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Today’s Hawaiian Vocabulary WordRed hibiscus

It’s probably not a bad idea to start a page with a list of our vocabulary words so that anybody can look back at them whenever they forget the meaning of a word.

Ohana: Family or kin group.

In Hawaii this term is used quite often when referring to families or to other tightly-knit groups. When a group of people band together for the same purpose or with a common goal they often refer to themselves affectionately as an ohana. For pronunciation, ohana sounds like (rhymes with) “oh mama.”

Recently, our fearless leader, Jon Symons at Home Turf Media had a logo designed for our little ohana of city bloggers. They don’t know that I have labeled our group of city bloggers an ohana, but they will once they read this post and get their vocabulary word of the day! The first item on the agenda was business cards. I took the file to Kinko’s to have it printed.

The staff at Kinko’s knows how to use Photoshop and I do not, and I wasn’t in the mood for the new-software-learning-curve thing. The problem is, Kinko’s hires young people with no concept of making an impression on the customer. They have no idea that they should call the customer and let them know when something looks bad. Okay, I was lazy and it cost me, but I came out a winner in the end.

I was upset but paid them and left — normally I would have gone into bitch mode but there were no “bosses” around so I just blew it to the wind. After letting my irritation fester into anger, I started talking to myself about their ignorance and poor customer service.

Diane at work at her businessThen I started to think about the woman who used to print our newsletters for Church. If a page didn’t print straight, “she would always tell me and just FIX it!.” If a page didn’t look right she would always reprint a page until it came out right and only then would she run the whole print job.

“Why didn’t I call her? You idiot! Duh!” I was out the door and sitting at her counter in a matter of minutes. I knew her for newsletters and flyers, I just never thought of taking her some business cards.

The shop used to be a Sir Speedy franchise store. The name has since changed, but certainly not the quality of service or the personality of this little business! You’ll never guess what the company’s name is now…

Ohana Printing & Graphics store signYou got it! Does this company know the meaning of our vocabulary word of the day? You bet! I told the owner, Diane Wernet, all about my little fiasco with my first printing attempt and she just started talking about getting the template and fixing it up.

She worked on the colors to get them to match and she made the important parts readable, attractive and attention-grabbing — like they should have been from the start. Then she sent me four different drafts to choose from. We both liked the same one the best.

At one point I asked Diane how she would recommend that I cut the cards once they were printed. In a bit of a stunned tone with a touch of annoyance, she said, “I would never let my customers cut their own cards!” Diane is one of those people who takes a project and makes it her own. The finished product has to meet up with her standards.

It was a stupid question — I don’t know why but I still had it stuck in my head that I would need to cut them myself. In all fairness, Kinko’s did cut them too, albeit not evenly. Sigh. This is just part of the difference between drive-through printers like Kinko’s and professionals like Diane.

Sign inside store Ohana Printing & GraphicsThe advertising tag line used by Ohana Printing & Graphics with their logo is “We take care of our customers like family.” That statement is, of course, in line with their name (and our word of the day) but most importantly it is one where I must say I have to agree. Diane made me chuckle when she said she would have trouble hiring others to assist her. Their work would have to meet her standards. Anything less wouldn’t walk out the door.

My new business cards and the invoiceFor about the same amount of money that I would spend on a color-printer cartridge for my computer, Diane fixed it up, made it pretty, printed it on “real” card stock and, yes, cut them for me too!

I think I’ll crown her princess for the day! I love my cards and I’m proud of them. Thanks, Diane! You’re awesome!

Ohana Printing & Graphics
822 Fort Street Mall
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-537-5333
Fax: 808-536-1825

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