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Normally I would just ignore a story like this but I decided to read it.  I’m still angry about the so-called “hunter” who killed someone’s pet not too long ago.  This time is different.  An officer, charged with keeping the peace and protecting the environment for the State of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources, overstepped his bounds. I need to side with the hunters and their families on this one. 

I used italics and quotes around the word hunters at the beginning of this post because the idiot who killed someone’s pet was anything but!  He was stupid, obnoxious, on private property, and a slew of other things I could say.  I grew up around people who hunted regularly and  something like that was unheard of! 

I never liked the sport because I tend to hate anything that involves the killing of animals.  But, we really need to look at the big picture.  The goal is to catch the animal, not to torture it.  The animal is not discarded, it is used to feed those who are lucky enough to benefit from such a catch.   I speak from experience when I tell you that wild boar blows away the fatty pork you buy in the grocery store! It makes the best laulau. 

Okay, all of that aside, we need to remember that the wild pigs on Oahu are not indigenous to our islands, they are destructive to our rain forests, and they probably have a huge hand in all those leptospirosis warning signs we see posted near many of our rivers.  In short, the hunters (the real ones) are doing us a favor.   

I will say that, yes, on one reported occassion, there were youngsters who broke the rules and were trespassing.  Those rules are there to protect our property and safety.  Agreed.  But, I’m sorry, you don’t pull a gun on a bunch of minors because they were being stupid.  What was he thinking?!?  I am also of like opinion with those sharing the details that a loose canon like that should not be carrying a gun, nevermind any other kind of weapon.   

Let’s see, I do believe that the Honolulu Police Department would classify that as assault and terroristic threatening.  Even HPD would not hire an abusive person like that.  In the real world, we all know that you don’t uphold the law by behaving like a criminal yourself! 

If the DLNR officer in question is that caustic and confrontational, he should join the Army and go to Afghanistan.  This is not a war zone, it’s a community — a crowded one where tempers do flare, but it is a community nonetheless.  

Sending out a special aloha to Ollie Lunasco, the current President of the Oahu Pig Hunters Association, and to the community on the North Shore that I don’t write nearly enough about.  I have to admire you guys for standing up for what’s right and for following up and not just letting it slide — that’s a Neighborhood Watch at its best!   

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  • 1 Melissa Donovan // Nov 19, 2008 at 11:08 am

    As an animal lover and welfare advocate, stories like this make me sad. Just goes to show that sometimes we need stricter laws with stronger policing and better police.

  • 2 Evelyn // Nov 19, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Hello Melissa! Thank you for stopping by, in spite of the crazy comment I left for you yesterday. 🙂 (You can tell NaNoWriMo is pulling resources away from here. Tsk!) I appreciate your comment and I agree with you 100%. It’s difficult when the “wild” and the residential are so very close together and it gets much more so when people ignore the rules. We all hate having to legislate everything but in cases like ours, it’s just unavoidable.

  • 3 Flo // Nov 19, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    I read this story and was dumbfounded. Someone like this guy should definitely not have a gun. I do not hunt personally but my family does, so I definitely support the hunters and their rights. This guy does need to be fired.

  • 4 Evelyn // Nov 19, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    You know, Flo, he certainly needs to be assigned elsewhere at the very least. I just don’t get it! I seriously think the guy has issues that need to be dealt with elsewhere — not in a position of authority like this! Thank you for your comment. I was honestly worried I might be hung out to dry on this. I feel much better now. 🙂

  • 5 Keahi Pelayo // Nov 21, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Correct me if I am wrong, everything here was brought from somewhere else. People, plants and animals.

  • 6 Evelyn // Nov 21, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Hi Keahi, there are a lot of plants and animals, especially birds, that are indigenous to the State. Unfortunately, a lot of those thing are very close to extinction or endangered at best.

    People are working on the preservation of many of these things but it’s not always an easy or inexpensive task. One thing is for sure, our ecosystem has had to endure more and more as time marches on.

  • 7 Sunny // Nov 25, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    Good writing girl!I have to agree with you on that one.

  • 8 Evelyn // Dec 2, 2008 at 7:25 pm

    Hey Sunny, I just realized I didn’t reply to your comment yet! Shame on me! Thank you for your comment. Glad to see you, glad to hear from you, hope your Thanksgiving was a good one, hoping you’ll send us a post for the New Year’s Carnival! 🙂

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