Hawaii’s Sen. Daniel Akaka Endorses Barack Obama

Congresswoman Mazie Hirono endorsed Barack a few days ago and now Daniel Akaka has stated his support for Senator Obama.

Senator Akaka summed it up quite nicely with the following words:

“He is the antidote we need to cure Washington of the uninspired, partisan politics that has plagued our country far too long.

What makes him uniquely qualified? A March 2008 feature in Vanity Fair magazine offers a clue: ‘He was born and came of age in Hawaii, the 50th state and in many ways among the freest?thinking, where mixed?race ancestry is …a given.

If Obama comes across as a bit of a softy — if you don’t see the toughness or the ambition at first — it may be in part because he spent his formative years in a place where ‘Live Aloha’ had not yet become a slogan aimed at recapturing a more gracious time, but was simply a way of life.'”

That statement by Senator Akaka is one that I would say succinctly states the feeling of the bulk of the voting body of the State of Hawaii.

Now the question remains — where or where is Senator Daniel Inouye? Let me just say that while I generally don’t want a blind, rubber stamp to whatever we say, I’m going to be very confused and dismayed if Inouye doesn’t follow suit.

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  • 1 conchscooter // May 22, 2008 at 5:35 am

    The notion that the US press is being paid “huge sums” to muddle up the Kosovo story is weird- no one in the US knows where Kosovo is and reporters thus don’t care. The notion that Serbia is a victim after Milosovich’s rampage through the Balkans is a point of view not supported by history. The Balkan war wasn’t a replay of medieval grudges, nor was it a religious war. It was a war over lebensraum and the Serbs played the Nazis. That is why the international community, aside from Russia Serbia’s ethnic ally, don’t care for Serbia’s position. It’s why the EU won’t admit Serbia.

  • 2 Evelyn // May 22, 2008 at 6:40 am

    Hi conchscooter, I think your comment ended up under the wrong story but that’s okay.

    The comments I made about the media’s messing up the story on Kosovo is my paranoia (and I said as much), however, they know VERY well where Kosovo is — they knew all about it as they reported day after day about our presence there because of all this ethnic cleansing of Albanians — that was false and never happened. Russia is not the only one to see the injustice over this Kosovo drama.

    In addition, even Spain was supportive of Serbia’s addition to the EU. Serbia has been held back because of the pending arrest and prosecution of war criminals still on the loose.

    I have to chuckle about your comment about “lebensraum” — let’s see what happens if some country tries to take over one of our states and claim it as part of their country. We should just relax and understand that they’re just looking for living space so it’s okay, right? While they’re at it, and to make an equal comparison, they should take over Washington, D.C. — you know, a place we care very much about.

    No matter what space it is, as long as it’s part of United States turf, just how quiet do you think we’re going to be?

    If you would like me to move this discussion under the post in question, let me know. I’ll put a note to explain that we’ve moved it. Your call. 🙂

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