Kim Taylor Reece Gallery Opens in Honolulu

A few weeks back I was walking home and a familiar sound caught my attention. That sound… I know that sound… dragons! Somewhere there was a Chinese dragon dance going on! I kept following the beat of the drums and finally found it!

Drums for the Chinese dragon dance

Nothing gets my attention like the sound of those drums and nothing warms my heart like the sight of the dragons, lions, whatever you want to call them. I will also point out that there are very few things that make me reach for my wallet and start to pull out dollar bills, but this is one of them!

Dragons looking for money givers in the crowd

After enjoying these darling creatures performing for this crowd of people, I finally asked someone, “What’s the occasion?” I was then informed that it was the grand opening.

Getting a grip on myself and figuring out that I have just stepped into a bloggable occurrence, I proceeded to figure out just where it was that those Chinese drums had led me. I then decided to take pictures of more than just the entertainment.

“Obviously you must have received an invitation,” someone said to me.
“Uh, no, I’m here because the sound of the dragon drums brought me here.”

Gallery sign

Kim Taylor Reece has opened a gallery in downtown Honolulu! Most people, myself included, are very familiar with Mr. Reece’s artistic photography. From time to time you will walk right into it. Much of it has become part of the city’s decor.

Kim Taylor Reece with his work as a backdrop

To his credit, Kim has devoted many years to absorbing and perfecting the knowledge of his subject matter. He has developed one art form that displays another! His talent only enhances the beauty of the cultural treasure that is the Hawaiian art of the hula.

Few people can argue about the artistic achievement in this gentleman’s photography.

Much of his work, as I see it anyway, is derived from his fascination with Hawaii’s beauty and culture, and his obvious admiration of the female body.

It is truly an event for an artist to have a new gallery of their work open to the public! I was just lucky enough to fall right into the middle of the excitement!

He looks very happy here and he is not the only one. Everyone there was enjoying themselves. Although this was not really my realm, it was an interesting study in human behavior to be sure.

Gallery grand-opening gala

While this was not an atmosphere welcome to shopping that evening, I did manage to go back a few days later.

Aloha Liberty

While I was doing a little research on Mr. Reece I stumbled on to this print. As I admired it I decided I had to have it!

I am no art expert, but I know what I like. This one tugged at my heart strings, probably because of 9-11, so I had to go back and I had to find out if they had any copies lying around. They had to bring one in, but it was worth the wait.

I love this print! It’s me on the inside! I’m going to have my husband take this to be framed for me so I can hang it right next to my computer… he just doesn’t know it yet!

Aloha Liberty and Lady Liberty… how could I have ever found a better statement than this?!?

Kim Taylor Reece Gallery
1142 Bethel Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

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  • 1 Homespun Honolulu » Last Minute News for Educators and Artists! // Aug 9, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    […] This is exciting stuff! We did a story about their grand opening a few months ago. I’m impressed that they are doing something like this! I can’t wait until September 7th![…]

  • 2 gaye // Nov 27, 2012 at 5:19 am

    I like his work and collected some of his work in the 80’s still want to collect more of his work!

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