Fill ‘er Up!

Guess what’s open?!? I’m sending this plumeria from my favorite tree to Chevron. Flowers bloom and open while we’re not looking. Isn’t it pretty? Yesterday morning I ran into another beautiful site to behold…

Plumeria from my favorite plumeria tree

Even service stations can open overnight! Congratulations are in order for Mr. Lance Goya and a sigh of relief can be heard from the neighborhood!

Now Open Banner

Finally! There it is, gang! My Chevron is open! Okay, so we’re not gonna get excited about the price of gas, but it sure is nice to see something on that darn sign besides a blue tarp!

Chevron Sign

There’s even gas coming out of the pumps too!

Obviously I’m not the only one who was waiting. This is the first morning that the station was open and people are already there, bright and early, getting gas! The station is staffed and buzzing with activity, and… one very important thing here… the little fridge is stocked with soda!

Looking at the pictures, I am obviously not the only one feeling that the opening of this station was a good thing. Alright, so the flowers are from well wishers but the station needed that!

Inside the station

Open those doors and the world will send you flowers! Okay, so I only gave one cyber plumeria but the sentiment is still there! After all my ranting and the continued monitoring of that abandoned street corner, I can now return to a sense of normalcy. In addition, 7-11 can return to business as usual and I can now relax when my gas warning light comes on! Pretty much. Hopefully. If I’m at home when it happens.

Flowers for new station opening

Soda, flowers and candy — what more could a service station want? Oh yeah, gas. There’s some of that too! Oh, and staff. I wonder if I can get one of those shirts. My only regret is that I missed getting a shot of that big blue and silver tanker delivering the gas! Darn it!

Staff and the station garage

Mahalo, Chevron! I don’t know how you finally managed it (or why it took so long), but you got my station open! It’s too late for my safety check but since I’ve recently been watching all the power washing and lights on into the night over there, anticipation has kept me from putting very much gas in the car.

Hooray! Now I can fill ‘er up!

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  • 1 Val // May 18, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    Evelyn, the Plumeria is a gorgeous flower. & its good to see the gas station is up and running. I see by the price sign its $3.30 a gall…its $3.49 & climbing here in Michigan. I truly think the price will get to $4.00 this Summer, if not sooner.

  • 2 Evelyn // May 18, 2007 at 6:35 pm

    Oh, I believe it! Hopefully it will not stay there for long. I’m still not clear on why the prices are the away they are. Nobody seems to have a clear explanation for that. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope it doesn’t get that bad!

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