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Safeway’s Open Nature Sausage and Tortellini Soup

Safeway’s Logo - Ingredients for Life!I had no idea what to do with fresh asparagus.  Safeway’s website helped me and now I can deal with it without blinking, much.  Every once in a while I peak to see what they’re cooking and I found a really cool recipe that looked good.

Back in March I said I was going to try this after the lenten season was over.  It sounded so good and so easy!  It was easy.  It was good.  It was expensive!

I ignored the recommendations made by the person who posted this and followed the recipe just as it appears on the Safeway site.  The only adjustments that I suggest would be to, first of all, add more broth!  If you keep it overnight, it becomes more like a stew than a soup!   Secondly, sprinkle with a lot of shredded parmesan at serving time.  That parmesan makes the soup!

Safeway’s picture of their Italian soup.

Warning: If you’re going to make this lovely Italian soup, you need to watch for sales!  You actually can buy the ingredients that are not necessarily Safeway’s brand!    They were good ingredients, don’t get me wrong, but they add up very quickly.  I was on a mission and should have paid attention to sales and/or aimed for more bargain brands!

I had to be sure I did not mess up any ingredients so I could report on this recipe fairly and accurately.  Between that and my Safeway loyalty issues, I ended up buying the ingredients exactly as they are listed.  It was darn good soup!

Try it!  You tweak it, and then share your tweaks!  Please?  Those tweaks can certainly include smart buying tips.  I am always open to that!

Be Still My Heart! (I seriously need to get a life.)

With all of the businesses closing around town and in key places like Aloha Tower Marketplace (which we will talk more about a little later), it is always heart-warming to see a new one about to open.

I knew this little place on Bishop Street was under construction but I didn’t know what they would be opening.  My co-workers saw the signs before I did and one of them said, “Evelyn’s gonna be happy!”  Sure enough, they were very right!

A new business is under construction!

Just in case you have not been able to make out the logo on those signs in the window, let me see if I can help you with that… just a little bit.

This is where I say, “Be still my heart!”  What can I say?  You may think that I must be losing it but let me tell you, there were at least two other stunned people who were saying, “7-11?  Right on!”

A new 7-11 in Downtown Honolulu!This is an exciting event for me!  I can’t help it.  This is one of my business favorites!  If you could see my bank account statement, the list of charges would look something like this:

7 Eleven
Longs Drugs
Safeway Store
7 Eleven
Safeway Store
ATM Withdrawal
7 Eleven
Zippy’s Rest
Longs Drugs
Safeway Store
7 Eleven
Fresh Cafe

Well, something like that anyway.  You get the point.  If you work in Downtown Honolulu and did not know about this until now, then you should be excited too!

Finally! Downtown Honolulu has been needing a 7-11 Store for a very, very long time. Life is good!  I already know what I’m going to buy, just because I can!   Work life just got better!

Business or Monkey Business?

I’ve figured out why I grumble so much — because people keep giving me reasons to bitch about stuff!  If you work in a business district, there are a lot of little shops around that carry some of the necessities of the working class.

What happens if something simple happens, like getting a run in your nylons?  You go get another pair — if you can find one!   There are a lot of little places to look.

Pacific Sundries convenience store at Davies Pacific Center

We shop at these places to find things we need or because we’re hungry and they sell little snacks.  If you have a headache, most of them carry little packets of our well-known drugs — Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin and a host of others.  They carry all kinds of things.  Pacific Sundries doesn’t carry nylons anymore.

Bishop Pantry at Pacific Guardian Center

Let’s go across the street.  More convenience, more drinks, and more food.  Some places, like Bishop Pantry, even make sushi for you while you wait!   See?  We’re well cared for because we can’t run home to fix stuff.   But, Bishop Pantry doesn’t sell nylons anymore.

So much for convenience!  I would think that, in a business district, this would be an automatic!  Nope.

No.  Come on now.  No way!  They may not have ladies nylons in a business district, aka pantyhose by Leggs or Hanes, but you better believe they’ve got four or five different kinds of condoms!  You have got to be frickin’ kidding me!  My co-workers thought this was pretty hilarious.  “They carry what sells!”

Checking the shelves and finding the unexpected

Now I’m irritated with these shops and with myself.  I ended up going to the one place I should have gone to in the first place.  A place that’s tried and true, and always dependable — Longs Drugs.  Yeah, they have prophylactics too but they also have pantyhose, dammit!  In addition, they have everything else you will find in a drug store, in a convenience store, and just about anywhere else you might need to go!

Well, ladies, here is my advice:  stick to what you know works!

Downtown Longs Drugs on Bishop and Fort Streets

I went where I should have gone from the beginning!  “Make Longs a part of you day!”  OMG!

Now, About That Tire!

When I told the story about my new cell phone and the horrendous road hazard in Mililani that trashed my tire, I ended the post saying,

What about the car?  What happened to the tire? That will be part four of this long story.  One thing just leads to another!

So, here is Part Four!  I really do need to wrap up this automotive drama some time!  The wonderful photo below shows the lovely hole made in my tire by that curb in the middle of the street.  I told my daughter-in-law that I was going to put her nails on the Internet.

Tire with a gaping hole in it!

Well, maybe it’s time for me to buy a new set of tires for my car anyway.  I was thinking it would be about $200 or so.  Apparently I was living in the dark ages!  I called around and had more people laugh at me than I care to mention.  I called five different places, at least.  They all said that I need to be thinking of at least twice that amount.  At least!

Finally I asked, “What if I only get two tires?”   Two places gave me the same price but there was still one problem.  Trust.  I was still having people issues at that point and not trusting anyone who says they will help me with my car.  Best advice?  Go with who and what you know!

Lex Brodie’s on Queen Street

Lex Brodie’s helped me once before when I was in a bad spot.  This time was no exception.   They made it affordable and they gave me, and my car, the attention that we needed!  They switched my tires around, keeping the best two to go with my two new ones, and they put my spare back where it goes and took care of the disposal of that lovely, destroyed tire.

Receipt for tires that got my car safely back on the road.

I dropped it off in the morning and picked it up after work.  Done.  “Okay,” you say, “they did what they were supposed to do.”  You might be thinking, “that’s their job,” or “it’s what they do!”  Blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, but they did it with their own brand of some much-needed TLC.

Pile of tires waiting for disposal.I looked at the pile of tires and wondered how many stories there were to tell about what happened to them and why.  The stories that tires could tell, oh my!

I did put in a phone call to the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) but I never received a call back.  It’s over now.  I’m okay and so is my car.

Time passes and things happen.  I have even forgiven the D.O.T. because, in case you missed this on the news, when a woman was struck by her own vehicle when trying to stop the thieves from taking it in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble, D.O.T. was there.

I was a witness and it was an emotional experience to be sure — a lot of emotions.  There was fear, worry, shock, concern, sorrow, and of course, ANGER!  When you’re rattled that way, the Honolulu Police Department and the Department of Transportation bring the feeling of safety and help your nerves settle down.

The lady is better now.  Her car has been found but, as far as I know, they have not found the perpetrators yet.  Sigh.  I just went there to get a book!  I said to the other witnesses that it had, “better be the best book I’ve ever read!”

It was a good book, I bought it to link it up with Bloggers Unite and their highlighting of World Suicide Prevention Day.  I thought I was being clever.  I wrote about the book here.  “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher.  Good and fast read.  Not “the best book I’ve ever read” but it was pretty darn good!  I hated the experience of witnessing that accident, but I’m glad I was there for that poor woman.  Mahalo to HPD and D.O.T. for being there and to Barnes & Noble for holding on to what may have been the only copy of that book left on the island.

The Cell Phone Saga

My Phone Came In!

I recently wrote about finding a really cool Sprint store at Mililani Town Center?  My new cell phone came in earlier than expected.  I figured out a way to get there earlier than planned.  I made it and, although my Sprint friend, Matt, wasn’t there, the staff in the store were a big help and fixed me up just fine!

Sprint Store in Mililani Town Center

They hung in and stayed with me until the memory was all mapped over to the new phone and I was comfortable enough with its use to be on my way.  I swear, this is the best Sprint Store ever!  Yeah, yeah, they try to sell you stuff, but they do such a very good job of it!  Their follow-up and follow through was excellent!

I don’t know if anyone remembers but I told you guys that things were going to happen that make me a little bit hissy.  I even mentioned it when I started talking about just wanting to get a haircut at Supercuts.  So, here I was, back at the same shopping center, and here I was heading home, and here is where I am about to get hissy again, or worse!

I did mention that I always get lost in Mililani, didn’t I?  The technology on my new little phone was a bit more advanced than the older one so switching the service over took a little bit longer than planned.  By the time I left the store it was late, dark, and raining.  Needless to say, visibility was minimal.

“Go back the way you came,” I told myself,” and you’ll get right back on the freeway.”  No problem.  Right?  Wrong!

I’m disoriented, I can’t even see my self-created landmarks, and I should have turned but I didn’t!  Or, I did turn and I shouldn’t have.  (Even now, I still really don’t know.)  I’m lost!  I can’t see the street signs through the darkness and rain, so that’s not helping.

“Okay, just keep going downhill and you’ll eventually get back to something familiar.  Then you’ll know where you are.”

Just as I made that decision I ran into something that jolted me out of my seat and scared me to death.  It also totaled my tire!

“Who the hell puts a curb in the middle of the street?!?” 

A concrete curb installed in the middle of Kipapa Drive

There were a few other “choice” words thrown into that sentence but I will spare you that part.  The photo above shows how narrow and winy the path to get around it is I understand why they did it.  I know it was to slow drivers down.  Mililani High School is on one side and a recreation center is on the other so I get it!  But, there is a better way to slow drivers down without putting them in harm’s way or destroying their vehicles.  “You dumb, *&$*%#!”

Uh, let’s see — lights?  Warning signs?  Lights on the median strip?  Anything would have been better than what was there — which was NOTHING!  Yeah, I think I had good cause to be hissy at that point.

Close-up of one of the broken poles

There were little plastic poles on both ends of this nightmare but they were both knocked over.  Gee, ya think maybe a few other people had this problem too???  Check out all of the tire marks seen on these photos of this middle-of-the-street “curb!”  A police officer stopped to be sure I was okay.  Shaken, angry, and a little banged around, but I was fine.  “The main thing is that you’re okay,” he said.  Uh huh, he knew!

Kipapa gulch has such a bad rap because of all the accidents, ghost stories, and urban legends that have shocked people over the years but, I swear, Kipapa Drive is worse!  That’s where this story took place — where Kipapa Drive meets Ikaloa Street.  This thing is such an anomaly it’s even visible on Google maps!  I really think the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) needs a letter, or maybe even a reprimand!  Shall we at least talk about maintenance?  If those stupid, useless poles were supposed to be the markers should they not have fixed them or figured out they needed a better solution?  They’re just lucky that the damage to me personally was nothing more than a shock to my nerves and a bump or two! But I am digressing.

Going back up the road I came down

To continue the story, I’m now alone, in the dark, it’s raining, I don’t know where I am, and there’s a gaping hole in my tire.  Then, to make matters worse, I suddenly have a strange young man telling me he will help me fix my tire if I will give him a ride back to Kalihi.  Hmmm… he wants to get to Kalihi, what is he doing here?  What is he doing walking around Mililani with just a back pack and without any transportation of his own?  Even if I wanted to accept his offer, which I didn’t, my car had no jack and no tire iron.  I guess I never had a reason to look for either one so I never noticed that they were missing.

Man did I miss my little Datsun at that moment.  Datsun was a model of car; it became the brand young people know today as Nissan.  Trust me, I’ve had to explain this to some people younger than I!  Anyway, the tire would have been changed, by me, and I would have been back on the road in less than half an hour.

Mini Kipapa gulch on the side of the road

I do the usual — call my husband and tell him I’m stuck.  Husband finally finds me, he is furious, the strange guy is still hanging around and that makes him even more furious.  The tow truck driver who finally shows up is a lazy young guy who just wanted to tow us somewhere rather than help us change the tire.  He had neither a clue nor any desire to help us.  Loser!

Fortunately, we are in Mililani.  Mililani has a WalMart!  They had both a jack and a tire iron.  We got what we needed and got the darn tire changed.  It Jack and tire iron from WalMartwas no easy task either!  The lug nuts were frozen and not budging.  Even full body weight was not moving them.  Then, finally!  The nuts came lose, we changed the tire and got to the nearest gas station with an air hose before the spare ended up too damaged to get us home. I could go off here about having to PAY for air, but I won’t.  But I’m thinking it!  (That is another thing that makes me hissy!)

Whew!  OMG!  It was actually 2 a.m. before we were safely home and I pulled the blanket up over my head.  After all of that, didn’t I have a reason to be upset?  Even a little bit upset?

Durable Motorola phone from SprintI know technology can be challenging on occasion but all of that for a cell phone?  You have got to wonder if the technology is worth all of that drama!

Aw, poor little phone.  The phone is happy now.  My friend, Coco, and her mother just got back from Serbia and they gave me a pretty little hand-woven pouch — especially for my phone!

Phone with its new hand-made pouch

(Coco is our choir director and she’s actually tired of seeing me pull my phone out of my bra at the most inopportune times.)

What a spoiled little phone!  It has its own blanket!  A hand-made blanket!

What about the car?  What happened to the tire? That will be part four of this long story.  One thing just leads to another!

Drama to be continued…


Town Center of Mililani is the coolest!

Like I said when I found my Supercuts, we just had to investigate this place further!  I made arrangements for Mom and me to check out the new-to-us Town Center of Mililani!  When we first got to this little mall, I heard Chinese drums.  Focus gone!  Everything at that point went out the window.

Lions in training.

“I hear them!  I have to find them!”  I am still licking the psychological wounds from missing all of the Chinese New Year celebrations this year.  Tsk!

The drum and the lions.

It wasn’t difficult to follow the sound.  As it turned out, I didn’t need my $1 bills because these were Chinese Lions-in-training.  We enjoyed listening to their instructor talk to the kids about how their practice will prepare them for the big lions one day soon.  I’ve seen the discipline demonstrated by the keiki studying this art form before in downtown Honolulu.

The art of the lion dance.

It is truly amazing to watch and an excellent way to teach our youth to respect culture, art and, above all, authority!

After that  we decided we were hungry and wanted to walk around to see what kind of food was available.  As luck would have it, and as is so befitting us, we found and ate lunch at Zippy’s.

Busy workers make for a good customer experience.

One of the girls told me that this Zippy’s location has been there about seven years or so.  It looked new and clean and just as busy as any good Zippy’s always is.

Nice and comfortable Zippy’s restaurant.

Of course I had to give them a little grief by asking them for the things that I know darn good and well have been removed from the menu.  I do this just to make a point and show them their error.

“Do you have any mandu?”
“Okay, how about some G2?”
“We don’t have that anymore.”
“I know, I know!  You guys keep taking away all the things I like!”

Of course this is always followed by profuse apologies from them, me telling me that it’s not their fault and that “I have to ask” — just because I keep hoping management will stop removing the stuff I like.  The seafood plate and the scallops were a great loss too!  This is an ongoing issue I have with Zippy’s, not this location.  This was a great Zippy’s with great staff!

First books in two science fiction series.

After getting ourselves full, we went on our first visit to this new little Borders book store.  We found other book enthusiasts there who talked me into getting these two science fiction series starters.

Mom finds a vampire book.

Then as we were turning around, Mom saw this really cool Vampire book that covered a huge amount of vampire history, including Barnabus Collins from the old TV series, Dark Shadows.  Am I dating myself?  Does anyone remember watching this?  My sister and I loved this show and Mom loved Barnubus Collins, the head vampire.  From that to HBO’s True Blood; oh my how times have changed!  This really cool book was dirt cheap so we couldn’t just leave it there on the shelf!

Benches in the sun on a beautiful Hawaiian afternoon

To be fair we have to talk about any negatives we found.  Um, shade?  Lots of benches, but, in the sun?!?  We went in search of the thing that all afternoons like this are made for — ice cream!

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Well, we came close.  We found a yogurt place to take care of that!  We’ll talk more about Menchie’s later.

It was almost time to stroll out of our new find.  There was a grand opening going on with some country music so we had to be nosy.  It was a brand new Sprint Store!  Hey, that’s my cell-phone carrier!  Let’s go look, just for fun.  There was that phone that I’ve been eyeing for a while now.  It’s one that can take my abuse without a problem — it’s a Motorola and it’s made to withstand the military.  With those two criteria, it has a much better chance of surviving me!

New Sprint Store

Because they were just opening, they made me a deal I could not refuse.  Yeah, I ordered that phone and they helped me fix my plan so I could get better service for my buck.  I was happy and looked forward to them calling me as soon as my new phone came in. (Remember that I said that!)

Customer service at this Sprint Store was amazing!  Friendly, patient, and not at all condescending.  I watch for all of that!  Matt sold me on that phone and I trusted that he would work with me the rest of the way until my phone was switched over.

Lots of shops and then some!

All in all I think we had a productive day!  I thought we saw the whole shopping center but I was wrong.  I found this map and, my oh my!   We’re obviously going to have to go back for a few more visits to this place!  I don’t mind!

There’s a grocery list “Just for U!”

Just for U display Just in case you missed it, Hawaii’s Safeway Stores have a new program running — for the time being it is just for Hawai’i residents.  That little red Safeway Club card has just gotten a little bit better!

I’m serious, your Safeway Club card is going to keep track of the products you buy and keep you in the loop when your favorites go on sale or have special promotional pricing.

You don’t have to clip and carry coupons anymore and it’s all personalized and it’s all done with YOU in mind!  Here’s how Safeway explains it:

personalized deals

  • You can get some of the best prices in town with these exclusive deals.
  • Amazing savings on items you buy at Safeway and items you may be picking up at other stores — but now you won’t have to.
  • Unlike coupons, you can use these deals to save again and again.

Once you register with your Club card or phone number, you can go see these exclusive offers online and make a grocery list of your favorites in the comfort of your own home, print it out, put it in your purse or pocket, and off you go!  It’s “your online way to save more in-store.”

Safeway staff help shoppers sign up for the Just for U program

It’s just for Hawai’i at the present time but I’m thinking that we are the guinea pigs for this project.  I’ll take it! I’m happy to take part in it and I’m also happy to share this with everyone!  It is going to be interesting to see just how big this gets and just how fast it spreads across the country!

Leave a comment on this post and be entered to win a $50 Safeway gift card!  

If you leave a comment below, I’ll put your name in our little random drawing to win a $50 gift card, just like the one they’re sending to me!  For this drawing, you DON’T have to be from Hawai’i.  Free groceries!  You can kick start that gift giving early — sign up online and you’ll get a d0zen eggs, for free.

Managers and staff help people understand the benefits of shopping  Just for U

Some of you may have noticed that your shopping receipts at Safeway have been accompanied by coupons for the things you purchase often.  Has this been in the works for a while?  Perhaps.  Are we glad?  Oh yeah!  I am so excited about this — regular readers know how I love food!

Check out Safeway.com, sign up today, and then go check in with your local Safeway ohana and pick up the FREE dozen eggs you can add to your shopping list right after you sign up.

I can already see the evidence of what I regularly buy.  My Tostitos are among the offers.  Pepsi is there — based on the volumes I used to buy for Mom.  I see bananas.

Fresh asparagus in the produce section of Pali Safeway

This is fun!  I wonder if they’ll add asparagus to my list.  I just cooked up my first batch of fresh asparagus last night.  I can guarantee that I will be buying it often — it was so ‘ono!

“Safeway — Ingredients for Life!”  I just had to say that!  Come on!  Talk to us and share your thoughts, so I can put your name in the drawing!!!

Following Supercuts leads to new discoveries

All I wanted was a haircut!  This post starts what will turn out to be a series of articles that shows how easily one thing can lead to another.  It all lead to a lot of drama (so you will “hear” me being hissy at times) but it has also enabled me to talk about a bunch of business relationships that mean more to me now than they did before this all started!

Interior of Nu’uanu Supercuts

As I said, I needed a hair cut.  Here comes hissy fit #1 — I have a thing about my hair and have been irritated by some of the horrible things that the so-called experts have done to it over time.  I have found one person, the only person, which I trust to cut my hair.  Her name is Deloris; she works for Supercuts.  My hair likes her, it grows better after seeing her, and she doesn’t rip, tease, or strip the poor thing — she just washes, conditions, and cuts.  Simple!

Nu’uanu Supercuts

Deloris was working at the Nu’uanu Supercuts.  She moved.  See, Walgreens is reportedly moving into the little shopping center known to us as Nu’uanu Shopping Plaza so it’s only a matter of time before we lose all of the little shops and businesses there.  As a matter of principle, I will probably never shop at that location.  I guess I have to call this hissy fit #2!  This is just my personal boycott — I haven’t been in any Walgreens since they moved to Hawai’i, and maybe I never will after having them over run Nu’uanu Shopping Plaza.

Nu’uanu Shopping Plaza sign

Give me a break, Longs Drugs is less than a mile away in one direction and slightly over a mile in the other direction!  We lost Huckleberry Farms (my favorite health food store) for Walgreens?!?  These Walgreens people can paint their walls green all they want, but it won’t be with any of my money!  Huckleberry Farm is gone.  Hungry lion is gone.  TCBY Yogurt is gone.  The remaining few will probably all be going too.

Okay, back to the hair.  Now, a lot of people have that one person that cuts and/or styles their hair and they refuse to go to any other.  Those who can relate to this know I would have to find my Deloris!  Where did she go?!?  Nu’uanu Supercuts said she went to the Supercuts in Mililani.  “Where?!?  Do you have a phone number?”  I got the phone number, called it and got Deloris herself on the phone.  Whew!  “Where are you?  But I always get lost in Mililani!”  She gave me directions and told me it was easy.  Uh huh. Okay, I found it.  Landmark = Ruby Tuesday.  I’ve been there, I can find it.

Supercuts, Mililani Newtown Center

I found it — right between Genki Ramen and Subway.  I found Deloris.  I got my hair cut.  I feel better about that Mililani drive. This location of Supercuts is clean, comfortable, and so very familiar.  Ahhhhh, I’m content.  Leaving Supercuts I glance at the stores across the way — “Gasp!”  There’s a Borders!”  I suddenly like this shopping center a lot!

Mom and I will have to make a day of this place to check it out more thoroughly!  Town Center of Mililani is our newest place to peruse.  This completes the opening of the series of posts to follow soon.

A Little Lenten Aloha

Phoenix Palms found at Home Depot in IwileiLent has been quite a struggle this year.  Many of us have been sick, Mom spent time in the hospital again, taxes are still looming around, and there is a multitude of life’s other dramas rearing their ugly heads.

Sometime back (a few years ago) I took it upon myself to put the palm leaves together for Church, to be blessed and shared with the faithful on Palm Sunday.  Because I live in a condo, palm leaves are not always easy to come by.  You would think that, since we live in Hawai’i, finding those palms would be simple. Right? Not necessarily.

To avoid “borrowing” branches and leaves off the side of the road, or worse, every year I buy a couple of little trees from one garden shop or another.  I take the little guys outside to my car, cut off the bulk of leaves, and then take the newly-sheared plants back into the store I got them from — so they can give them away to another customer who might like some free plants!  You should see the looks I get!

This year, even buying these little trees was a problem.  The ones I found were, to put it kindly, sort of scrubby looking.  I finally resigned myself to a couple of Phoenix Palms that were for sale at Home Depot in Iwilei.  While telling the cashier about my annual palm activity she looked a little puzzled.  The conversation went something like this:

“That’s all you want, just the leaves?”

“That’s it,” I replied. “I’ll bring them back and you can give them to whoever wants ’em.”

“Oooh, I would like those!” she said, actually taking an interest in the conversation.

“Are you serious?”  I asked, a little amused.  She nodded eagerly and I couldn’t help but smile at her.  “Then they’re yours!  I’ll be right back.”

The way she said it was so sweet and so sincere.  She didn’t think I was coming back.  Yeah, you got it, she took them home.  They were pretty bald but she was so happy to have them and thanked me for the gift. I gave her a hug and wished her a Happy Easter.  As I confirmed that she had a copy of the receipt so her employer wouldn’t accuse her of stealing, she still seemed incredulous.

Palms and pussy willows for Palm SundayTo lighten things up a little I grinned at her and said, “I’ll come see you next year to cut their branches off!”  She giggled and said she would let me know.  I needed that fun experience.  Just a moment of sharing a giving moment with a stranger who appreciated it — lent, and my life, go just a little bit better.  Seems odd?  I think so too.  I couldn’t help but want to share it here.

The picture on the right is what they became.  Since I attend a Russian Orthodox Church, it is tradition to include pussy willows because Russia has no palms.  At this time of year, the flora most in bloom in Russia is pussy willows — they grow even when snow still covers the ground!  So, we take palm leaves, some stalks of pussy willows, and tie them with a bow to be blessed!  That way we take advantage of both tradition and Tradition.

Do we grow pussy willows here?  Uh, not that I know of!  Watanabe Floral always takes care of that for me, and other floral needs, every year.  I also got the bows from them — and very beautiful bows they were!

Aloha spirit all around?  You bet!  Sending a huge mahalo out to Home Depot for hiring the right people and to Watanabe Floral for what they provide and for having the best staff that tolerate me, even when I’m horrid and grouchy!  Of course, flowers do tend to put us in a better mood.  🙂

“If Getting a Tattoo Doesn’t Make You Feel Alive……

neontattoosign0000.jpg…you’re probably dead!”  That statement is not necessarily my point of view but I will share it here nonetheless.

This slogan appears on the up and coming website of one of Kapolei’s new businesses — Momentum Tattoo.  Saturday, December 12, 2009 was their grand opening and I’m happy to be one of the first to welcome them to O’ahu’s second city.

This was good timing to follow the Toys for Tots motorcycle run!  Well, sort of.  It was even better timing for this grand opening that took place on the same day that Kapolei Shopping Center was having a sidewalk sale.  Momentum Tattoo is a full-service location, that offers a full spectrum of tattoos including tribals, sleeves, and whatever else you may ask for, in either color or black and white.

Being the usual cootie-phobic, personal-hygiene fuss budget that I am, I looked at their darling girl behind the counter and one of the first questions out of my mouth was, “Are you clean?”  Blunt.  While that may not be the nicest question to ask a new shop, I’m pretty sure that, considering their line of business, they expect to eventually have that one thrown at them — more than once!

The answer was yes, they are.  In fact, they just got their “stamp of approval” from the Board of Health!  Beyond that, the shop is fresh, clean, and off to a very good start.  As I was informed with a smile, this is the only one of its kind in Kapolei.


Only open for a few hours at this point, curiosity had already peaked the interest of shoppers in the Kapolei Shopping Center, self included.  Such pretty colors!  I did have to close my eyes to some of the designs but such is the nature of this kind of body art.


This may be just a temporary sign but it provided all of the necessary information!  Kudos and thank you, Sunny, for fielding my pointed questions and for keeping such a positive attitude.  That added personal comfort and the warm greetings that met us at the door will take this business a long way for sure!

If you’re skin is screaming for decoration, go check ’em out!  “No shame” ask about their equipment and sanitation practices either — they will answer you.

Momentum Tattoo (Custom Tattoos)
Kapolei Shopping Center (a little ways West from Blockbuster)