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First Carnival of the Summer!

What do people do in the summer time?  We can go to the Carnival! We can follow this path to the Carnival.

Country road to the Carnival

Welcome to the first summer chapter of the Carnival of Aloha!  I am going to open this up with two apologies.  The first apology is to the blogosphere for not having a May Carnival.  The second apology is for our first carnival attraction who probably thinks I left him out on purpose.  No way!

I would never miss the chance to share one of Mr. Cooper’s posts!  It was an accident.  Since we’re exploring the great outdoors, we will start with what Mr. Cooper found.

Andrew Cooper found Ancient Messages that he posted about at A Darker View.  I have your other cool post too, Andrew, and I will share it next month!  Things just got a little out of sync for me.  Tsk!

We seem to be leaning towards the country this month so we need to be energetic to travel around.  Since we need some energy to travel around with our fellow bloggers, let’s get something to eat.

Malia Yoshioka takes us Drinking and Dining in Honolulu with the article posted over at WhyGo Hawaii.  Malia says, “When I travel, I like to get a few recommendations from locals for places to enjoy a cocktail or a nice meal. Here’s a few of my favorite places for Drinking and Dining in Honolulu.”  We love it when people share with us.  Thanks you, Malia!

Now that we have been fed, we can focus on the beauty of the islands, and their allure.
Sheila tells about The Allure of Lanai posted at Hawaii Vacation Blog – GoVisitHawaii.com, saying, “While Hawaii feels like an exotic, far-away destination, Lanai feels even more so! We love all of Hawaii, but Lanai holds a special allure for us. This post explains a little of why Lanai continues to call us back.”  I like your Lanai posts, Sheila!

We just celebrated Kamehameha Day and I cannot think of a better time to talk about the resting place of our honored royalty.

Lisa helps us honor that royalty when she talks about The Royal Mausoleum that she posted about at Oahu Mom, saying, “The Royal Mausoleum is worth visiting. It’s a great place to honor and remember the Hawaiian Monarchy.”

You’re right, Lisa, it is a fascinating place to visit.  It is also very picturesque.  Maui is another great place to take picture and Kris is going to share some of Maui’s beauty.

Kris Nelson is providing a New eBook – Maui by Poster | Ka’anapali Dreamin’ posted at Ka’anapali Dreamin’>  He said, “I had a post from April that announced the release of a (free) Maui eBook I put together that I wonder if it would interest your readers.”  I guess we will find out!

That concludes this chapter. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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June Blog Carnival Reminder!

Flying around Hawaii for the Carnival of Aloha

This is just a reminder for all bloggers who have a blog post about Hawaii that they want to share with the blogosphere and beyond!  Fly on over and join us for the June chapter of the Carnival of Aloha!   That link will take you to the guidelines. 

Fly over here and this link will take you to the form where you can enter the web address and any comments for the story you want us to include in the Carnival!  All it needs it to be about Hawaii — any island, any topic.

Deadline for submissions is this Friday, June 10, 2011.  Fly on over and join us as we share our favorite posts about life and adventures in Hawaii!

Yahoo! or Yikes! Saving MyBlogLog

Apparently I missed this on the blogosphere wireless! Three or four years ago, maybe more, MyBlogLog was THE in thing in Social Media!

When I first started blogging, no, before I started blogging, MyBlogLog was the first place that I dipped my toe into the blogosphere.  I have not left the waters of the blogosphere since!

We have  until May 24, 2011 to convince Yahoo! that they MUST change their mind and work with the network(s) of bloggers to pass it on to capable and more-focused hands!

“Isn’t it reasonable that they would sell MyBlogLog so that you can maintain your communities? Isn’t it reasonable to expect that they would at a minimum protect your work by providing you the ability to move it over to a site like BlogCatalog or some other network?

BlogCatalog is willing to do whatever technical work is necessary to port their user base and go through all the spam and clean out the mess they have left. They have pilfered bloggers data only to leave bloggers hanging out in the cold.”

Well said!  We all need to stick with what we do best.  Yahoo! is wonderful, do not get me wrong.   They bring current news to the forefront and Yahoo! Finance is awesome!  We can talk all day about the wonders of Yahoo! email lists.  Yahoo! has their niche.  In fact, they have several!  Be reasonable guys, do not leave a sour taste in the mouths of the blogosphere.

BloggersUnite.org has much better things to do and big World problems where it strives to organize bloggers!  They have made this one of their causes.

What right’s do bloggers have in a community that they built especially when a corporation the size of Yahoo has made promises to focus on the site and turn it into something valuable for you? They made promises. Why should they be entitled to shut the site down to the detriment of bloggers who have supported them for years relying on the fact that Yahoo is one of the larger tech companies in the USA?

Isn’t it reasonable that they would sell MyBlogLog so that you can maintain your communities? Isn’t it reasonable to expect that they would at a minimum protect your work by providing you the ability to move it over to a site like BlogCatalog or some other network? 

Rant About It is ranting about it too!

Why?  BlogCatalog isn’t a public company so we can decide how and where to invest our money.  Our pride and joy is BloggersUnite.org a site designed for bloggers to unite around causes and make a difference.  What would a simple connection between MyBlogLog and BloggersUnite.org mean to the world?   One life saved  because one blogger from MyBlogLog didn’t know about BloggersUnite.org and now they do?  Perhaps more?

The cynic could suggest that MyBlogLog doesn’t know about BlogCatalog, that tiny company located somewhere in Texas.   The cynic would be wrong.   Greg Cohen of Yahoo and I spoke at SXSW a year ago about taking over MyBlogLog.  They wanted to know our plans.  We shared some of them though were not going to hand over the “sauce.”    Interesting enough even after laying out what we would do and how we could enable Yahoo! to save face, they would rather shut it down.

Since blogging is about transparency and social media is about transparency,  perhaps not total, though much more so than business has ever been,  here’s the outline that was sent to Greg and his Yahoo Don’t let MyBlogLog die!colleagues.    As the CEO of BlogCatalog I am still inviting Yahoo! to leave the door open.  Do not shut it.  We don’t want any of the “dots.”  

As you can see, the sour taste has already started.  Yahoo! does not want it anymore, so let BlogCatalog take it and restore it to its original happy place!

Let the blogosphere continue to love you, Yahoo!. Let it go!

The April Carnival is Blooming!

Maybe we should call this the Spring Edition of the Carnival of Aloha!

Lavendar bougainvillia in bloom by Kamehameha Shopping Center

Spring is in the air and some of our bloggers know it!

HawaiiVacationGifts asks What’s Blooming in our Yard? Cattaleya Orchids.  This post is over at Hawaii Vacation Gifts by Double Brush-Hawaiian Gifts & Blog.  Cheryl says, “I thought maybe with April having earth day this post would be relevant.  🙂 ”  I agree, and just in time!

Putting Cheryl and Sheila together brings back fond Carnival memories for me!  Hopefully they will agree.

Sheila tells us all about A Day Trip Island Hop To Oahu posted at Hawaii Vacation Advice – GoVisitHawaii.com; saying “Island hopping to Oahu is really pretty easy to do from the other islands. Here’s the plan we used for a day trip to Oahu from Maui. What an action packed, but very fun day!”  And a very successful one I might add.

Now all we need is a cup of coffee!

Malia Yoshioka presents Day Trip: Kona Coffee Country posted at WhyGo Hawaii, saying, “I recently returned from a trip to Kona where I was able to stay a night in the town of Holualoa in the “Kona Coffee Belt,” about 15 minutes from Kona. It was a wonderful getaway, higher up in the mountains with the cooler air and hundreds of coffee orchards. The farmers are all really friendly and passionate about growing some of the world’s best coffee. Just had to share!”

That sounds so wonderful, Malia!  I wanted to stay at Kula Lodge on our next trip to Maui (whenever that might be!) but hubby doesn’t like being cut off from civilization and modern technology.  A laptop will still work!  Nope, not good enough.  Gotta have the TV.  Their rooms have no televisions!

I pulled Cynthia in to help us continue with the admiration of our natural surroundings.

Cynthia wrote all about Waimea’s “Flower of Love” – The Agapanthus in a post over at Asynchronicity,  I just had to include it here! We’re only two weeks away from Easter now and Agape anything sounds good to me!

We do love our flowers and we also love our culture!  The Big Island of Hawaii gives us both, as you can see.

Pua had the urge to share Hawaii Hula Festival Videos with everyone, saying that “Big Island visitors [can] visit the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival at Easter in Hilo. Hula competitions which require tickets are sold out but Wedsnesday nights are open to everybody and of course all the other good stuff: Hawaiian art + crafts fair, grand parade through Hilo and more. Enjoy the hula in Hawaii!”  Great videos, Pua, thank you!

Being close to the the natural parts of our World is a wonderful thing.  There are times when the mountains and streams just seem to call to me.  Of course there are a few other events and places that speak to me as well!

Kalaeloa Raceway Park talks to me!  In its own way this little start-up has reached out to many people in the community.  For me it is the restoration of something lost to my strange mentality and to the O’ahu racing community some time ago.  After Hawaii Raceway Park shut some of us watched and waited for what seemed like forever — waiting for something or someone to come along and save, restore, or replace it!  As it worked out, all we got was more bad news.

Suddenly the most wonderful thing happened — Kalaeloa Raceway Park!  I know, I know, they’re thinking, “Whatta you mean suddenly?!?  We’ve been working hard to make this happen!”  I am so very proud of you guys!  Now, Kalaeloa Raceway Park (KRP) continues to grow and make the racing community happy and proud!  For the record, I do not race.  It was just part of my past that needed to be restored.  Don’t ask, just go with it.

I am also very happy and grateful for KRP’s sponsors:


I love all this entrepreneurial stuff! I hope this list of sponsors, that I swiped from KRP’s web site, continues to grow — longer and longer!

On that exciting note we conclude this chapter of the Carnival of Aloha. Submit your blog article to the next chapter by using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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*~* Happy Birthday to Twitter.com! *~*

Twitter BirdThis is just a short little note to say, “Happy 5th Birthday!” to Twitter. My goodness time goes by quickly, especially when you’re having fun! You’ve got to love the little bird that has connected so many of us across so many countries, in so many ways, and for so many reasons! A huge “Mahalo!” from Homespun Honolulu and @HonoluluSprite!

If you’re on the fly (no pun intended, or maybe it is intended), drop a Tweet for others to know what’s got you going.  Others can look it up in more detail if they want or need to. Drop a quick line to complain or rave about happenings, or your favorite business or restaurant. Provide other tweeters with a link, if you so choose. Share a quick announcement. Set your blog up to map over to Twitter. Then set Twitter up to map over to Facebook. I did! Saves me time, lets me share, makes me happy!

Happy Birthday little bluebird and thanks for singing my songs!

The sun shines over our Hawai’i Carnival!

Morning sunlight peaks through the trees over Nu’uanu PaliGood morning and welcome to Chapter 36 of the Carnival of Aloha!  There is something to be said for vog — you may not be able to breathe all that comfortably but the color refractions off those air particles make for great pictures!  Just thought I would mention that.

I also need to mention that in recent months I have been a bit hard on sites that send in random links to blog carnivals for advertising purposes.  That hasn’t stopped them but I thought it might be more useful to let them slide if they provide useful information and if they represent something worthwhile, like education.

I am guessing that most of these submitters are students, although I don’t know that.  So, let’s get started and you can see what I mean.

Elizabeth Wright tells us all about how It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year! The Top 25 Spring Break Hot Spots in the U.S posted at Education Degrees.  Obviously Hawaii is not all of those 25 Hot Spots but we did make two! Thanks, Elizabeth.

Our Internet educators do not stop there.  Here is another submission talking about facts that may or may not be so well known.

Tricia Adams shares a few Little Known Facts About Big Island posted at PhD Programs.  Now, for those of us familiar with some of these, and the State as a whole, we know that “Big Island” was probably not the best thing to put in the title.  Tricia’s article is about more than just the island of Hawaii — it includes a lot more of the State of Hawaii than just one island.

The next one is another one of our educational institutions but this one is a great link for travel aficionados!

Debbie Owen suggests that people Skip the Slopes: 20 Creative Staycation Ideas for Winter posted at Online Doctorate Degree, saying, “With rising gas prices, freezing snow storms, and a still tough economy, many families are trimming their vacation budgets in response. Instead of purchasing expensive airfare, lodgings, and more, many have opted to take their vacations closer to home.”  Debbie’s article may not be Hawaii-specific but it does include much of our attractions in the process.

Are these three ladies students?  I’m going to guess that, yes, they probably are so I’m letting it slide and sharing the links with everyone cause I think they’re at least mildly interesting.

Education is important and you’ve got to love what comes of it!

Biotunes shares Hiking the Alaka`i Swamp – Part 1 posted at Bioblog by Biotunes, saying, “This is an old post, but still seems appropriate.”  Going hiking on Kauai can’t possibly ever get old!  Cool blog.

The ecosystem is always something great to focus our education on.

Raising Islands always has well-educated, intelligent articles.  Most recently, Mr. TenBruggencate spoke of how the Humpback whale range extends into Papah?naumoku?kea.  The articles you find on this blog are probably not going to be found in too many other places and they are always educational.

We need education and parents know how important this is.  We also need good food to keep our brains functioning.  Our O’ahu Mom, Lisa helps us with this!

Lisa tells us all about Lanikai Juice in Kailua posted at Oahu Mom.  I have not been there but look forward to doing so!  Thank you, Lisa!

We can take our juice and go relax with Pua as we view and discuss our favorite beach photos!

Pua asks, Which Hawaiian Beach photo do you like best? posted over at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog, saying, “We invite everybody in our Hawaii blog ohana to vote for the Hawaii Beach photo they like best.” I like nature photos and the beaches give us some of the best.

That concludes this month’s chapter. Thank you, everyone, for sharing what’s on your mind, or your plate!  Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Foundationally Plantastic!

The Hot, Loud and Proud meme is up for this month.  You can check out a beautiful garden and get the instructions on how to participate in this meme by following that link!

I have been increasingly fascinated by the foundations of our local flora so this month I have included a few, kind of fun, photos to share.

Sometimes what holds up the plants and trees can be very mesmerizing.

Sometimes the foundations of plants are just as fascinating as what grows on their branches.

What hangs under those trees can be interesting.

Sometimes what hangs from underneath a tree can be just as fascinating.  I love banyon trees and things of that nature — anything that looks even remotely like it has vines is the coolest!

How can you not marvel at this fascinating network of roots?

As much as you might think the photo above is a painting, it is not.  It is an actual photograph.  The roots of that tree do indeed look that awesome!  The ones on the right side come up to about half a calf in height — about ten inches.  Amazing!

Older roots can look like fossils!

Then you have the interesting roots like those above that look like fossils, but they are obviously still functioning.

That’s not to say they can’t look strange!I don’t know what to make out of this tree trunk over here to the left that looks like it has the elephant man’s disease.  I’m not sure what kind of trauma could have caused the strange bulby-looking growths on the bark.  Anyone in the know is welcome to comment on this!

I was very puzzled — it  looks like the tree has massive warts or something.

Most people would just walk right on by without giving it a second glance and not find anything interesting to say about it — I just couldn’t stop staring.  I guess when you have your camera in hand it makes you more observant.  If anyone needs that, I do!  As a general rule, I am not observant at all!

The barks and roots of these trees and plants seem to have quite a mind of their own.

Catch a tree before it falls!Survival of the fittest?  This little darling on the left caught my attention and pulled at my heart.  This little root seems to have reached for the ground to hold up the tree that actually does look like it’s about to tumble down the hill.

I actually found my mind wandering and wondering if they really can contemplate such a thing — “let me put a hand down here before we fall.”  I do that.  It even looks like little fingers!  I’ve gotta keep an eye on that one!

When they fall, they look like what’s pictured in the photos below.  The City & County has to come and cut them up into smaller, movable pieces.  In some cases they have to move them off the middle of the road so traffic can continue on its way.

The pieces of this fallen tree seen below look like coffee and end tables just waiting to happen!  They are so beautiful and natural.  It broke my heart to see the tree fallen but my oh my.  I hope a wood carver or two get their hands on some of these pieces.  I wonder if they would have to pay for them.  Hmmm…

What happens when a tree falls.

Look at the grain!  These are just natural pieces of wood.  Nothing has been nothing done to them except to cut them into manageable sizes.

Here’s a coffee table waiting to happen!

The one above looks like a beautiful table-to-be to me!  I wish I could put that in my living room!

It’s larger than you think!  A human foot just makes a mark on the edge.

Just to gauge the size of the trunk of this fallen darling, I took a picture of my foot to get an idea of the size of this thing.  This was certainly no twig, far from!

Plants are great, and they can continue to be great!  There is a craftsman that works on the fallen trees at Moanalua Gardens.  What beautiful work he has done!  I’ll share some of those pictures in a future post!

Carnival of Travelers

2011 Chinese New Year parade in Downtown Honolulu

Welcome to the 35th Chapter of the Carnival of Aloha! We’re running late, as usual,  but we get to share some cool imprints left on our visitors.  The best part?  We get to start with some yummy food to kick start our Carnival and kick up our strength!

Malia Yoshioka tells us about Dining on Maui: Local Favorites that she posted over at WhyGo Hawaii, saying, “I was born and raised on Maui and grew up loving the little mom and pop restaurants serving local favorites like dry mein, guri guri, and stick donuts. Here are the 5 places you’ll definitely find me when I return home to the Valley Isle.”  Okay, so Malia’s not exactly a stereotypical visitor.  She’s more like a homing pigeon!

We talk about the warmth of the islands and Ilana is helping us stay warm with a fun after-meal cocktail!

Ilana Eck (aka the Hip Hostess) shares the Hawaiian Lava Flow (cocktail) posted at The Hip Hostess, saying, “Hope you will include this recipe that was inspired by a trip to Hawaii.”

While on the subject of travel and warmth, and while we have many visitors that we call snowbirds, and even homing pigeons, we have a definite magnet attraction for some.  My favorite magnet pulls my butterfly, Sheila, back to us again and again.

Sheila presents an Aloha Friday Photo: Leaping Legends Editions posted at Hawaii Vacation Blog – GoVisitHawaii.com, where she shares, “We have an ongoing series of Aloha Friday Photos that feature reader’s Hawaii vacation photos. For the carnival, I’m sharing just one of the many great photos we’ve featured. This one was sent to me from wonderful readers who live in Italy.”

All the way from Italy!  We’re on a travel roll with this chapter of our Carnival and we can’t possibly talk about island hopping or mainland travel either for that matter, without talking about our own mascot, Leilani, at Hawaiian Airlines.

CreditCardGuru presents Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Review: The Pros & Cons posted at credit card forum [the blog], saying, “My 2011 review of the Hawaiian Airlines credit card!”

We can share more of the reasons why we have homing pigeons!
Hawaii Beaches shares just A Few Of The Top Attractions On The Big Island posted at Hawaii Beaches.

Pua then follows Hawaii Beaches with some of the beaches on the Big Island!

Pua presents Best Big Island Beaches Youtube Videos posted at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog, saying, “What is your ‘Best Big Island beach?’ We love to hear from Hawaii visitors and residents.”

Travel costs money.  Earning money means taxes.  So, on a more practical note,

OahuRealEstateOnline tells us about sending love letters to the IRS when they talk about Love and Taxes!  They are providing us with “Real Estate News you can use!”

That concludes this chapter, so don’t forget to submit your blog articles to the next chapter of the Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form.   The guidelines can be found here.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Carnival Welcoming the New Year

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the 34th Chapter of the Carnival of Aloha!

Bridge in Wahiawa

This is the stuff novels are made of!  It suddenly dawned on me that this is the residual impact that The Bridges of Madison County has had on me.  It made me pull over and take this picture!  The book was much better than the movie, by the way.  No surprise there.

Whenever I see a structure like this, that’s where my mind goes.  Couldn’t help it, had to get this picture.  I have one more thing to say about this picture of the bridges over Wahiawa — at the end of our blog Carnival.

As we start our Carnival journey, we first need to be fed!

Cynthia Hoskins shares a nice post about Lunch and Learning at the Hawaiian Vanilla Company that she posted at asynchronicity.  Did anybody else even know there was such a thing?  Bloggers always seem to have the knack for finding the coolest things!

As we give birth to another New Year, I just have to share something else I found in Wahiawa — something other than that bridge.

Evelyn (I) found it because she was looking for it!  I really wanted to share this link about The Birthing of Hawaiian Royalty.  This location has been a cultural fascination to me for a long time and I finally got to see Kukaniloko!

There are so many things about our culture that are not simply fascinating; there are sometimes things that are actually unknown to many of us.

Karen Awong provides us with a medicinal and seasonal part of Hawaiian culture when The Pleiades Rises and Lono Arrives posted over at kareninhonoluluBishop Museum has so much to offer.  Thank you, Karen, for sharing these things!

Karen’s post touches a little on winter in Hawaii and the snow.  Snow?  Wait, we need a little more clarification on this.

Sheila asks Does it snow in Hawaii? which is answered by her post over at Hawaii Vacation Advice – GoVisitHawaii.com.  I still haven’t seen any myself.  Maybe I need to go to the Big Island in the winter just so I can say that I have!  Tsk!

Culture and climate are always so important, so is our history.  For that reason, it is important to share this next post.

April M. Williams talks about Preserving Falls of Clyde the Last Iron Hulled Tall Ship Honolulu Hawaii over on her “Where are you today?” Travel Blog.  I am very happy to share this so you all know that I am not the only one with a fixation on the preservation and restoration of this surviving fragment of our maritime history.

As we go out to the shoreline, we have some other ocean activity to share.

Hawaii Beaches shares their Best Coral Reef Beaches in Oahu posted at Hawaii Beaches.

For those who want to keep their feet dry, there is some entertainment for you as well.

Malia Yoshioka presents 5 Places to Watch Football in Waikiki.  Malia is happy to join us with this post at WhyGo Hawaii and she says, “Mahalo nui loa!”

I’m with Malia on that as we conclude this chapter.  Before I let you go, I have to return to the photo of our bridge.  Some may have noticed the Mylar balloon tied to the side of the bridge.  There are flowers there as well.  We all know what that means.  We did not have a very safe driving record in 2010.  Please, please, please drink at home and, even if you’re sober, remember to drive carefully so we can bring the highway death rate down this year!  Stay safe no matter where you are!  I want you all to hang around for a very long time.  If you don’t mind.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Happy New Year! and a Carnival Reminder

Fireworks over the Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon just before midnight on December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Honolulu!  The wind picked up and the sky is clear!  There’s a nice breeze blowing and we currently have no rain and no lingering pollutants — just a beautiful, bright, blue sky.

I hope everyone had a nice New Year and will join us for the first Carnival of Aloha of 2011!  The deadline is coming up quickly!  I’ve extended it to Sunday because I’m sure there are things that you all want to share with the rest of us!

Come on, send them in!