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It was a bloody affair!

I got a little too up-close and personal with an associate whom I have been working closely with for many years.  After all this time I had become accustomed to walking all over this guy, but, with this affair, I shed blood, sweat, and tears all over Mr. Asphalt.

Slice above the eyebrow soon after it happened.

Already starting to bruise and the veins near the temple tell of the stress.

Cell phones, being what they are, don’t always take the best pictures but I was so freaked by the volume of blood (one spattered shirt, three paper towels and we are still dripping) I had to see what it looked like.  My mind kept thinking, “What is it that’s freaking people out?  Why is it still bleeding?”

They told me not to walk because of my bursitis.  Alright, I got it already!  This is what happens when you do not listen!  I could walk to Kaiser’s Honolulu clinic.  “No, bitch, you will not!”  (I’m mean to myself at times like this.)  Calling a cab will be cheap because it’s so close!  Duh!  It’s such a breeze to call 422-2222…  Pick me up!

Quick humor:  The first cab missed me, or he avoided me because, man did I look like a scary street person!  What cab driver wants to pick up a sweaty person all covered in blood?  I wouldn’t!

As I was waiting for the replacement cab, I was standing in the sun and shivering — uh, shock?  Not going to call the husband and have him yell at me!  I’ll just fix it.  Well, Kaiser will fix it.  Such lovely stitchery!

Mahalo to Kaiser’s Urgent Care on Pensacola Street for helping me “pull” things together!  Mahalo to The CAB for getting me there — even if I did look scary!

Bruised but nicely stitched.

Three days later I thought it would be fun to share the progress of my self-destruction.  I swear, women will stop at nothing to get a face lift!  I can laugh at it now but I have to admit to a bit of fear that, hopefully, will pass with a bit more time.  Pain will do that to a person.

It still shakes me up to walk by the area where this all happened.  I’m sure the memory will eventually numb with the rest of the whole incident.  In time.

The look after stitches have been removed.

It does seem to be taking forever for that bruise, aka black eye, to melt away.  I must say, those shades of green and brown are really not at all attractive.  As I’m writing this, about sixteen days later, my bruise is down to a sliver — still there but almost gone.  The impact was obviously much harder than I wanted to admit.  The fall started from a slightly elevated place before hitting the ground so I guess that’s to be expected.  Sigh.

Lessons to be learned: Walk softly, never take nature for granted, be sure to always carry a lot of paper towels, do not forget your cell phone, and for goodness sake, be careful with whom you decide to have an affair!

Getting a safety check is easy, right?

You’re not half as tired of reading about my car as I am of writing about it, or paying for it!  But, I have a few reasons for telling you this one so just bear with me.  I needed a safety check.  No problem, right?  Right blinker, left blinker, wipers, horn, etc.  They all work, “here’s you sticker.”   That’s how it usually goes, right?  Wrong!

It’s not that easy when the safety check is done correctly.  Apparently, what I just described is how some not-so-thorough businesses have managed to get themselves shut down — they have not been abiding by the rules.  I honestly didn’t know there was supposed to be more than blinkers and horns, etc.

See, I thought I would go to my Flagship friends because they have been so good to me.  It’s just a few dollars for a safety check but I want to support my favorite businesses when I can.  So, off we go to Waipio!

My too efficient friends are here at Waipio Flagship.

How was I supposed to know they are so damn efficient and anally accurate???  After two hours (they were busy) I was beginning to get mildly irritated.  Thoughts like, “Just gimme my sticker!” were running through my head.  Nope, not doing it.

They were looking under the hood, which I thought was strange, so I asked them, “What’s the problem?  You guys are making me nervous.”  Apparently my battery wasn’t tied down firmly because the tray it sits on was broken.  So? What does that have to do with anything?  I’m thinking: “What’s it to you?!?”  I did say, “You’re kidding, right?”  Then I got the scare tactic, albeit probably accurate.  Again with the accurate.

“You know those car fires on the freeway you hear about?”


“80% of the time those are probably because of the battery.”

He continued about sparks blah, blah, and unstable batteries, etc., etc.  Okay, okay, I get it.  “If I go get the tray will you guys put it on for me?”  Sure, they would do that.  Off I go to Checkers Auto Parts to get one.  When I asked for the tray the guy behind the counter grinned and asked, “Safety check time?”  Ahhh, this is not new.  New to me, but not new.

Back to Flagship with the tray and yet more waiting time.  Soon I was informed that the tray would not fit.  What?!?  The original tray has a funky shape so the generic tray wouldn’t fit.  Flagship gave me a temporary safety check — they were not going to let go of the sticker.  My car wasn’t “safe.”

Next step, call Toyota and ask if they have a battery tray for a 1992, blah, blah, blah.  “We don’t have any of those.”  A loud buzzer sounds in my head — WRONG ANSWER!  In typical Toyota fashion, this was a specialty item for a car that thinks it’s special.  She’s a brat!  What can I say?  Next move, call the junk yards.  After three junk yards I was out of luck and thoroughly disgusted.

This is an entire day gone — a day I will never get back!  A day wasted on a frickin’ safety check.  I just want to go home!  Stupid battery!  Flagship had to charge it for me at least two, maybe three, times because it kept going dead.

Wait, about that commercial — battery, battery, Battery Bill!  If they can’t fix it, nobody can!  They did.  That battery is not moving anymore.  At all!  This is why commercials with jingles are essential.  Okay, now I’ll go back on Saturday and get my permanent sticker.

Saturday morning comes and, “What do you mean you’re out of stickers?”  Apparently everybody else wanted their safety checks from them too.  What’s that?  Kapolei had no stickers or safety check person on deck.  “But our Wahiawa location has stickers.”  Wahiawa? I don’t know Wahiawa.  I’ll get lost.

I found it.  Apparently, it seemed, Waipio had already called them and given them the heads up.

The Wahiawa location of Flagship FastLube

You can’t say they are in the boonies.  They are in Wahiawa.  You can say that Wahiawa is in the boonies!  I have to admit that it was peaceful and very laid back there.

Another little building is the Customer Lounge!

This location was definitely big on customer comfort!  This customer lounge was air conditioned.

Inside the Wahiawa Flagship’s Customer Lounge

There were tall bar-stool-type chairs.

Coffee bar inside the Customer Lounge

There was coffee, a microwave, and a telephone — what else do you need?  I could get comfortable here! I didn’t need to get comfortable.  I got my sticker!

Check your battery trays, please!  Make sure those batteries are secure!  If you got your sticker and your battery is moving all over the place, you might want to think about changing establishments.  Be safe!

I will have NO MORE CAR PROBLEMS until next October! If I do, I just won’t tell you guys about it.  I’m not going to tell you that the front bumper of my car fell off.  Well, unless it leads to something interesting.

Kudos to Waipio Flagship FastLube for being fuss budgets about the Safety Check rules!  I can say that now — now that I’m done being irritated.  After all my annoyance it dawned on me that they may have saved my life.  Did I say that Flagship is a great place to take your car?  But, they’re still not on Facebook.

I made it to Wahiawa and got my sticker.  I was also able to get over and see something that I have been waiting to get to for quite some time.  But, that’s for another post.  A shorter one.  Coming Soon! 

Now, About That Tire!

When I told the story about my new cell phone and the horrendous road hazard in Mililani that trashed my tire, I ended the post saying,

What about the car?  What happened to the tire? That will be part four of this long story.  One thing just leads to another!

So, here is Part Four!  I really do need to wrap up this automotive drama some time!  The wonderful photo below shows the lovely hole made in my tire by that curb in the middle of the street.  I told my daughter-in-law that I was going to put her nails on the Internet.

Tire with a gaping hole in it!

Well, maybe it’s time for me to buy a new set of tires for my car anyway.  I was thinking it would be about $200 or so.  Apparently I was living in the dark ages!  I called around and had more people laugh at me than I care to mention.  I called five different places, at least.  They all said that I need to be thinking of at least twice that amount.  At least!

Finally I asked, “What if I only get two tires?”   Two places gave me the same price but there was still one problem.  Trust.  I was still having people issues at that point and not trusting anyone who says they will help me with my car.  Best advice?  Go with who and what you know!

Lex Brodie’s on Queen Street

Lex Brodie’s helped me once before when I was in a bad spot.  This time was no exception.   They made it affordable and they gave me, and my car, the attention that we needed!  They switched my tires around, keeping the best two to go with my two new ones, and they put my spare back where it goes and took care of the disposal of that lovely, destroyed tire.

Receipt for tires that got my car safely back on the road.

I dropped it off in the morning and picked it up after work.  Done.  “Okay,” you say, “they did what they were supposed to do.”  You might be thinking, “that’s their job,” or “it’s what they do!”  Blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, but they did it with their own brand of some much-needed TLC.

Pile of tires waiting for disposal.I looked at the pile of tires and wondered how many stories there were to tell about what happened to them and why.  The stories that tires could tell, oh my!

I did put in a phone call to the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) but I never received a call back.  It’s over now.  I’m okay and so is my car.

Time passes and things happen.  I have even forgiven the D.O.T. because, in case you missed this on the news, when a woman was struck by her own vehicle when trying to stop the thieves from taking it in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble, D.O.T. was there.

I was a witness and it was an emotional experience to be sure — a lot of emotions.  There was fear, worry, shock, concern, sorrow, and of course, ANGER!  When you’re rattled that way, the Honolulu Police Department and the Department of Transportation bring the feeling of safety and help your nerves settle down.

The lady is better now.  Her car has been found but, as far as I know, they have not found the perpetrators yet.  Sigh.  I just went there to get a book!  I said to the other witnesses that it had, “better be the best book I’ve ever read!”

It was a good book, I bought it to link it up with Bloggers Unite and their highlighting of World Suicide Prevention Day.  I thought I was being clever.  I wrote about the book here.  “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher.  Good and fast read.  Not “the best book I’ve ever read” but it was pretty darn good!  I hated the experience of witnessing that accident, but I’m glad I was there for that poor woman.  Mahalo to HPD and D.O.T. for being there and to Barnes & Noble for holding on to what may have been the only copy of that book left on the island.

The Cell Phone Saga

My Phone Came In!

I recently wrote about finding a really cool Sprint store at Mililani Town Center?  My new cell phone came in earlier than expected.  I figured out a way to get there earlier than planned.  I made it and, although my Sprint friend, Matt, wasn’t there, the staff in the store were a big help and fixed me up just fine!

Sprint Store in Mililani Town Center

They hung in and stayed with me until the memory was all mapped over to the new phone and I was comfortable enough with its use to be on my way.  I swear, this is the best Sprint Store ever!  Yeah, yeah, they try to sell you stuff, but they do such a very good job of it!  Their follow-up and follow through was excellent!

I don’t know if anyone remembers but I told you guys that things were going to happen that make me a little bit hissy.  I even mentioned it when I started talking about just wanting to get a haircut at Supercuts.  So, here I was, back at the same shopping center, and here I was heading home, and here is where I am about to get hissy again, or worse!

I did mention that I always get lost in Mililani, didn’t I?  The technology on my new little phone was a bit more advanced than the older one so switching the service over took a little bit longer than planned.  By the time I left the store it was late, dark, and raining.  Needless to say, visibility was minimal.

“Go back the way you came,” I told myself,” and you’ll get right back on the freeway.”  No problem.  Right?  Wrong!

I’m disoriented, I can’t even see my self-created landmarks, and I should have turned but I didn’t!  Or, I did turn and I shouldn’t have.  (Even now, I still really don’t know.)  I’m lost!  I can’t see the street signs through the darkness and rain, so that’s not helping.

“Okay, just keep going downhill and you’ll eventually get back to something familiar.  Then you’ll know where you are.”

Just as I made that decision I ran into something that jolted me out of my seat and scared me to death.  It also totaled my tire!

“Who the hell puts a curb in the middle of the street?!?” 

A concrete curb installed in the middle of Kipapa Drive

There were a few other “choice” words thrown into that sentence but I will spare you that part.  The photo above shows how narrow and winy the path to get around it is I understand why they did it.  I know it was to slow drivers down.  Mililani High School is on one side and a recreation center is on the other so I get it!  But, there is a better way to slow drivers down without putting them in harm’s way or destroying their vehicles.  “You dumb, *&$*%#!”

Uh, let’s see — lights?  Warning signs?  Lights on the median strip?  Anything would have been better than what was there — which was NOTHING!  Yeah, I think I had good cause to be hissy at that point.

Close-up of one of the broken poles

There were little plastic poles on both ends of this nightmare but they were both knocked over.  Gee, ya think maybe a few other people had this problem too???  Check out all of the tire marks seen on these photos of this middle-of-the-street “curb!”  A police officer stopped to be sure I was okay.  Shaken, angry, and a little banged around, but I was fine.  “The main thing is that you’re okay,” he said.  Uh huh, he knew!

Kipapa gulch has such a bad rap because of all the accidents, ghost stories, and urban legends that have shocked people over the years but, I swear, Kipapa Drive is worse!  That’s where this story took place — where Kipapa Drive meets Ikaloa Street.  This thing is such an anomaly it’s even visible on Google maps!  I really think the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) needs a letter, or maybe even a reprimand!  Shall we at least talk about maintenance?  If those stupid, useless poles were supposed to be the markers should they not have fixed them or figured out they needed a better solution?  They’re just lucky that the damage to me personally was nothing more than a shock to my nerves and a bump or two! But I am digressing.

Going back up the road I came down

To continue the story, I’m now alone, in the dark, it’s raining, I don’t know where I am, and there’s a gaping hole in my tire.  Then, to make matters worse, I suddenly have a strange young man telling me he will help me fix my tire if I will give him a ride back to Kalihi.  Hmmm… he wants to get to Kalihi, what is he doing here?  What is he doing walking around Mililani with just a back pack and without any transportation of his own?  Even if I wanted to accept his offer, which I didn’t, my car had no jack and no tire iron.  I guess I never had a reason to look for either one so I never noticed that they were missing.

Man did I miss my little Datsun at that moment.  Datsun was a model of car; it became the brand young people know today as Nissan.  Trust me, I’ve had to explain this to some people younger than I!  Anyway, the tire would have been changed, by me, and I would have been back on the road in less than half an hour.

Mini Kipapa gulch on the side of the road

I do the usual — call my husband and tell him I’m stuck.  Husband finally finds me, he is furious, the strange guy is still hanging around and that makes him even more furious.  The tow truck driver who finally shows up is a lazy young guy who just wanted to tow us somewhere rather than help us change the tire.  He had neither a clue nor any desire to help us.  Loser!

Fortunately, we are in Mililani.  Mililani has a WalMart!  They had both a jack and a tire iron.  We got what we needed and got the darn tire changed.  It Jack and tire iron from WalMartwas no easy task either!  The lug nuts were frozen and not budging.  Even full body weight was not moving them.  Then, finally!  The nuts came lose, we changed the tire and got to the nearest gas station with an air hose before the spare ended up too damaged to get us home. I could go off here about having to PAY for air, but I won’t.  But I’m thinking it!  (That is another thing that makes me hissy!)

Whew!  OMG!  It was actually 2 a.m. before we were safely home and I pulled the blanket up over my head.  After all of that, didn’t I have a reason to be upset?  Even a little bit upset?

Durable Motorola phone from SprintI know technology can be challenging on occasion but all of that for a cell phone?  You have got to wonder if the technology is worth all of that drama!

Aw, poor little phone.  The phone is happy now.  My friend, Coco, and her mother just got back from Serbia and they gave me a pretty little hand-woven pouch — especially for my phone!

Phone with its new hand-made pouch

(Coco is our choir director and she’s actually tired of seeing me pull my phone out of my bra at the most inopportune times.)

What a spoiled little phone!  It has its own blanket!  A hand-made blanket!

What about the car?  What happened to the tire? That will be part four of this long story.  One thing just leads to another!

Drama to be continued…


May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!

I’m all for supporting a Motorcycle Awareness Month! I saw this announcement in an article about riding on the mainland so I had to find out, “Hey, what about us?”  This doesn’t mean that our local news channels haven’t said anything; it just means that I haven’t heard it.  Apparently, it is also bike (bicycle) month.  The news has spoken about that and a school’s poster contest called, “Make it Safe for Me.”  I like that!

If I wasn’t such a coward I would ride a motorcycle.  But, I also suffer from road rage and a need for anger management so it would be a very bad idea!  We had thirty (30) motorcycle fatalities last year and there were 5,290 fatalities Nationwide in 2008!

Toys 4 Tots motorcycle gathering

In 2007 and 2008 the numbers were horrid, probably because so many people have turned to this more gas-efficient mode of transportation.  More people riding motorcycles means that more motorcycle accidents are likely to happen.

Regular readers know how I whine about biker safety, all of the time.  We had another fatality earlier this week.  I don’t know what the accident total is so far this year but as this is being written, I kid you not; the morning traffic report is talking about a bike down on the windward side of O’ahu.  “Hello?!?  You’ve got to be kidding me!” It says they are clearing it up so I’m going to guess that it was not a fatality.  Thank goodness!

Share the Road!

It’s important to make all two-wheelers safe — be they bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles.  I’ve actually found myself positioning my car behind bikers on the freeway to protect them from oblivious drivers.  Obviously I’m not the only one.

I Brake for Bikers!

That way they will have the distance they need, and a protective driver will be able to hit the brakes if the need should arise — a buffer of sorts.  “Rear end my car, not a biker.”  I may end up with a nice rear-end smash, but a biker would end up dead.  Simple.  “Look twice, save a life!”  Love those bumper stickers.  Click on the photos and check out these sites.  Pick up a couple for your car to remind your fellow drivers.  It’s Motorcycle Awareness Month!

Staying Far from the Shoreline

While listening to the tsunami warnings this morning and the boat harbors asking boat owners to move their vessels out into deeper water, I couldn’t help but think about “my boat.”  What happens to the Falls of Clyde when a threat like this one comes over the Civil Defense and other warning systems?

Relatively recently I received an email message about the Falls of Clyde with this YouTube video.  I cried.  Of course.  I almost started again while making sure this link worked.  The video kind of shows what many people wanted to have happen to the Falls before the Friends of the Falls of Clyde stepped up to stop it.

I’ve been thinking about sharing this here but there is nothing like the threat of a tidal wave to get someone to their keyboard.  Still listening to the news and all of the closed City parks, shopping malls, and golf courses, etc., I’m more worried about the sea vessels getting bashed.

Hmmm… a tsunami moves at the speed of a jet.  It’s scheduled to hit the Big Island of Hawai’i at about 11:05 this morning, February 27, 2010, and the rest of the islands in succession after that.  Hilo Bay is going to be the lucky recipient of this “event.”

Standing by and worrying about how it will all pan out.

Updated 03/01/2010 – No impact.  Civil Defense did a good job.  Local media stayed on top of the crisis and kept us informed from start to finish.  No panic.  There was just a lot of people doing what they felt needed to be done.

Now that Hawai’i is in the clear, I can’t help but think about poor Chile.  Google offers some ways to help if you can.

Politics and Vog are Equally Cloudy

I can’t help but be confused when I listen to and watch some of the strange things that our Country’s administrators, or potential administrators, are doing and saying.  Forgive me but I just have to shake my head at some of this stuff.

Who Makes These Rules? 

My indignation all started just before New Years when a potential walking disaster boarded an airplane on one of our airlines.  It’s safe to say that many of us were left wondering how that happened.

Howard Dicus has always seemed to have a great amount of aloha for airplanes and the airlines.  I love his ability to always put an intelligent yet un-lofty spin on things.  This article about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the aforementioned walking disaster) was no exception.

I wrote this post a couple of years ago and at the end of it you can see that I really do have a great respect and admiration for our Department of Homeland Security but, who is this woman?!? Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, said,

“…putting him on the list required specific derogatory information that was not available.”

What the *BLEEP*?!?  Hello?!?  Woman, information like you received has got to be enough to issue at least a warning and put this person on the watch list, or something!  Were you on vacation in September, 2001?  One would like to think that it is a better thing to er on the side of security overkill!  Don’t ya think? We can stop Joan Rivers from boarding a plane, but not a potential loose cannon?  Oh, wait, that was a Costa Rican airport.  Sigh.

Oh well, I guess that the Department of Homeland Security will not be hiring me anytime soon — scratch that Federal job!

This next news story made me wonder.  Sarah Palin must like the camera.  Instead of running for office, she is moving from politics to the media.  I’m sure she’ll be very good at this job with Fox and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what she does with it!  I guess that takes her out of the Presidential pool.  Doesn’t it?

It was not my intention to give so much link love to Yahoo! but they just happened to have some good write-ups that helped me make my points. Thanks, Yahoo!, for the good content.

Things are equally foggy voggy here at home.  On Sunday we couldn’t really tell if we had rain clouds, vog, or a little bit of both.  It has been that way for quite a while as you will see below.

Last, and probably the least of my cloudy curiosity, I have to share this picture and warn readers that what follows is purely speculation on my part.  Hey, I’m a blogger who must have pictures and this one was worth a thousand words!  (Okay, so maybe it only gets about a hundred words.)

Low flying helicopter obviously looking for… something.

Keep in mind that my paranoid brain was working overtime.  Taken on the west side of O’ahu, this picture shows some rather strange behavior going on several days before the First Family even arrived in Honolulu (yes, that thought did cross my mind).  It just seemed odd to me that a helicopter would hover so low to the ground (I was sitting in my car when I took this).  Looking for hit men?  Snipers?  Escapees?  Drug dealers?  The area was curiously void of homeless people so it got me thinking that maybe they cleared the area.  I don’t even know if that was a military ‘copter, there was too much vog as you can see.  It was just weird.

Maybe I need Sudafed to uncloud my brain.

Worry Still Lingers

This post has been pending for a while now.  It was put it on the back burner for a variety of reasons but this past Monday (I think it was Monday) one more fatality brought it right back up, front and center!

A couple of Sundays ago, a young woman riding a motorcycle in Waialua lost control of the bike, hit the guardrail, and was pronounced dead at the scene.  She was only 27 years old!  Her passenger was 23 and, while injured, survived the crash.  Apparently it’s not uncommon for a passenger to be thrown clear and suffer little or no injury.

Blue motorcycle at 2007 bike show

People who have cruised through this blog from time to time know that I am a big proponent of motorcycle safety.   The media reports on the fatality rates on our roadways.  I have seen a variety of numbers reported but one of the reports said that this was already the 7th one this year, on Oahu, which matches the total of all of those that happened in 2008.  HPD said that the motorcycle accident at the end of February was the 17th but that may have been traffic fatalities in total, not just motorcycle-related accidents.   No matter how you look at it, it’s just way too many!

If you’re a biker, I know you guys want to just brush me off but, guess what?  I’m not the only one!  Listen to the words from some of your own!  Am I wrong?  Still think I’m over-reacting?

I’ve been telling myself that I’m becoming my mother — I worry too much about people’s safety.  With no biological children of my own, I guess I have a deep-seated, maternal need to adopt all of our Oahu ohana who constantly put themselves at risk.  I worry about all of the things that any good mother would worry about — the risks involved with dangerous locations, dangerous equipment with sharp blades, and all dangerously fast-moving vehicles with a bad rap.

The fear of accidents and the heavy grief over the loss of a friend or loved one would be unbearable.  It doesn’t happen often but when it’s someone you know, once is already too much.  The lu’ulu’u (heavy grief) caused by a tragedy like this lingers over the community for several days and is hard to shake off, especially when you have friends and family who share the same hobby.  The danger is something that mothers and spouses have to deal with and/or shake off every time their loved ones step outside the door.

Sunrise River Wild Boar Hunting Knife Model 503 Another one that is not usually on my radar of concern, is another favorite pastime that I had forgotten about. Factor in another relatively-recent incident and this particular activity moves right back to the forefront.  Granted, this was a truly unfortunate case of po’ino (hard luck or peril) that caused this tragedy.  I guess technology makes things more dangerous now.  Mahalo to KITV4 for keeping that link active for us.

We have several hunters on the island (responsible ones who don’t kill other people’s pets; don’t even let me get started on that one again) who hunt pigs, goats, deer (on the Big Island), etc. using a variety of techniques.  I’ve lost friends because of accidents in the mountain so I can speak with a little bit of authority on this.

Yes, I do worry about animal rights and , were it not for the destruction done to the environment by these non-indigenous characters, I would be screaming about their slaughter.  Don’t worry, the photo of this charming little guy was actually borrowed from a photographer who took this in India.  It’s illegal to kill the pigs there.  They are necessary to that ecosystem (destructive of ours).

Wild boar in India

To avoid sharing a bloody photo, I got permission from Flickr.com member, zedaxis22, to borrow this wonderful photo of this wild boar.  If I had not told you this photo was taken in India, you never would have known the difference.  I didn’t! Thank you, zedaxis22, I’m glad that this little guy is in India because I would hate to see anything happen to a fine creature like that.

With the exception of the wild animals and the choice of equipment, this past time would be no more dangerous than hiking, right?  Wrong.  The problem is, there are so many other factors to consider.  Hunters consistently step off any paths or trails created for hikers.  They need to go where their targets go, which is usually anywhere but the marked trails.

In short, I’m sending strong urgings to friends and family who are passionate about their favorite pastimes:  please use caution, please make good decisions, and please remember your loved ones before you take those dangerous steps.

Strong urgings to drivers:  “Look Twice, Save a Life.  Motorcycles are Everywhere.”  This is especially true now that gas prices have made us think about our methods of transportation.

Drive smart, ride smart, and play smart!