Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, 2008

Blue LeiI know people are looking for this. I talked about it last year but didn’t think to get on it quickly enough this year. Here is the link to the Kamehameha Schools 2008 Song Contest live broadcast where you can pick your software version for viewing. This is their 88th Annual Song Contest and KGMB is going to show it live this evening!

It’s already on — there’s a pre-show information running right now that gives some of the background of the school and the ongoing preservation of the Hawaiian language! It makes me proud to hear them and makes me want to cry. There is a short interview segment with Keali’i Reichel and that put my tears over the edge.  (Don’t ask… I don’t understand it either.)  🙂

Mahalo to Kamehameha Schools for the preservation of this tradition and the continued protection of our island culture. Mahalo to KGMB Channel 9 for bringing it to us live!

The best part is that, even if you miss it, you can order a copy of it this year! I don’t think they made it available last year. If they did, I certainly didn’t know about it!

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  • 1 Rod // Mar 15, 2008 at 3:24 am

    Got to see a little of the Kamehameha School Song Contest last night and I must say it was simply awesome! To hear those beautiful voices coming out of those students was something to write home about. Great presentation and a whole lot of rehearsal I bet. Oh, I like your lei on the top of this page. Did you make that?

  • 2 Evelyn // Mar 15, 2008 at 8:09 am

    Yes I did, I’m glad you like it. I’m also glad that you had a chance to hear part of our wonderful youth, Rod. I was watching the Internet feed and you just know they practiced, practiced and then practiced some more! They were dead on with their vocals and their timing. Flawless! 🙂

    I got caught up in their excitement as they applauded and squealed for their classmates at the end of each performance! It was heartwarming to see! The video is $20 for anyone who wants to see it or keep it as a memento!

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