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Riding the Rainbow Warrior Roller Coaster

In recent months many of us have been so pumped up and excited about the University of Hawaii football program. We were looking forward, already, to the next season! Suddenly we were given the shocking news that we were about to lose the coach! No, he won’t go. That’s crazy. He would never leave us! Um, he’s gone.

Sign Holders Protest Loss of Coach

The outcry was immediate. Sign holders were out along the corner of University Avenue that skirts the University of Hawaii campus.

KHNL News Truck

The media, of course, were on it instantly! There was a lot of commentary to be extracted from this group of protesters!

KGMB Camera Man There had to be someone to blame. It was much too easy to find a recipient for the rage and hurt felt by the fans.

This was someone we just recently learned so much about and had grown to respect for his genuine caring of the students.

There was a new-found admiration for the support given by Jones to several of the students to help them overcome some personal issues.

Surely there is someone responsible for Jones wanting to leave. There must be someone to blame!

Fire Frazier Sign

Sign holders

There were signs waving and horns blasting like you wouldn’t believe! The fans were not at all happy to see things fall apart like this when the football program had just gotten it all together!

Everyone certainly seemed to be on the same page. There may have been mixed emotions about June Jones’ sudden departure but one thing was certain — something had to be done!

Well, for all of the protesting, sign waving, horn blasting and alerting of the media, Herman Frazier, the Athletic Director who has been blamed for many of the problems recently, is gone as of this afternoon.

KHON Channel 2 Staff

The University bought out Frazier’s contract and basically kicked him to the curb. An interim director is in place until the Board of Regents can deal with the situation.

Colt Brennan Quote

This lady wanted to be sure I got a picture of her sign so I want to be sure and include it. I too heard this statement from Colt Brennan.

Next step? A new coach. Bobby Curren, of 1420 ESPN Radio fame, called in to the afternoon show and said how the choice of Greg McMackin for head coach would be a good one. Greg McMackin is a defensive coach and he’s also an author. He has written a book called, “Coaching the Defensive Backfield.” He’s familiar with the program, familiar with the players, he’s experienced. Sounds good to me!

University of Hawaii Flag

Whatever the case, we’ll get through it because we’ll stick together. It’s ohana time, Hawaii! Let’s support the team because now is when they need it most!

What it’s Really All About…

The morning news this morning showed clips of the University of Hawaii Band during the half-time show yesterday. When I heard what they were playing (Over the Rainbow) I almost lost it! I’ll wager that there isn’t one Warrior fan out there that has not wanted to cry, or at least been a little depressed for a while. I felt it very strongly yesterday and I continue to struggle with it today.

Apart from all the drama I’m very proud of our team! They did everything they needed to do, and then some, to get themselves to a BCS game! OMG! That alone is enough to write about. They did it! They were there!

Part of the beauty of the whole thing was that the poor, beleaguered city of New Orleans, that so needed a shot in the arm, got a good shot from Hawaii residents! I know some of those residents may be feeling down about the outlay of cash, but we showed out support for our team and helped another tourist destination in the process!

If there is one thing that needs correcting, it is not the team or their coach. Why do I say such things? Well, let’s see…

June Jones is going to sign his new contract soon, right? What do you mean there is no contract?!? What are you talking about?!?

Talk about being conspicuous by its absence!

Colt got into a little bit of injury trouble yesterday but it worked almost like a passing of the baton to Tyler Graunke who stepped in as he has done a few times this past season. Tyler has himself one hard act to follow but he has already shown himself capable and I’m sure fans can’t wait to see how far the team can go next year!

BCS Prayers

I was reading an article about the game on the sports page at Yahoo! and I noticed something in the right-hand margin. There was a link to this picture and when I saw it I was kind of at a loss for words and almost lost it again.

Here they are — our Ambassadors of Aloha spreading the aloha spirit across the nation.Β  This team’s spirit is infectious! It’s not just Colt, look at all the white jerseys sharing a moment in prayer with their opponents after the game was over.

This is what it’s really all about! Yes, “dreams really do come true” somewhere over the rainbow, all you have to do is “BELIEVE!”

Warriors are Bloggers Too!

These last few days before January 1, 2008 are worse than waiting for Christmas! I’m not the girly-girl type so nail biting is no big surprise but this Sugar Bowl anticipation stuff is driving me crazy!

Ryan Grice-Mullen, UH WarriorAt least the University of Hawaii Athletics Department was kind enough to set up a space for Ryan Grice-Mullen to keep us posted, blogger style, of the team’s activities while they’re in New Orleans. My only gripe is that there is no place for us to leave comments or ask questions. Of course we do need to realize that if there was a place to comment, etc., there would be so many comments that Ryan would never makeΒ  it to practice! πŸ™‚

I “borrowed” this picture from that same UH website — thanks guys.Β  πŸ™‚ Β  I can only hope that whoever is manning the website over at the University will let us know that they did receive a track back or something so they know we’re reading it!


I did receive a phone call from the UH Alumni Association yesterday. They were looking for alumni to renew their memberships and show our solidarity. Of course having the phone call come in from California didn’t help their case, but I fell for it anyway.

I know that as I’m typing this, more and more Hawaii residents are disembarking aircraft and heading for hotels. The excitement has got to be huge over there! It is here too! I think I’m going to have a cup of tea… with a lot of SUGAR! Thank you to New Orleans for hosting this event and I hope they get a nice boost to their economy because of it!

Don’t forget about us back home you guys! We’re excited and ready to scream and holler loud enough for you to hear us all the way over in the “Big Easy!” Stay safe, stay strong! GO WARRIORS!

Great Aloha Run, 2008

Bird taking a floral drinkFebruary 18, 2008! I’m excited! I love this event! I talked about the 2007 Great Aloha Run at the beginning of the year. My biggest problem is that I now compare every other running event to this one. That’s very unfair for me to do because the others pale in comparison.

I’ve already signed up. If you have n0t signed up yet and you want to participate, you’ve still got time to sign up — either online or by printing out the form and mailing it in. If you forget, you can always sign up at the Expo that will be at Neal Blaisdell Center on February 15th, 16th and 17th!

Active.com sends great emails if you sign up for them. They sent one recently with this neat little advertisement for personal reflectors, pouches to tie to your shoes, ID bracelets and all kinds of useful things. I have my eye on three of the items they have.

Firefly Safety ReflectorI thought about it and these would be great for anyone exercising in the evening or in the rain.

They’re good for runners and bicyclists as well! For the record, I checked with HPD and it’s okay to wear those little blue lights, as long as it’s not on your motor vehicle! πŸ™‚

Honolulu Fire Boat

There’s nothing more heart warming than this wonderful scene. The morning sky is lighting up, we’re singing the Star Spangled Banner and the Honolulu Fire Boat is sending a watery salute to the participants of this much-anticipated, annual event. It’s all about the aloha!


  • Early Entry with Training T-shirt $35 until 12/2
  • Regular Entry $35 until 1/19 then $40 until 2/2
  • Register at GAR Expo, Feb. 15 – 17, NBC Exhibition Hall $45, Cash Only
  • Keiki (5-12 yrs)/Seniors Entry $25
  • Child under 5 yrs in Stroller Entry $5

Run, walk, it doesn’t matter! This is a community event like no other. (Okay, okay, I’ll give up that position to the UH Warriors, but aside from that…) πŸ™‚ Not into running or walking but still want to get involved? They’re looking for volunteers!

Come on you guys! It’ll be fun! Community participation was high last year and I’m sure it will be again!

Honolulu Marathon Draws 27,000

The annual Honolulu Marathon is a huge attraction. The 35th annual was not exception. People came over from Japan, Ethiopia, Russia and all over the World to participate in this race. We even had a Danish prince! Some runners participate to see how well they do against the clock. Others just want to say they did it!

There are a lot of people who just don’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves through such an ordeal. Still others wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Hawaii Kai skyline

It was raining early in the morning but it cleared up as the morning wore on. It was still overcast and void of our beloved trade winds, but it was still a beautiful morning. — hot and muggy but still beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »

Colt Brennan is Our Winner!

Colt preparing to pass the football

Maybe not the winner of the coveted Heisman, but certainly the winner of the hearts of Honolulu and of the hearts all over the State of Hawaii! He had the stats, he has the talent, he is a senior, but, so be it. Being in third place got him there! He should have been there last year but that’s okay, he was there this year and he was part of the 73rd Annual Heisman Trophy competition.The good part? Since Colt is not coming home with the Heisman, that means he’s not going to be subjected to the Heisman curse! That means that the Warriors should come away victors from the Sugar Bowl! According to the other part of the curse, he should also have no trouble with the NFL draft. But then, we already knew that.

Okay, putting away my crystal ball and the urban legends, I just had a couple of quick thoughts that crossed my mind. Apparently someone called into the sports radio station 1420 this morning and suggested that the University of Hawaii Athletic Department retire his number. Good idea! I like that idea! I’m sure Colt will go in the first round of the NFL draft! I will follow his career as I’m sure many other Hawaii residents will as well.

University of Hawaii’s Athletic Department has certainly put Hawaii on the collegiate map many times in the past. We have enjoyed the winning seasons of the Wahine Volleyball team and the Rainbow Basketball team, but, this year, the Warrior Football team has gone above and beyond to bring home some much-needed financial support for the University.

Thanks you guys!Β  Looking forward to the Sugar Bowl!

They Did It! BCS! BCS! BCS!

University of Hawaii's Hawaiian HThe University of Hawaii Warriors have an undefeated season!

When I was in high school, I went to every football game. I was lucky — that was a time when Waianae High School was THE team to beat in the OIA (Oahu Interscholastic Association). I know I’m dating myself a little with this, but that’s okay. It was fun and some of us took it very seriously. I remember one Homecoming game when Waianae played Pearl City. Pearl City almost won. I never screamed so loud in all my life. We won. I’m sure my volume must have helped carry that extra point over that goal post!

I went straight to the University of Hawaii after graduation to continue my education, but sports weren’t part of the agenda anymore. For me, with the exception of having my ear set to news about Jason Elam, I’ve lost touch with the sports at my old educational institutions… UNTIL NOW!

Aloha Stadium Scoreboard

This year, all of the media hype and the need to keep up with reader interest got me watching again. It felt like old times… sort of. I could watch “my” team on TV, and get excited for them and mad at the refs (and ESPN sportscasters)… you know, all the good stuff! I even found myself holding my breath while watching recorded games for the second time. This Warrior team has done something for me that no other team has ever done… they’ve actually made re-runs something good to watch!

Welcoming the Warriors

Guess what?!? Somehow… my husband got his hands on a pair of tickets! On the 50-yard line! For the game with the Senior Walk! OMG! Okay, on the wrong side of the field, but who cares?!? I was there! I saw them up close and personal. I got to scream my head off again, just like I used to! They’re so awesome, they didn’t need any help from my vocals! They got some, but, as it turned out, they didn’t need it!


ESPN Truck with CameraThe Warriors, however, did not get as much from my vocals as I wanted them to. Our seats were great, but they were too great. We were too close and the Washington players and the ESPN film truck made us have to stand up to see. That would have been fine except for the pregnant woman behind us who asked us to sit down because she was pregnant and couldn’t stand up.

We couldn’t see and we couldn’t see the replay screen either because everyone else was standing up… because they couldn’t see! We finally gave up and left. We went home.

All was not lost, they came from being behind by three touchdowns to taking us down to the last seconds of the game. With only 44 seconds left in the game I was still screaming at the TV, “No, no, no!” I ended up screaming in my living room. It would have been slightly better at Vineyard Zippy’s where at least someone would have gotten the benefit of my screaming… but, we stayed at home.

Overpriced tickets, taxi fare, because the parking was full three hours before kick off, and we watched the game from home. Auwe! (Hawaiian for “Oh my!” or “Oh dear!” or “Alas!”) Auwe to Aloha Stadium for not making arrangements for people in those seats, and auwe to ESPN for not figuring out a better way to get their footage without hampering the ability of spectators to enjoy the game that they paid so dearly to see. The only thing in their favor was that they were not on the side of the home team. There was a little girl behind me who was heart broken and screaming even more than I was.

Of course all of this whining turns this post (one that I was so looking forward to writing) into a “Honolulu Rant” and it has been tagged as such.

Okay, aside from the idiotic stadium gaffes and a double auwe for ESPN whose time was too precious to keep filming long enough for us to see the Senior Walk, the game was exciting, tense and one heck of a game! I now get to lean on our local media darlings to please, please have the Senior Walk on tape so we will be able to see it! KGMB’s news room says they will show clips of it on the June Jones show tomorrow (Sunday) and on their news at 5 and 10:00 tomorrow evening.

I was so looking forward to that part of tonight’s festivities but it was not to be for us, not this time. But, that’s okay… my alma mater won! They should be receiving an invitation to a BCS bowl game. The announcement about the BCS bowl game will be made tomorrow at 3:00 at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

As I’m typing this I can hear people who also must have been watching the game at home… they are setting off fireworks! Honolulu is one very happy place right now! We’re all so proud of these young men and the University so needed a generous addition to their income stream!

After All That, Sharing This Next Tidbit is Even More Gratifying!

Another thing I’ve grown to love is the personality of the Leahey and Leahey show! Jim and Kanoa Leahey are, together or apart, a lot of fun and I think they make a cute father and son team. Jim Leahey was on my wave length the other night with his “poem” at the end of their show on PBS last Wednesday and he called it a bachi poem (bachi is a Japanese word and is used kind of as a slang in this context to mean something similar to “what goes around, comes around”). He read his “Bachi Poem” where he said snickered,

It’s eleven down and one to go
Then it’s just lining up for the big show
The school receiving millions in spendable dough
While National attention continues to grow
Brennan is magic with every long throw
BCS pundits are dining on crow
Receivers remain cat quick, never slow
The defense has grown stalwart as we all know
So bring on the Huskies and any sled they tow
Let the rains come and the winds blow
Let the game have its usual ebb and flow
Chances are good, in the end, Hawaii is 12 and O.

Ha! Now I can laugh even harder! Congratulations to you, UH Warriors, and a huge mahalo to all of you for a very exciting and terrifying game! We have to thank the Washington Huskies as well for being a formidable opponent — it was they who made it terrifying!

The biggest mahalo is for our Warrior team, Coach June Jones included, for their shining example of teamwork and fraternal cohesion! I’m still touched and amazed at the degree of limelight sharing that goes on over there. I don’t know if I’m more proud of their winning record or their comradeship manner of accomplishing their wonderful season that is, “in the end, 12 and O!”

Checking back on this one! It’s 3:20 on Sunday afternoon and the announcement has just been made. The Warriors are going, baby! They are going to a BCS bowl game! Woo hoo! The University of Hawaii Warriors are going to New Orleans to play the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2008. What a great way to start the New Year!

UH Warriors are 2007 WAC Champions!

100 Years of EducatingThe UH team members were excited and fired up for this game. You could see it in their body language and the degree of overdrive in their step! It wasn’t until the 2nd Half that they were able to put a little bit of a lid on it and get into their focused groove that we’ve all grown to love, admire and enjoy.

Davone Bess flipped, literally, into the end zone for a touch down and a rather painful un-sportsman like penalty. I guess you could call it a celebration penalty of sorts. Bess celebrated with a somersault over the goal line. There were a couple of times during the game that I was amused by the frivolousness thought that part of their practice must be for aerial gymnastics! πŸ™‚ That’s not to say that spectators don’t appreciate it. I personally think it adds to the excitement. The referees, however, disagree.

Colt broke the tie for the record of most touchdown passes that was held by Ty Detmer. With TD pass number 122, Colt surpassed the record and continued to add to it. Near the end of the game, Colt had the ESPN sportscasters singing his praises. In addition, both C.J. Hawthorne and Jason Rivers were also in great receiving form! Ryan Grice-Mullen didn’t seem to receive as much play as the others receivers but he also seemed to have a slight limp, which may have been the reason.

One of the highlights for me was listening to the ESPN sportscasters eat a little crow as the UH Warriors began to outshine Boise State. They had to do some serious CYA back peddling as the game neared its final minutes and the University of Hawaii Warriors sealed their 39 to 27 win over Boise State. For spectators like myself who were tuned into every word of these sportscasters, it was too late… the damage was done. They did try to cover up so maybe not everyone noticed the bias that went relatively unchecked during the first three quarters or so of the game.

This Warrior team has had to work very hard. They have had to work hard to remain undefeated and even harder to earn some kind of respect — respect that they really do deserve! Congratulations to the Warrior football team for a job well done!

Following the Warriors

Oh the lump in my throat a few hours ago! The radio broadcast went something like this: “This is unconfirmed,” they said during theΒ  broadcast of the University of Hawaii Warriors football game against Fresno State,” but Colt Brennan has suffered a third degree concussion and will not be back, and will probably not play next week.” Okay, I may not have said it verbatim but it was very close to exactly that!

My husband, the eternal optimist, looks at me like I’m crazy and says, “He’ll be fine.” See, it doesn’t matter what’s wrong with you, my husband will always tell you that “you’ll be fine.” Irritating as hell! But, as it turned out, it was indeed a mild concussion, not a third-degree concussion, and Colt could even play tomorrow, if there was a game. The media spoke to Warrior Coach June Jones about Colt. “If you play football, he said, you’re going to have concussions. I just talked to him. He’s ready to play right now.”

It was near the end of the game and ESPN, who could have been showing the whole game live (grrrr!), showed the clip of the hit that knocked Brennan out of commission for the rest of the game. It was a nasty hit he took — one that “felt” like his head could have come off his shoulders! I’m sure we’ll see it several more times but it was pretty ugly so the media’s initial prognosis was an easy sell.

Anyway, Colt’s head is still attached and his neck is not broken. “He’ll be fine.” So, I give Colt an “A+” for effort and I give myself, and Brennan’s team mates, a placeboic tranquilizer. Chill! He did suffer from a concussion but he has been cleared for air travel for next week’s game. For those who think I’ve lost it, a related ESPN article reported that when Colt hit the turf, face-down and not moving, “trainers from both teams came to his aid. The near-sellout crowd drew silent and teammates prayed on one knee as the game was halted for about five minutes. Brennan eventually stood up, wincing in pain and was helped off the field into the locker room.”

There’s just something about this young man that has endeared him to the hearts of many! In the final minutes of the game, the Warriors were clearly shaken. Through it all, the Warriors came away with a 37-30 win, their 9th win of the season. When asked about the incident, Ryan Grice-Mullen, who has now surpassed 1,000 yards receiving, said that, “He showed a lot of heart by getting to his feet because we all knew he was out of it.”

Last night Colt tied records, currently held by Ty Detmer since 1991, and would most certainly have broken them if he had not had the wind knocked out of him! Of course, if O'Brien Award - Register and vote for our quarterback for The O'Brien National Quarterback Awardyou wanted to dissect things, it has only taken Brennan 34 games to reach this mark. It took 46 games for the current record holder to set this long-standing record. This is definitely a candidate for many things! So, go ahead and vote for all the awards you can get your hands on!

In addition, ESPN has a place to vote for the Heisman candidate of your choice! If you haven’t been there yet, you really should go! I think our voices will be hard to ignore if we’re “loud” enough. I have to admit to being continuously frustrated by the lack of attention and media coverage the sports “experts” are giving to Brennan compared to what they give the other Heisman candidates. Colt’s stats may be better but he’s got more than just stats to lift him above the rest. He’s “real,” he has a lot of heart and he’s a model for overcoming adversity.

Congratulations, Compliments and an Overdue Correction

UH Logo

Congratulations to the University of Hawaii Warriors on their win this past Saturday evening! Homecoming is always better when you win!Β  We’ve got another bye next week and after that we’ve got four games left.

  • November 10, 2007 – Fresno State (at home)
  • November 16, 2007 – Nevada (at Nevada) ESPN2
  • November 26, 2007 – Boise State (at home) ESPN2
  • December 1, 2007 – Washington (at home) ESPN or ESPN2

I’m excited about their winning streak and I really believe they can make a clean sweep of this season. They are still extremely supportive of each other out there and the stats are piling up for several of the players. Many of the stats that Colt Brennan is carrying have become the numbers to beat, or they soon will be! This season has already become a remarkable one worth celebrating!

So what’s the correction? I have to send out huge apologies to Ryan Grice-Mullen for mis-spelling his name recently on my post about the bye last week. The worst part? I checked it and double-checked it. The Star-Bulletin would know the correct spelling. There’s no way they would spell it wrong! Right? Wrong. Sorry Ryan. The correction has been made.

Going forward, I will take all spellings of athletes’ names directly from the UH website, I promise. Ryan, I cannot apologize enough! I think I’ll do a post about you just to make up for it. Besides, you’re a junior and I get to talk about you all of next year! Hooray! Um, don’t transfer anywhere, okay?!?