Every Week’s a Carnival!

Clown with balloonsHonolulu has joined in again this week with the Carnival of Cities. The carnival is being hosted this week by Argentina’s Travel Guide, Cesar Gonzalez. To be specific, Cesar had landed the virtual carnival in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.

Mary Jo is the Seattle Traveler who tells us all about Dick’s hamburger place. What a traditional sign this place has! It looks like a scene from the old TV show, Happy Days! In fact, Mary Jo tells us that the drive-inn opened its doors at about the right time, in 1954! You’ve got to love a “mom and pop” restaurant that is still running after all these years! My husband would love this place, I just know it! I know where we’re going if we ever get to Seattle!

Shawn tells us about something they did in New York that I think is absolutely brilliant! You’ve got to go see Pinstripes in the Park Hosts Roger Clemens! It’s a dream come true for fans of the New York Yankees. I really think all States with teams that are well-loved by their resident fans should have something of this sort. Thanks for sharing this, Shawn!

Carole of The San Diego Beat explains all about the sweet housing deals available to San Diego’s law enforcement officers as she explains how San Diego says they are Housing Our Heroes. Hmmm… sounds very enticing for the men and women in the police force!

I don’t know anything about Chicago but hellojed from Ireland just got home from there and helps us out with Ten Things to do in Chicago, whether you’re a tourist or not.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that Honolulu has joined in again this week and we did so with Birds of a Feather Nest Together.

Happy reading and enjoy the carnival either in Honolulu’s nest as you eat some of Dick’s burgers from Seattle while watching the New York Yankees! Then, when that’s all done, you can try one, two or all of the ten best things to do in Chicago! It’s a Carnival, so come on down and surf the cities with us!

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