Full Moon Over Honolulu

People always talk about sunrises and sunsets. Nobody ever talks about moonrises. Let me tell you, they’re gorgeous! Catch them at the right moment and they’ll make you catch your breath. The only thing more beautiful than a Honolulu sunset is the rising of a Blue Moon over Honolulu.

Nobody seemed to be able to agree which month was the Blue Moon month, May or June. Some calendars said that May 31st was a full moon while others said the full moon fell on June 1st. While the astrologers are busy disagreeing, we’ll just enjoy them.

Full Moon Over Honolulu

It wasn’t raining so I’m not sure why it looked so cloudy; perhaps it was vog (volcano fog) from the Big Island. Whatever the cause, I think it added to the beauty of the moon as it kept peeking through.

Blue moon or not, this one at the tail end of June was a beauty. For us lunar-tics, these natural wonders can make an otherwise stressful day pale in comparison. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of saying every thing’s alright. Works for me! The camera lens seemed to enjoy it too!

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