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Indicted for Dog Slaughter!

A watchdog to bite the perpetrators! I will apologize up front. I am angry and I’m not going to be very nice, or civil even.

This picture came from www.theage.com.au (via Yahoo!) and I hope they won’t yell at me for borrowing it. This little guy looks as angry as me and it seemed appropriate!

I have just about had it with the criminal element! This incident was the last straw for me when I heard about it. The incident in question apparently happened at the end of December but it wasn’t until recently that the media focused on it and I was able to hear about it first hand. That’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s a sickening story but there’s an article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin that gives the series of events more clearly and with the most detail.

Warning: If you’re sensitive to animal cruelty and/or have a weak stomach, don’t read it!

Although this is technically old news, I am even angrier now! These men confessed and now they go to court and plead not guilty?!? What?!? I’d like to throw their attorney in there with them! I wasn’t going to even talk about this because it was so nauseating. But, since I’m angry and still have one more angry story that I will talk about in a couple of days, I figured I might as well face it and get this one off my chest.

This crime is not only a legal issue, it is a social issue as well! Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, says it best in his blog article, Betrayal of Trust. I received an email from the Online Communications Department of the Humane Society’s mainland office that informed me about Mr. Pacelle’s article. Thank you, Meghan, for reaching out!

I wouldn’t waste tax payer money on these disgusting freaks. They did it. We know the did it. They confessed that they did it. What’s left? Lock them up and nail them to the full extent of the law! Sick bastards! We’ve got a new law that was long overdue so we should put it to work! I was not able to talk to anyone at our Humane Society office but I read in another article that they are doing some investigating into it as well.

Crime on “My Turf” Makes Me Angry!

So, I get to fuss and fume about it. Yesterday, the Honolulu Advertiser reported that a man reported “being robbed at knife point on Nuuanu.” This supposedly occurred at 1:30 AM. Thinking it was somewhere down near Chinatown (which wouldn’t be that uncommon at that hour), I ignored the story. However, I have it on good authority and from a reliable source, that this is where the caller was sitting in his car when the supposed incident happened…

Soto Mission Parking Lot

According to the man reporting the incident to police, some hoodlum actually tried to cut him with a serrated knife that had a five-inch blade. What?!? So, he takes the guy’s DVD player and rides away on a bike (bicycle) according to the short article. He supposedly had a dark complexion and was wearing jeans and a gray shirt. Well, that’s not very helpful.

These pictures were taken around 6:00 PM or so last night — just before sunset. The parking lot, as you can see, is already deserted except for two, maybe three cars. What was the alleged victim doing there at 1:30 AM, on a Monday morning?!? As far as I’m concerned, I see them both as something to worry about — if the story is genuine!

Soto Mission Parking Lot

I can’t even begin to explain how angry this makes me… on several levels. First of all, this is a quiet area and it is a church’s property, which neighbors another church’s property! Second and most important, just off to the left of this picture is the Soto Academy, i.e. an elementary school! Just off to the right, is Cathedral School! In addition, this parking lot is only about 200 yards or so away from Kawananakoa Middle School. On a personal level, I frequent this area, and sometimes after dark! Albeit, not at 1:30 in the frickin’ morning! Idiots! How dare these people!

This turf belongs to me and my neighbors! This is our home! Creeps! Don’t you be bringing your crime element crap, dangerous-weapon waving and loitering menaces around here! Hit the road, Jack(s)! I’ve been ripped off three+ times and I’m sick of it! Make your headlines elsewhere!

Legal Resources on the Web!

My cousin has been having legal difficulties and I ran across this thing that I really think is worth talking about. This looks like something that would definitely alleviate some of the anxiety of being in the middle of any kind of court drama.

We all know the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions legal issues, law suits and the like — money! It’s all about the money! It’s unfortunate but all too true. There is a business called Law Max that will actually help alleviate some of the financial concerns by fronting some money based on the anticipated outcome of your lawsuit or court case. I was stunned to see a company actually offer commercial lawsuit financing — they will actually send you, and/or your attorney, an advance based on your anticipated settlement.

I have to admit that when I saw the term “Commercial Lawsuit Financing,” I was concerned that they might only be set up to assist companies or corporations with their legal battles. But, as it turns out, they not only offer this service for corporations, but for individuals as well! Of course your attorney will have to send them your case documents for their review and to get their approval but if it means having yet another set of eyes looking at the strength of your case and an advance of some much-needed funds, I think this company would certainly be worth investigating!

I had to look into it a little deeper before giving this site too much credit. I was pleasantly surprised and, to be honest, shocked that anyone would provide such a service. The thought of courts and legal drama makes me cringe! This just looks like something to help ease at least some of the anguish. I’ve added this to my bookmarks (Favorites) just in case, and so I don’t have to try to find them again!

Dear Governor Lingle, STOP!

You guys have got to be kidding me?!? How long do we let this asininity continue? At what point do we put the brakes on and stop this nonsense?

So, now we’re going to demand a study on an already-existing process that transports life-sustaining water from one end of Molokai to the other? Did I miss the State-wide, governmental brain tumor? Or, is it a virus that has moved from the Department of Transportation over to the Attorney General’s office?!?

Molokai Ranch transports water (drinking water) to the West end of the island, i.e. from one end of Molokai to the other. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, referring to this as Superferry Fallout, reported today that a contract with Molokai Ranch will not be renewed, and that over one million gallons of water a day should not be transported to the opposite side of the island until an environmental study is completed.

“The ranch is the main provider of drinking water to western Molokai.”

What?  I repeat, “You’ve got to be frickin’ kidding me?!?” Enough is enough! Just get the EIS(‘s) started and let the businesses continue (Superferry included) until the studies are complete. If the studies show problems, then stop the corresponding vessels from running.

Everyone knew before any of this started that we have endangered species in our waterways. The study should have been the first thing to be set in motion before making promises to an incoming line of business! Now Molokai Ranch is to be impacted too? Molokai Ranch has been doing what they’re doing for years. Suddenly they will be made to stop because the Courts have made a decision about an unrelated topic?

The State let all of this go this far; now the State needs to support the businesses that have either spent a huge amount of money based on faulty information (that the State provided), or rendered essential services to residents for a long time. These are businesses that have either had the rug pulled out from under them, or are about to.

It would also be nice to get island residents away from being at each other’s throats! Stop it! Just do it! Nobody else asks before they make decisions for the rest of us.

If I was a business coming to Hawaii to set up shop, you can bet I would come with attorney in tow. Count on it!  Any new business should get it in writing that it won’t be told to shut down after sinking time and money into setting up shop! Come on Governor, draw the line and make it stop!

Who’s that “Dog” in the Window?

Dog Book DisplayDuane “Dog” Chapman has been cleared of the legal cloud that the Mexican government has had hanging over his head. What an ugly experience. Things are bad enough, but to get thrown into prison lock-up because you apprehended a repeat sexual offender… that’s gotta sting!

I never thought about it but bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. Duh, that’s why people run there! It seems that the legal system over there has let go of the charges against the Dog since the charges have now exceeded the statute of limitations.

He’s out, he’s clear and he’s damn happy to be so! It had to be hard for a man who is now on the right side of the law, to be back among the accused — even if only for a short time.

To add to the revelry, Chapman’s book, The Dog‘s “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide,” was hot off the press!

Office Window

KHNL, Channel 8 had a good video of the promotion and the fun going on at Barnes and Noble in Kahala Mall last Thursday. (If you get an error message just ignore it, the Windows Media Player will open anyway and play the video.)

Dog Book Display at Borders

Even though Amazon shows the book as not being out until tomorrow (Tuesday), Borders wasted no time getting things up and running for this surprise, early release. The Chapmans were thankful that both the release of the pending litigation and the release of the new book happened at the same time. I think they saw it as a good omen.

Borders decided that the book was more than worthy of a display and the one above is currently appearing at both the Ward and Pearl Ridge locations. I didn’t get out to Kapolei but I’m sure it’s there too!

Congratulations Duane and Beth! Whew! Good Karma? I hope so. I’m sure A&E is breathing easier! I was standing right there next to the display and I didn’t get a copy. What was I thinking? Oh well, any excuse to go back to Borders is always good for me! Store Window Bonds

So anybody that had their eyes on this space on Queen Emma Street is plain out of luck! The Dog’s back at home and that doggy in the window is not for sale… well, maybe for some criminal justice services, for a fee!

State of Hawaii Adopts “Safe Haven” Law

Signing Bill into LawNo thanks to Governor Lingle. While Linda Lingle saw fit to veto 27 of the Bills that were approved and submitted for her rubber stamp, the Hawaii Legislature in turn overrode 11 of those vetoes. The Governor’s veto of HB 1830, the Abandoned Children; Safe Haven; Immunity from Prosecution Bill was one of the Legislature’s overrides. Hooray!

We touched on this briefly last month. I really thought Lingle would change her mind and not veto this Bill. I guess I was wrong… obviously. The amendments added to the Bill included an answer to the reason Lingle vetoed it the last time. So, I don’t get it. What’s the excuse this time?

The State of Hawaii added a little bit of a twist to the law. The parent relinquishing their parental rights needs to provide the agency receiving the child with the child’s family medical history and any known familial health issues. I think, in addition to that, they should confirm the child’s Hawaiian bloodline, if any. There are many programs that benefit those of Hawaiian ancestry and Kau Inoa is looking to expand on that. I think this kind of information will be important for the child to have later in life.

I know that a lot of people disagree with me and with this legislation. I know there are people who feel that suddenly everyone is going to abandon their babies all over town. I think that is just as ridiculous as the denial that we have an issue with infant abuse and mortality rates. For the most part, the people of Hawaii love their keiki and this law will never impact them. But for those exceptional cases of careless parents, perhaps the Safe Haven law will prevent things like this from happening right under our noses.

Mahalo to Kids and Cars.org for the simple yet appropriate illustration.

The Governor is Not on My List… Yet

baby rattleHawaii’s Governor, Linda Lingle, is not on my you-know-what list of people that have said or done something to make me angry. In fact, in her case, it’s just the opposite. I have agreed with most of what she has done or said. I think she’s a pretty darn good governor.

Now, last night I was watching the rerun of yesterday’s episode of Oprah. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Oprah has taken over the job description of E.F. Hutton, i.e. when she talks, people listen. That’s why so many spam emails mention her as they think it adds weight to their message.

Anyway, Oprah’s show was all about the young women who have babies and abandon them immediately after birth. Apparently there is a law on the books in 47 of our 50 states called the Safe Haven law. This law says that a child can be dropped off, within the first 72 hours after its birth, at any of the locations designated in the law and the person leaving the child can turn around and walk away — no questions asked. I didn’t know about this and apparently there aren’t many people who do. But, Oprah had it on her show so now everybody knows!

Wait a minute… who are the three states without that law? Nebraska, Alaska and, oh dammit, Hawaii. The worst part of this is that one of Lingle’s “advisors” told Ron Mizutani of KHON Channel 2 News that the Department of Human Services reports that there are no incidents in the state of Hawaii according to their records — of children being left on door steps and dumpsters and bathrooms. So that means it doesn’t happen? That means we don’t need this law? That means we don’t need to try to protect the children of confused and/or disturbed parents?

What an idiotic thing to say! The Department of Human Services has nothing to report because the babies that are being abandoned around here are found dead or dead and buried in shallow graves. No record? Check with the media, they have records that they are more than willing to share with the rest of the residents! Hello?!? Talk about frustrating!

Yes, many of the babies born here are taken care of by the relatives of the biological mother, but NOT ALL! To lose even one baby because a terrified young woman sees no alternative is enough of a reason, in my opinion, to sign that Bill into Law! There are so many people who would love to adopt a child like this. I know, you’re going to say — that nobody will adopt a child if it’s a drug baby. That may or may not be true, but a child like that is taken away from the birth mother by CPS (Child Protective Services) anyway so what’s the difference?

So, what’s my problem? Why am I writing a Honolulu Rant? Because Governor Lingle has vetoed this law once before and the feeling I’m getting from what I’ve read is that she will do so again. I don’t get it. It’s not just protecting the newly born babies, it’s protecting the young girls that are having them who are babies themselves. Sorry, I see this decision as a no-brainer. Just sign the frickin’ thing!

Story Updates

I just thought it would be nice to update some of the ongoing stories that continue to grace Honolulu’s headlines.

Update to Walk Wise Hawaii

Hawaii is still not walking too wisely. They’re not driving too wisely either. At the beginning of the ninth week of the year, we have our ninth pedestrian fatality. The laws are more strict, the penalties more severe, but still the body count keeps rising. The only result we seem to have is that the driver of yesterday’s incident fled the scene! Granted, the driver must have been shaken and didn’t want to pay those fine(s) but, man, it sucks to be that driver when he or she is identified. At the same time I think it is important to note that the victim was not in a crosswalk and it was dark. The incident has people screaming for the installation of a traffic light at the location. Good idea. Let’s see how long it takes, shall we? Chinese dragon

So, my idea of restarting the New Year with the start of the Chinese New Year didn’t come to fruition. I guess firecrackers and dragons weren’t enough to chase away all of our highway demons. For both drivers and pedestrians — Auwe!

Update to Fire Hydrants for Dogs

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) was probably the hardest hit by this with 20-some-odd thefts causing six or better power outages. Now HECO is charged with the task (by default) of replacing all of that stolen copper wiring to re-light those streets that were left in darkness.

Hawaiian Electric Company logo

Sorry, HECO. You’ve had so much drama lately. Natural disasters are one thing, but the man-made variety are just not acceptable.

There’s hope! There is a new 2007 legislative package that includes not only crack down on the thieves, but a hard crunch on those buying the stolen metal. Copper buyers are now required to provide proper identification and an affidavit from the people they are purchasing the goods from.

Under this new law, both the buyers AND the sellers are equally liable for the passage of these stolen goods.Honolulu Police Department logo

Over the grapevine (or the coconut wireless as it were) I hear that HECO will be replacing the copper with a cheaper metal to deter further thefts. For HECO and Hawaii Law Enforcement – Aloha and Mahalo for your patience and endurance!

Electronic Enticement & Hawaii’s Keiki

First of all, let’s get one thing straight — people have the right to do whatever they want without having a gestapo breathing down their neck. If visiting porn sites is your thing then go for it. Go for it that is, IF, you are an adult and IF you do not impose your online hobbies on others and certainly not on a minor child.

Most parents want the Internet and the money they have spent on technology to be educational for their children, not morally reprehensible and certainly not dangerous! Children always seem to be the target of online sex offenders, or sex-offenders-to-be. It happens everywhere, it’s all over the news, but it doesn’t happen here. Not to our kids. Uh, just how delusional are we?
It’s not always paradise, gang. An article published a year ago in the Honolulu Advertiser warned possible offenders about new judicial Bills and about the sentencing for those found guilty of this “electronic enticement” — all seven (7) of them. What?!? Seven cases?!?

What makes our kids so damn receptive to this? They are numb to it. It’s all over television, it’s all over the Net and everyone is doing it. It’s accepted. Dammit! What have we done? What can we do to protect our babies (anyone under 18) and, at the same time, the reputation of our beloved medium? That’s right, the Internet needs our protection too. What a Blogger Power!mess.

Bloggers have been “called out” by the Blogger Power: Safeguard the Web for Children project to get the message out to the online providers of adult content. The game of “tag” has begun and is moving at a rather rapid pace. It’s simple for the porn sites to do and it’s simple for us to urge them to comply with this small request. Let’s ask them to…

“Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information.”

Simple and to the point. Let’s see if we can keep the kids away from the porn so they won’t be exposed to it and think it “accepted” behavior, and this may also help keep the sexual predators away from the kids! This project is a good start. I don’t know who I will tag, but I’ll come back and add their names as I do!