February Carnival Reminder

White Ginger I love white ginger!  It’s such a welcome sight to see these flowers.  You just know that when you get close enough, the smell is going to be 0h so sweet!  They make leis out of white ginger but they don’t last very long.  They’re more expensive than most but they can fill an entire room with their sweet fragrance.  White ginger that you see growing and looking so pretty today will be wilted, at best, tomorrow.  At least a hint of the scent will still be there.  🙂

The good thing about blogs is that the sweet scent and taste of what’s written will still be there tomorrow.  They’ll still be there so that readers can savor the words again and again!  Unlike our plant life, a blog’s growth sometimes slows to an unnatural pace, usually when life gets in the way, but they’re still as alive and full of color as before — just waiting to be read.

We could say the same thing about a blog carnival.  The stories will still be there for us to read again and again as we watch each other grow as bloggers.  So, let’s all write “gingerly” and get those stories in by the deadline, this coming Wednesday, January 28th!  The Carnival will go live on Monday, February 2nd.  For the guidelines, go here.  To submit your posts, go here!

Women!  They start out by talking about the sweetest things and then end up telling  everybody what to do.  Tsk!  🙂

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