Lock Yourself Up!

The security of our personal information has always been a high priority but never as high as when the Internet became so popular. We’ve all heard the horror stories and we still have people living in fear of Internet commerce, and other types of financial transfers. I still remember the stories about restaurants and not letting your credit card out of your site for fear someone will lift your information. And on and on it goes.

Many of us have gone the other extreme — we’re too comfortable with our financial transactions, both online and elsewhere. Are we too comfortable? Have we let our guard down too much? How can we protect ourselves and still enjoy the paperless lifestyle we’ve come to enjoy and relish? Well, lifelock seems to think we have become too comfortable but they want us to maintain the lifestyle to which we’ve become accustomed.

This is particularly difficult for Hawaii when we’re all the way across the ocean and have to rely very heavily on paperless transactions. We can’t just drive to that store that has what we want. That realization started me thinking.

While looking through the LifeLock site, I couldn’t help but decide that their CEO, Tod Davis, is a crazy man. He put his social security number online… in big numbers… in the middle of the page! Is he really a crazy man? If he believes in his company that much, then I’d say that is business marketing at its finest!

Anyway, just to skim the surface, here’s what caught my attention — if I lose my purse to another glass-breaking thief at 7-11, here is what LifeLock will do for me:

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection WalletLock

If your wallet is ever lost or stolen:

We’re here to help! Just give us a call and a WalletLock Specialist will help you contact each affected credit card, bank or document issuing company, cancel those accounts and complete the paperwork and steps necessary to replace your lost documents*, including your credit/debit cards, driver’s license, social security card, insurance cards, checkbook – even travelers checks – at no additional cost. You’re even covered overseas. *Pictures, cash and other monies are excluded. Member is responsible for all applicable fees charged by document issuing companies to replace lost or stolen documents.

“Now way?!? Really?”

Did I fall for it? You bet!

**This page is your receipt, please print it and retain it for your records**

Congratulations on becoming a LifeLock member, you are now protected by our $1 Million Total Service Guarantee.

Note: In order for LifeLock to proactively communicate with you regarding account status information and service updates it is very important that you include *@lifelock.com on the “allowed” list in your anti-spam filter for both your e-mail and your internet service provider (ISP). If you have questions about how to do this, please contact your ISP.

Your membership has been processed using the following information:

* You have elected the following membership plan: monthly, which includes a recurring payment of $10.00
* The number of family members protected is: 1

Thank you and welcome to LifeLock!

Okay, so now I’m covered. Hooray! Don’t worry, I picked their site apart, called two of their phone numbers and read their agreements. They’re all working and there are live bodies, corporate offices and all kinds of reassuring things. While they’re not going to cover anyone for not paying their bills on time, we can at least relax and only worry about that part.

Through all of this I couldn’t help but be reminded of that blogger in England whose blog was stolen out from under him recently. Identity theft is an ugly thing! I wish someone would create a program like Lifelock for blogs! I love LifeLock’s ideas and it sounds like a great service. Now if someone could come up with BlogLock, I think I would pay double for that service! I would love to lock my blog up but, for now, I just locked myself up!

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8 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Sham @ Enhance Life // Feb 6, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    I love your heading! There are days when I wish I could do that in reality! 🙂

    Interesting post.

  • 2 Evelyn // Feb 6, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Hi Sham! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment. I thought it was a little cute but the name of the company made it too easy! 🙂 I too have those days when I wish I was able to really lock myself up! Hey, we might actually get something done!

  • 3 Leesa // Feb 8, 2008 at 5:37 am

    So you just gave someone all of your credit card information. How efficient for the crook. Just teasing!

  • 4 Evelyn // Feb 8, 2008 at 7:41 am

    Hi Leesa! LOL! Yes, I thought of that too… which is why I called them twice at two different phone numbers… and micromanaged the inspection of their site. Your point is very well taken! We think alike! 🙂

  • 5 Steve // Mar 5, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    I, for one, am not convinced by LifeLock.

    First thing I notice is the CEO is Todd Davis, and the Executive VP is Michele Davis. I’m not keen on giving my information to a team. As it turns out, these two are founders of Marketing Champions that did some reasonable business in getting advertisements such as Motel8 on NASCAR vehicles. So, this team is good at marketing ideas. Marketing Champions seems to only have been a viable business as seen on their website from 2/5/2002 to 5/5/2003.

    I’ve also uncovered LifeLock affiliate signup sites offering commissions to sell LifeLock. I cannot yet confirm if these are a separate scam or not, but I’m working on it.

    Based on the team and their previous business, I’m convinced this guy only cares about your money in his wallet. He says nothing of how his operation is going to protect the data he is collecting on you. I also find it strange that a claimed legitimate business would need to register it’s website under godaddy.com and hide it’s registration data.

  • 6 Evelyn // Mar 5, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    Hi Steve!

    Thank you very much for your comments and for making some very valid points. I am just as edgy about such things and I understand where you’re coming from.

    My own paranoia is why I felt it necessary to put my money where my mouth is and join up before telling everyone I thought they were wonderful.

    For the record, everything they promised has come to fruition. I have received letters from all three major credit-reporting agencies letting me know that an alert has been placed to prevent unsolicited requests for my credit report.

    They are obviously a very young company and I can only speak for what I have experienced. So far, so good.

    Again, Steve, I appreciate your candor and thank you for checking into things and sharing your thoughts and findings with us! I honestly do appreciate you going that extra mile! I made phone calls but you checked elsewhere — I’m impressed! 🙂

    I promise to let everyone know if I experience ANYTHING negative with this company. Trust me, everyone will hear about it! I have a reputation to protect too!

  • 7 Steve // Mar 5, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    I was looking at purchasing the service, just starting yesterday. It was the promotional codes that I could find online that got me started.

    Anyhow, I have found out that LifeLock does support a comission program down to two tiers. Doing a search for “sell LifeLock” will quickly reveal a few resellers and will insert their own promotional code so that they receive their comission. This doesn’t make their activities illegal of itself, just not the best use of the monthly installments.

  • 8 Evelyn // Mar 5, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Ahhh, good work! I’m glad to have a sleuth among us — someone needs to keep the online businesses honest! I promise to keep an eye out for any problems or miscreant behaviors!

    I’m not sure what their business model looks like but I can only hope there is more to it than that. I would like to think that they’ve enlisted the credit providers and agencies as part of their processes and cooperative as well, but I don’t know that.

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