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We’re Baa-ack!

Staring up at a palm tree makes you dizzy.To anyone who has tried to visit recently, I am so very sorry! My blog’s version of WordPress (WordPress.org) was so badly outdated that when my darling ISP flipped a security switch, Homespun Honolulu was suddenly deprecated into oblivion! OMG, there were error messages everywhere!

Interesting word — deprecate.

dep·re·cate (dpr-kt)
tr.v. de·pre·cat·ed, de·pre·cat·ing, de·pre·cates
1. To express disapproval of; deplore.
2. To belittle; depreciate.
3. Computer Science To mark (a component of a software standard) as obsolete to warn against its use in the future so that it may be phased out.

Based on the way I felt when I realized this dilemma, any one of those three definitions would have fit quite nicely! But, since the third one is the most appropriate, I guess we will just go with that one.

I did not do the original framework for this blog when it started some five-plus years ago. Jon Symons, whom I will now call my Canadian friend, formerly of Home Turf Media, has since moved on to bigger and better things! Now the President of Jigsaw Online Media Inc., he is a little too busy these days to deal with such things as deprecated blogs. As luck would have it, Jon in Canada was kind enough to steer me in the direction of a nice gentleman in the UK to help me! Keep in mind that I’m in Honolulu. My ISP is in Arizona, I think. Time difference? You betcha!

I need to send out a huge “Mahalo!” to Jon Symons for starting me out so long ago and for continuing to help keep me active. Jon referred me to this very akamai (smart) and cool new friend, Simon Glover, in the UK.

Simon (aka SiMatt — long story) was just who I needed and he was a blogger’s miracle to be sure! Brilliant! Thank you so very much, Mr. Glover, 🙂 for having the patience and the know-how to deal with all of this! I would have pulled out all of my hair in frustration and I was already out of tears over it all.

Last but certainly not least, I have to send out a very warm “Aloha & Mahalo!” to GoDaddy.com, my darling ISP, who had to endure phone call after phone call from me to deal with all of this. They flipped the switch, yes, but I could not get mad at them for protecting all of their customers from hackers and other potential security issues.

“Fine! Help me fix it!” They did. GoDaddy.com staff went beyond the call time and time again, trust me, to help me help Simon to get this fixed! GoDaddy is the cream of the crop for me. That is why they are on the sidebar!

Let’s see, we went bouncing around from Honolulu to Canada to England to Arizona and back to Honolulu. I think I can safely say that Homespun Honolulu has done its best, albeit not successfully, to go global! 🙂

Now Homespun needs a “facelift” and I sincerely hope my new friend, SiMatt in England, will continue to assist me for at least a little while longer. I can feel a blog carnival on the horizon gang! Start thinking of your Hawaii stories that you want to share! 🙂

It was a bloody affair!

I got a little too up-close and personal with an associate whom I have been working closely with for many years.  After all this time I had become accustomed to walking all over this guy, but, with this affair, I shed blood, sweat, and tears all over Mr. Asphalt.

Slice above the eyebrow soon after it happened.

Already starting to bruise and the veins near the temple tell of the stress.

Cell phones, being what they are, don’t always take the best pictures but I was so freaked by the volume of blood (one spattered shirt, three paper towels and we are still dripping) I had to see what it looked like.  My mind kept thinking, “What is it that’s freaking people out?  Why is it still bleeding?”

They told me not to walk because of my bursitis.  Alright, I got it already!  This is what happens when you do not listen!  I could walk to Kaiser’s Honolulu clinic.  “No, bitch, you will not!”  (I’m mean to myself at times like this.)  Calling a cab will be cheap because it’s so close!  Duh!  It’s such a breeze to call 422-2222…  Pick me up!

Quick humor:  The first cab missed me, or he avoided me because, man did I look like a scary street person!  What cab driver wants to pick up a sweaty person all covered in blood?  I wouldn’t!

As I was waiting for the replacement cab, I was standing in the sun and shivering — uh, shock?  Not going to call the husband and have him yell at me!  I’ll just fix it.  Well, Kaiser will fix it.  Such lovely stitchery!

Mahalo to Kaiser’s Urgent Care on Pensacola Street for helping me “pull” things together!  Mahalo to The CAB for getting me there — even if I did look scary!

Bruised but nicely stitched.

Three days later I thought it would be fun to share the progress of my self-destruction.  I swear, women will stop at nothing to get a face lift!  I can laugh at it now but I have to admit to a bit of fear that, hopefully, will pass with a bit more time.  Pain will do that to a person.

It still shakes me up to walk by the area where this all happened.  I’m sure the memory will eventually numb with the rest of the whole incident.  In time.

The look after stitches have been removed.

It does seem to be taking forever for that bruise, aka black eye, to melt away.  I must say, those shades of green and brown are really not at all attractive.  As I’m writing this, about sixteen days later, my bruise is down to a sliver — still there but almost gone.  The impact was obviously much harder than I wanted to admit.  The fall started from a slightly elevated place before hitting the ground so I guess that’s to be expected.  Sigh.

Lessons to be learned: Walk softly, never take nature for granted, be sure to always carry a lot of paper towels, do not forget your cell phone, and for goodness sake, be careful with whom you decide to have an affair!

*~* Happy Birthday to Twitter.com! *~*

Twitter BirdThis is just a short little note to say, “Happy 5th Birthday!” to Twitter. My goodness time goes by quickly, especially when you’re having fun! You’ve got to love the little bird that has connected so many of us across so many countries, in so many ways, and for so many reasons! A huge “Mahalo!” from Homespun Honolulu and @HonoluluSprite!

If you’re on the fly (no pun intended, or maybe it is intended), drop a Tweet for others to know what’s got you going.  Others can look it up in more detail if they want or need to. Drop a quick line to complain or rave about happenings, or your favorite business or restaurant. Provide other tweeters with a link, if you so choose. Share a quick announcement. Set your blog up to map over to Twitter. Then set Twitter up to map over to Facebook. I did! Saves me time, lets me share, makes me happy!

Happy Birthday little bluebird and thanks for singing my songs!

Flagship FastLube

My poor car has had an ordeal or two recently but it always appreciates a nice oil change, complete with clean air filter and topped-off fluids!  Flagship FastLube in Waipio was a place that I stumbled on by accident (probably because I was hanging out at Mililani cemetery, or Costco which is right next door).

For only $39.95 they will change your oil, change your oil filter, top-off your other fluids (water, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.), check the air in your tires, check the belts and hoses, and the list goes on. They were so efficient, friendly and trustworthy, that I made sure to return a few months later for another go ’round!

Fortunately for us (me and my car) we were right on time so there was no sludge in the engine or anything like that. Flagship changed the oil while I waited over at Seattle’s Best coffee shop a door or two away and then we were off and “on the road again!”

Don’t even let me start talking about what I have experienced or the things I have seen happen to other car owners when dealing with oil changes done by other companies.  I was skittish when I went to Flagship for the first time because they were new and unknown to me.  Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  I also wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

There are also some very quiet but helpful things that they do, too.  If they see something wrong, they’ll tell you.  The reminder sticker that they place in a quiet corner of your windshield never fades and you can still read it no matter how old it gets — the ink does not smear!  I can always tell exactly how many miles I have to go before it’s time to change the oil again.

Since I don’t use my car an awful lot, it was actually several months before it was time to return for another oil change.  By that time, other things had started to go wrong.  The battery cables were loose and required a shake now and then.  It is not good to have your car die on you at the most inopportune times.  A dead engine at a traffic light in Kalihi, at night, is BAD news when the light turns green and you have to jump out and shake the cables!

Flagship FastLube in Mililani (Waipio)

Flagship tightened those cables without even blinking.  I asked if they could, and they did.  While completely unrelated to an oil change, there were no questions, and there was no charge.  All done.  On the road again without having to pop the hood!

Life is good when you have things to do and you can rely on your car.  Then there comes a time when you’re pressed for time and end up in Kalaeloa with a nail in your tire!  Great!  I’m at least three miles away from anything or anyplace with an air hose or a service station.  My car and I take a risk and make it to Kapolei before the last remaining air runs out of our now almost-to-the-rim flat tire.  At least it wasn’t one of my two new tires.

Whew, we made it!  Service stations with air hoses!   Since there were no mechanics to fix anything, the only thing left to do was fill up the tire with air and fly to Waipahu in search of an open tire place, or something.  I’m trying to stay calm as I only have about 30 minutes to fix this flat and get to Mililani Town Center which was at least 15 or 20 minutes away.

Wait!  I see a place with people working on cars!  There were a lot of cars and the line was long.  I told the young woman behind the counter about my predicament.  I asked her if they fixed flats and she confirmed that for me.  Then I asked her how long it would take.  She went to check if they could help me with my time predicament.  Yep!  They took me right away.

Kapolei Flagship FastLube

Of course while I’m waiting I have to take pictures of this new and wonderful place that is helping me.  It was only then, that I noticed the word “Flagship.” Now I’m excited!

Kapolei Flagship FastLube fixing the flat!“Don’t you have a location in Mililani?  You know, by Costco?”

“In Waipio?  Yeah.”

“Really?  You guys are my company, you change my oil!  I didn’t know you had a place in Kapolei!  Maybe I’m in your computer!”

I think I was but now I don’t remember.  Irrelevant.  I paid about $20 and was on my way to Mililani in no time!  I even got there ahead of schedule!

The Flagship mantraThe little sign you see to the right was found at the Kapolei location of Flagship.  If that’s their mantra, I can certainly go with that!  Yep, it’s on their website too!  You will also find their other available locations listed there as well.

I was hoping to find them on Facebook but they’re not there, yet.  We have to work on this!  I told them that Lex Brodie’s is there so they should be too!

Thanks, Flagship, for keeping my old girl reliable! Please, Beanie (that’s the car), no more drama for a while?  Flagship has successfully added itself to my list of darling companies!