Colt Brennan: Will He or Won’t He?

Colt-signed FootballThat’s the question of the week and everybody wants to know the answer!  How is that ankle?!?  The Honolulu Advertiser reports this morning that  June Jones, coach of the UH Warriors, says that Colt will start this evening. But, how long will he play and how safe will it be to do so? We can only speculate and keep our fingers crossed.

We all want to see him play and watch him add to his already impressive stats, but we also want to see him stay healthy. We’ll just have to wait until 6pm HST this evening to see what really happens. Keep it together, Colt, only you know what and how you’re feeling!

Here’s the rundown, compliments of the Honolulu Advertiser, on tonight’s game between the University of Hawaii Warriors and Charleston Southern at Aloha Stadium.

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