Investment Research with a Twist

Buy List LogoWith so many companies turning the management of retirement funds over to their employees, many people are baffled about just how to handle this new duty.

There are a lot of people and websites out there who are offering assistance to people in need of investment guidance but this one has a bit of a twist that I have not seen offered in exactly this way. gives investors the opportunity to set up a list of their own stock picks and then compare them to the picks of the professional investors buying assets for various mutual funds, etc.

This site will show you which funds bought a particular stock, how much they bought or sold of that stock and what other securities they bought as well. The idea is that you can compare your decision making to that of those actually involved with the buying and selling of the things your contemplating purchasing. It’s fascinating to look at!

Not only do you get to compare your stock picks with the professionals, you also get to see just which stocks are making up some of the mutual funds you may already own or are looking to purchase. Not all reports are free but, depending on how extensive your portfolio is, you may find their nominal monthly fee to be a very good investment. Only you know what your assets are and just how extensive your own research is.

Do you ever wonder where to invest your funds, retirement or otherwise, and contemplate which stocks to buy? You might want to start some of your research at TheBuyList. Now if they could only add historic prices for these stocks we would have it made!

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  • 1 M.R. Field // Feb 3, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    When retirement funds and investments arise as a topic, I always have to throw out my ideas. We encourage workers to invest in companies that then seek greater profit by laying them off. Over $13 billion a year flows into long-term mutual funds for retirement accounts. There is well over $1 trillion dollars in such accounts. This does not include the individual company stocks of workers at at company or money market and CD IRA accounts. If we take just 10% to 20% of that money and encourage IRA and 401 plans to invest in small start-ups, we could build back our local economies, including rural areas, and recreate the middle class in America. I also favor starting Real Estate IRAs which would allow a low-income family to put a part of its rent towards ownership in an apartment building and the management company as a retirement investment. That way, apartment buildings could stay affordable for 100 years instead of the 20 years current tax breaks offer, plus the family’s earners could gain from owning property without having to take on the risk of a personal mortgage and the upkeep of a single-family house. We need to rethink how we are allowed to invest our money and to start thinking about how to manage risk, instead of accepting what we are told is the safest location for investment without paying attention to the full consequences of those investments.

  • 2 Evelyn // Feb 3, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    Hey Rose,

    I like some of your ideas! Some of those comments are very interesting. Are there firms out there working with these ideas?

    Your comment about the mutual funds makes our friends at TheBuyList all that more attractive — we get to see just what it is that’s going into those mutual funds! We then get to avoid the strange and unfamiliar investments that become increasingly more dangerous as we get closer to retirement age!

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