It’s Carnival Time and We’re Looking to Gather More than Vog!

Vog as seen from lower Kalihi close to Likelike Highway.

It’s baaaack!  Again the view of the mountains is blurred by the vog carried over from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Kauai is probably the only island that is free and clear of the air smog vog floating over the rest of the smaller islands.  The Big Island’s Kilauea volcano is obviously very busy!

Here’s hoping that the tradewinds will return soon and carry all of that bad air away, quickly.  In the mean time, I’m hoping that the Big Island and ALL the other islands will send in their posts for the upcoming Carnival of Aloha scheduled to go live on Monday, February 1, 2010!  Send in those posts about anything to do with the State of Hawaii.

Consider yourselves reminded!  The deadline for submissions is this coming Wednesday, January 27th.  Come join us!

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  • 1 Rhonda Villanueva // Jan 25, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Hi My friend, just came home from kauai friday, vog set in before I left the island. Its really bad over there too.

  • 2 Evelyn // Jan 25, 2010 at 10:26 am

    I’m amazed that it actually extends that far! Wow, I thought Kauai got a break from it all.

    So, Rhon, how is Kauai? I’m most intrigued by the constant reports of the abundance of chickens.

    I like roosters. I got so excited the other day because there was one crowing by St. Francis hospital on Liliha. “Oh, a rooster!” Life is good when you can hear a rooster crow. 🙂 I miss Leeward O’ahu, obviously.

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