It’s Carnival Time In Cybertown!

Carnival ClownAnother week, another Carnival! Isn’t it great to not have to drive or look for parking when attending the Carnival of Cities?!?

Homespun Honolulu has joined in the fun once again and has very good company. Here is the list in the same order provided by our Carnival Host and DC Traveler, Jon. A blogger from the b5media family of blogs.

This non-American Life is a great title for a blog! Along with this great title, here’s a great tradition from Vienna — Vienna – Kaffee-und-Kuchen. It’s like the tradition of the Mexican siesta but this afternoon rest period comes with food!

A little historic journey through Honolulu’s past can be found at the Hawaii Maritime Center article. By the way, I’m reading that book about the Falls of Clyde. I’ll keep you guys posted!

For the next stop at this week’s Carnival, we move from as far West in America as you can get, to as far East in America as you can get! We move from Honolulu to New York! It sounds like there will be dancing in the streets of New York on May 19th! Visit this blog and you can find out all about the 2007 Dance Parade in New York.

Texas draws us back from the East. Jami’s neighbors live in gingerbread houses! Well, at least it looks like it, in the Monte Vista area of San Antonio. A real fairytale neighborhood!

Ruth, another b5media blogger, says to everyone, “Let’s Visit Asia” and in the process, she shares a post about the new Westin Hotel in China. Fancy!

For this Carnival of Cities we are really into history. I always like to make pit stops at Wicked Winter. Jaz (those are his initials, cool huh?) tells us all about the history and the Circle of the Montague Avenue area in North Charleston, South Carolina.

John at A DC Birding Blog has a really cool blog. What a tremendous amount of information about wild birds! I’m impressed! John is kind enough in this post to let everyone know where to go look as a carnival prize for travelers!

Eric, at What’s Up Arlington, writes about cool event, Artomatic, that has a variety of art to appeal to a wider audience, and, it’s open late! Here’s something to do in the evening besides the overdone dinner and a movie thing.

David at Brisbane is Home, tell us all about Brisbane’s 2007 Jazz Festival. Tons of links, photos and stories to share! David loves to share photos and his Home Turf has a personality all its own!

My impression of Kathryn over at San Fran Voice is that she is somewhat of a risk taker. I, of course, mean that in the most positive way! She has no problem stepping outside that societal box and I commend her for this! At this Carnival, she shares great information about, as our host puts it, Finding Love and More on Craigslist. You go girl! You gotta love San Francisco for being creative and brave… Kathryn is quite at home right where she is! Read her About page too!

Steve at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog tells us about a taking a Walking Tour of Santana Row. You guys have got to see this cool place and the human-sized chess board! Aside from that, a chance to visit a place where the Internet gurus hang out is always an enticement for me! Ya think there’s any of their “stuff” available through osmosis?

We have another b5media blogger, Mary Jo, at The Seattle Traveler! Mary Jo writes about Chicks in the City. Look at those legs! Look at that chest! Man, these chicks look great, especially if you’re a raccoon! Okay, okay, so it’s about raising chickens for fresh eggs in Seattle, not sex in the city. But, what a looker! Mary Jo put up a great-looking photo!

At The Digerati Life by Silicon Valley Blogger asks, “Should you Quit School Because You’re Brilliant?” Good question. What if you only THINK you’re brilliant? How brave are you? Braver than I!

Carole at The San Diego Beat educates us on the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo and then shows us how San Diego doesn’t care when they celebrate it, as long as they do! Cinco de Mayo, San Diego Style shares a nice pictorial story with this week’s Carnival goers! In fact, now I know that Taco Bell is where I’m going for lunch!

Riversider at Save The Ribble says, “Dammit, no Dams!” We get to read about the banding together of citizens to protect the beauty and functionality of their environment in this post about a Barrage (dam) across the Rabble River in England.

At The Picket Line by David, has done a book review for us on the Underground Economy of the Poor in Chicago. Sounds like interesting reading! There is a link to Amazon where the book is available. Hmmm… one to get you thinking for sure. Chicago may not be the only one.

Last but certainly not least is the post from our Carnival Host! Jon, from The DC Traveler, tells us about this really cool artistic event about making a mini-film based on a single line of text or dialogue. This is to be done in just 48 hours as part of the 48-HourFilm Project in Washington, DC.

It’s another Carnival alright, and man what a Carnival it is! Behave yourselves and have fun! Well… why don’t you just have fun!

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  • 1 Steve Leung // May 8, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Evelyn, that depends. Can we get a bit of Hanauma Bay for us here in Silicon Valley? The Bay here is great but a little cold for snorkeling!

  • 2 Evelyn // May 9, 2007 at 3:50 am

    Thanks, Steve, for visiting and leaving your comment. It made me smile! If I could send you some warm trades and tropical currents, I would! 🙂 We’ll take care of the fish until you come visit again!

  • 3 San Fran Voice » San Fran Voice in the Carnival Scene // May 13, 2007 at 2:52 am

    […] which was hosted at The DC Traveler this week.  It also got props from our own sister cities by Homespun Honolulu and San Diego […]

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