It’s a Thirsty World!

On October 15th, the blogosphere is talking about WaterAid – The Burden of Thirst

There are so many statistics about the bad things around the World — staggering statistics.  There are some that attract my attention, some that horrify me, and some that shake me up pretty badly.  Dirty drinking water shakes me up!  But, no water — now that’s even worse!  Unheard of!  Water is such a precious thing but we tend to take it for granted.

“4000 children die each day due to illnesses from lack of clean drinking water. Give money and blog about this. WaterAid is lobbying the UN to make water a human right. Why isn’t it? Over 1 million kids die each year from lack of water and there are easy solutions to this problem. It’s disgraceful.”

Bloggers Unite has struck another one of my nerves with this one so I’m sharing our thirsty World’s water drama.  In Hawai’i we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our water but we don’t realize that there are so many people out there who are without water — clean or dirty!  How can this happen?!?

America doesn’t have perfect water.  I won’t drink the water in St. Louis, Missouri.  You can smell the chlorine.  Talk about a shock!  “What’s wrong with the water?”  I thought I had inhaled too much cigarette smoke on the plane!  But, at least they have water!   

Bloggers Unite has joined forces with WaterAid America, Megree, and a host of other bloggers, to alert the United Nations and the rest of the World to the need for attention to this and the need to raise money to help start a resolution.|Start Petition

If you’re feeling the need to help provide others with what we take for granted, think about donating and/or sign the petition.

It’s a thirsty World, I just never realized how thirsty.

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