Shopping Ideas!

Here are some shopping ideas that may have been missed by your shopping radar! Tried and true and saving you from testing the waters all by yourselves. Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy the most wonderful part of it all — gift giving.

Hawaii vacation Gifts Logo

I can’t even begin to tell you about the variety of stuff that Hawaii Vacation Gifts sells. The scents are wonderful, the products don’t cause itching or other skin irritations, and the customer service is “on it!” HVG’s artistic creator has become a good blogging pal and I became a small customer of her products. I was lucky enough to receive a bit more than I ordered in my package so I know what I’m talking about. I have tried other similar products but have been left cold and unimpressed. There’s no unpleasant residual left behind from these products — neither in feel or in scent.

Go ahead and browse around the site and check out the products she has to offer! Everything from a bar of soap to an entire gift basket and more! Wait until you get to touch and smell her soy candles! OMG! Clean and fragrant and they just feel good when you hold them! It’s weird, I know, but I like keeping them around just to smell them… without even burning them. They really do smell that good. This is not the usual tourist keepsake place you find in Waikiki — this is the real thing! The products are designed and made here and not mass produced.

Visit Hawaii Vacation Gifts’ blog too!

Ninja Blog Setup Logo How about giving a Ninja for Christmas?

This thought went through my head while I was reading something written by the curator of our next gift idea. This little guy will let you give a blog as a gift! As I was reading it suddenly dawned on me, “What an awesome gift!” As much as we bloggers love our blogs, I think we can all vouch that this would be something awesome to receive for someone who loves to write but doesn’t have one yet!

Not only is this a great gift idea, it is extremely cost effective! In fact, they will do it all for free! All you need to do is sign up for hosting with one of their partner links. Hey, you would have to pay for that part anyway. The most effective way to tell you about this gift, is to get it straight from the horse’s mouth… excuse me, the Ninja’s mouth.

Here’s where I tell you the best part of this gift suggestion. I know and trust this vendor and have worked closely with him for nearly a year. This “Ninja” comes with my highest of recommendations! Interested? You’ve got to at least be curious! Read on!

Ninja Blog Setup

We setup and configure blogs. It’s our goal to provide professional WordPress blogs without you having to even think about all the technical details.

A step by step overview

  1. You fill out a simple form to give us the information we need to setup your blog
  2. A Ninja will begin your blog setup including:
    • creating a professional email address for your blog (eg.
    • testing your new email address
    • creating account for you so you can use the Akismet Spam protection plugin
    • creating a FeedBurner account for you so you can take advantage of FeedBurner stats with your RSS feed
    • installing WordPress on your hosting count and domain name
    • configure WordPress:
      • increase the size of the post writing box – makes writing posts much easier
      • setup search engine friendly URLs (permalinks) – more traffic
      • add a complete list of services to the ping list – tells various websites every time you write a story
      • install a robots.txt file – secures your WordPress admin pages from search engine spiders
      • create your user account within WordPress – so you have access to write and administer your site
      • delete the standard links (blogroll) that are included in WordPress
    • install and activate over 20 essential WordPress plugins ( see list of plugins )
    • setup an automatic WordPress database backup to be delivered weekly via email
    • install over 50 theme choices so you can easily change the look and feel of your site (see the themes)
  3. We’ll mail you all the details of your installation including a short roadmap of optional configurations that you may want to setup.
  4. You’ll receive a video guided tour of the WordPress administration area so you can easily learn your way around.

That’s it. From your point of view, you just fill out the form, and about 24 hours later, login and start blogging on a fully configured WordPress blog.

You can get started by signing up for hosting with one of our partner links:

Or if you already have hosting or would like to use a different company, you can contact us to inquire about rates and other options.

What did I tell you? Is that an awesome gift idea or what?

That was not exactly what you had in mind? How about something a little simpler? How about a t-shirt, or several t-shirts… the kind with attitude! These are as homegrown as you’re going to find and you can’t get them in a regular store. I went looking for Pure Breed Clothing Company because I was so sure they actually had a store in Mapunapuna. I don’t know where I got that idea but… they don’t. Maybe they will someday soon!
Pure Breed Clothing Company

For the time being, they do have a website! Pure Breed FamilyGo ahead and attend some craft fairs! While you’re there, look for the Pure Breed banner, pick up the perfect shirt to match that friend or family member with all that attitude, and cross a few more names off that list!

Electronic items always make good gifts! But, who do you trust? Where do you shop? I found one! I finally faced up to the fact that my computer needed more RAM or I wasn’t going to ever get out from under all of the software shutdowns I was having. The problem was that my computer is “old” by industry standards and, get this, they’ve stopped making the memory upgrades! There were two companies online that had the memory that would fit in my computer.I couldn’t get through but I was left with the option to have my call returned. Only one company returned my call. They got my business and their shipping was quick and their product has made my computer and I friends again. So, I list them here because they’ve got memory and they’ve got a lot of other neat stuff too! Their customer service was excellent and they have a lot of Cool Tech Gadgets and Free Shipping!3.5
Edge Tech Corp has “all the tools needed to promote memory upgrades, digital media cards, flash memory devices, portable hard drives, and other technology gifts and gadgets.” In other words, they have toys in all price ranges!

  • Memory for desktops, laptops, printers, servers ($15 to $2,000+)
  • Digital Camera Flash Memory Cards ($15 – $190)
  • Digital Memory Card Readers ($20 to $35)
  • MP3 Players and Digital Music Accessories ($21 – $65)
  • Portable Hard Drives ($100 – $360)
  • USB Flash Drives ($18 – $190)
  • Technology Gifts and Gadgets ($40 – $230)

Honey with tea and crackersBringing the shopping back home again, we have to be sure and mention these worker bees! You guys know how I fell in love with these bees! I could not make a shopping list and fail to mention the glory of these honey makers for the Christmas holidays.Volcano Island Honey Company is a great place for gifts ideas and for the Christmas dinner table as well. Here we have the unusual gifts for the people we just can’t seem to get something for — specialty items for sure!