would usually make someone remark begrudgingly that “it must be Monday,” which it was, but it was actually pleasant.  The drops were big and soft and they didn’t last very long — just long enough to get your hair all wet, which it did.  Aside from having to be at work, it would have been a perfect morning!

An Almost-Full Moon Yesterday’s afternoon presented us with a Waxing Gibbous moon. It’s almost full and lit from the right, just as the definition says it should be. This photo was taken late yesterday afternoon not long before sunset. Yes, it was before sunset.  So pretty!

Today the moon is only 99% full but we’ll be hard-pressed this evening, I think, to say that it’s not. Tomorrow, the 26th, it will be a full moon!

Anyway, I’ll try to pick up on more information and provide more of these things to keep those of you who are lunar-driven in sync with your activities. Fishing, planting, surfing, etc.

Sorry surfers, we’re pretty flat right now. When I get this moon thing down, maybe we can get a better idea of when things will be better.  Maybe.  I hope.

For fellow bloggers who are planning to submit entries for the upcoming Carnival of Aloha, the deadline for submissions is tomorrow at 9pm (HST). Here are the guidelines and the link to the submission form. The Carnival is scheduled to go live on Monday, October 1st and it’s looking good!

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  • 1 M.R. Field // Sep 27, 2007 at 11:34 am

    Let me cross-plug here. Check out the photos of roses taken on the equinox in Around Des Moines. I remember the 25th because it was the day that the feel of autumn finally arrived. Sunday, the 23rd, was on the summer side of warm. Monday, the 24th, was supposed to be rainy but the day only started out cloudy. Tuesday, the 25th, after a short overnight rain, we awoke to the sound of crinkly brown leaves rustling as they fell to the ground, severed by the strengthening wind from their twigs.

  • 2 Evelyn // Sep 27, 2007 at 12:00 pm

    Hey Rose! It’s funny you should mention that… yesterday morning as I was walking around I got “that feeling” that it was fall. A light breeze blew across my path and carried a leaf with it. The best part (for us) was that the breeze was ever so slightly cooler than it has been. Hmmm….? It made me think of the movie Halloween with the children running and the leaves blowing around at their feet. That makes it sound creepy but it really wasn’t. It was very relaxing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts! Anybody else wanting to see the roses that Rose is talking about can find them here!

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