Did You See This Week’s Carnival?

Carnival ClownIt has been busy and so have I! But, we cannot let it go by without taking a peek at who and what’s in the ring!

Take another excursion around the world at Home Turf Media’s Carnival of Cities and see what kind of performers have stepped into the ring this week!

First of all, we go to the hidden part of New York, under the city (literally) to find “The Book.” I so wished for a picture of this scary yet fascinating journey to this mini, underground work of art. This one has got to be my pick of the week.

Next the carnival leads you back to Homespun Honolulu (which is where you are right now) for you to see the Extreme Makeover which was quite the circus!

Then we go on to Kankakee in Illinois where we join the Therapy Doctor on a bicycle ride and a bit of a nature study in her post, Doe a Dear. I like the comment about telling patients to move their bodies a little, i.e. get some exercise, instead of asking for more sleeping pills! In the comments to her post the good doctor is ribbed because she sent a dead cicada to her grandson in the mail. I had to go search for What’s a Cicada on Google and, I hate to tell ya, there’s a crazy female chef in Chicago who cooks and eats the damn things! Now that’s nasty! Hey Doc, that chef needs therapy! Maybe she’s already a patient!

What comes next? We’re whisked over to Argentina where Vanessa Latimer tells us that Puerto Piramides Offers More Than Just… Whales. I am so jealous of those pictures. A close-up of a whale fin and a, um, llama? Or, an alpaca? Okay, it’s an alpaca. Here’s the deal. Llama are bigger and stronger but the alpaca, although smaller, have better hair (fleece). I had to throw that in there.

The Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life offers Ten Ways To Handle That Problem Property Next Door when it starts to deteriorate and bring the neighborhood down. Every neighborhood has on.

On over to North Carolina where Bella’s Life on the Island tells us all about The Fort Fisher Hermit. He makes up part of charm of the area.

Jon, the DC Traveler, shares pictures of butterflies from all over the world and lets us in on this great little botanist’s paradise in Maryland. Jon writes all about the Wings of Fancy – Live Butterfly Exhibit. Apparently they tell you about the life cycle of these creatures and provide an education in addition to the privilege of seeing these beauties in person. I love it when the flora and fauna people take the time to educate their visitors.

Look what Shawn has for us 0ver at his Shedwa blog! I had no idea Google was doing this! They have street-level maps and Shedwa shows us 15 NYC Sites to See in Google Street View! This is so cool! You guys have got to see this! Thank you, Shawn, for sharing this.

The Seattle Traveler, Mary Jo, shares a travel itinerary of one of their chefs! He’s moved over to San Diego but wants to is going to be included on an up and coming TV show. There’s even a show about the chefs! Anything about food is always worth blogging about and Mary Jo seems to agree as she tells us about the Former Seattle Oceanaire Chef on Season 3 Top Chef!

The next thing we do is cross the Atlantic and go to Germany so we can be Mellowing Out in Munich with the author of This non-American Life. The title says it all as the pictures tell us all about how restful it must be with it’s peaceful looking water and feel of antiquity.

Next we go over to the United Kingdom where torrential rains have flooded several streets. I can see why they want to Save The Ribble and I can see why they were Glad the Ribble was at Low Tide! I’ve never seen water drain faster with little or no visible damage in its wake.

At Family Travel we find out that we can travel, with the kids, to Amsterdam, without any trouble! In fact, we’re told all about how to Travel with the Kids to Amsterdam, complete with links galore so that all of our questions can be answered!

Next lets go over to the Indian Ocean to the South African Island of Mauritius. The Alfa King at Alfa King Memories tells us all about Budget Day. I couldn’t help but think how it sounded amusingly like one of our reports. Reports with fluffy adjectives used to soften the blow of any bad news to be told. I guess it doesn’t matter which country we’re in; we all have ways of making bad news sound a little better than it really is… or worse than it really is, depending on the announcers agenda.

The we’re going to hop on over to New Zealand because that’s what Liz at Christchurch wants us to do. Liz suggest that we Hop On The Tram For a Quick Tour of Christchurch. It’s truly an amazing array of different kinds of architecture — almost like it’s more than one city!

What a wonderful and fascinating world we live in! What a great carnival we have had this past week! If you haven’t visited the Carnival of Cities this week, get a move on before it moves on to the next destination.

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