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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!

I’m all for supporting a Motorcycle Awareness Month! I saw this announcement in an article about riding on the mainland so I had to find out, “Hey, what about us?”  This doesn’t mean that our local news channels haven’t said anything; it just means that I haven’t heard it.  Apparently, it is also bike (bicycle) month.  The news has spoken about that and a school’s poster contest called, “Make it Safe for Me.”  I like that!

If I wasn’t such a coward I would ride a motorcycle.  But, I also suffer from road rage and a need for anger management so it would be a very bad idea!  We had thirty (30) motorcycle fatalities last year and there were 5,290 fatalities Nationwide in 2008!

Toys 4 Tots motorcycle gathering

In 2007 and 2008 the numbers were horrid, probably because so many people have turned to this more gas-efficient mode of transportation.  More people riding motorcycles means that more motorcycle accidents are likely to happen.

Regular readers know how I whine about biker safety, all of the time.  We had another fatality earlier this week.  I don’t know what the accident total is so far this year but as this is being written, I kid you not; the morning traffic report is talking about a bike down on the windward side of O’ahu.  “Hello?!?  You’ve got to be kidding me!” It says they are clearing it up so I’m going to guess that it was not a fatality.  Thank goodness!

Share the Road!

It’s important to make all two-wheelers safe — be they bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles.  I’ve actually found myself positioning my car behind bikers on the freeway to protect them from oblivious drivers.  Obviously I’m not the only one.

I Brake for Bikers!

That way they will have the distance they need, and a protective driver will be able to hit the brakes if the need should arise — a buffer of sorts.  “Rear end my car, not a biker.”  I may end up with a nice rear-end smash, but a biker would end up dead.  Simple.  “Look twice, save a life!”  Love those bumper stickers.  Click on the photos and check out these sites.  Pick up a couple for your car to remind your fellow drivers.  It’s Motorcycle Awareness Month!

A Reprieve for the Dogs with the Bad Press

The bull dogs have been one of the most maligned and media-abused breeds on the planet.  The fear mongering that has gone one is just horrendous!  I’ve seen other breeds go through this kind of thing and my internal attitude problem says, “Oh yeah?  That bad?  Show me!”  The UHIB ABKC Club (Ultimate Hawaiian Island Bullys American Bully Kennel Club) did just that.

There’s a full copy of the event flyer here.  This site with the flyer has a great video.  Follow that link — I was fascinated watching the video.  I couldn’t help but think about how people would react to the dog pull.  “They’re going to say it’s cruel, I just know it.”  So, I made an extra effort to watch the animals in the video.  Um, they were enjoying it.  It’s a Bully Pulley!  Yeah, okay, only a woman would call it that!

Bully Banner

My favorite part of the “rules” for this event said something about there being no aggression — dogs or people.  They were more worried about the people.  No surprise there!

Aloha Zone

What got me to this event initially was a Facebook message from Henry Agbayani, owner of the Purebreed Clothing Co.  I always try to figure out a way to go to events where Purebreed will be hanging its banner.  I usually fail miserably, but not this time!

Agbayani family and Purebreed Clothing Co.

This is Henry and Christine Agbayani.  They were under the larger tent so it was kind of dark.  A click on the photo will take you to their website where you can see the fun t-shirts!  I scooped one up at this event!

The other thing that drew me to the Stadium on a hot Sunday afternoon was the concern about protecting a breed of dog that is so dearly loved by so many.  There is so much negative publicity surrounding the pit bull.  What they don’t say is that the information is based on a few unfortunate incidents that happened with dogs belonging to stupid owners.

If you’re one of those abusive dog owners, then you know who you are.  If you feel insulted, tough.  Bite me!  Any dog will bite if you teach it to.  Think about it, didn’t the Dobermans and the Rottweilers have to go through this too?  Why are we so anxious to ban animals, especially by breed, for the mistakes made by a few thoughtless, or ruthless, humans?

Much like messages gotten from vendors like the Purebreed Clothing Co., I have to say, “Don’t blame the breed!”

This Bully Show just gave me another chance to prove a point.  Follow this pictorial story and see if you don’t agree that these bullies are, in reality, a very docile, and adorable, breed of dog.

K9 Kokua

Good animals come from being raised by good people.  The above organization is a case in point.  K9 Kokua is all about health, safety, and the protection of the animals.  They even have an adoption thing going for dogs currently in foster care because, sadly, they’ve ended up being homeless with their owners.  I kept finding my way back to this booth (three or four times at least) for a variety of reasons.  A click on the photo will take you to visit their site.  Maybe you can rescue a dog from being homeless!

Activity at the 2nd Annual Bully Show

A lot of dog owners were in attendance at this event and there was a lot going on.  There were even some cars on display.  But, the focus was on the dogs! Mine certainly was.

I was surprised at the number of vendors and “bully” people that were there.  It was news to me, good news, that the Bully Fancy, if you can call it that, is this well-represented.  In fact, there are probably more people who didn’t even make it to the event.  This was a heartening experience for me — to see this much care and concern for such a media-battered breed was amazing!

Silva Bullet Kennels

How is this for dedication?  They have their own t-shirts even!  Nice looking design too!

Bullies, Inc.

Love the pink shirt!

Dawg Life Bullies

You’ve got to love some of the names of these kennels!

High Roller kennel

As stupid as this was on my part, I had to ask, “um, you guys didn’t, um, you didn’t come here all the way from Vegas did you?!?”  They laughed and said no and that they have a sister organization in Las Vegas.   I had to ask.

Lightenings Edge kennel

Lightenings Edge is a cool name!

King Kong Kennels

This was pretty good too!  Check out the King Kong silhouette in the background of the banner!

Kia’i Moku Kennels

Kia’i moku would be to guard over something. Kia’i Moku Kennels are the Guardians of the Islands.  I like that.  I’m not sure if you can make out the Hawaiian helmet in the silhouette of the banner but it works nicely.  If you had to find a good thing about people’s fear of these dogs, it would have to be that it makes these cuties more effective guard dogs!  It DOES NOT make them killers!

Bulls and babies make up this family

Just to help make my point, in the above picture you will find a dad, a mom, the kids, and the family dog.  Please take note of the dog and the baby stroller.  Gasp!  Pffff!  Repeat after me, “family dog!”  Please also take note of the spray bottle in the little girl’s hand.  It was very warm — uncomfortably so.

Dogs and spray bottles say it all about the heat

Those bottles were a very welcome sight.  The owners were very attentive and kept their animals well watered and joyfully spritzed!  At some point I was envious and wished I had a bottle too!

This guy has the cooling position down!

This little stubby character had cooling down to a doggy science — sprawling out on cool cement is a great way to cool any chubby belly!

Cool guy and his cool little master

He wasn’t moving for his little friend either.  The little girl was more afraid of my camera than the dog was!

Flirtacious bully

I didn’t know dogs could flirt!  If that look doesn’t melt your heart, you need to keep going.

Puppy with really big feet

This puppy had to be the cutest thing!  Of course I had to catch the moment when this adorable guy piddled in his cage and was quickly whisked away for clean-up.  The picture doesn’t do him justice.  Look at those big feet.  This is probably the only time anyone would think of big feet as being something cute.  Huge feet and short legs make for a very cute dog!

Bully with the traditional studded collar

I must confess. I just know that I insulted the owner of the dog pictured in the photo above.  I didn’t mean to!  I couldn’t help it.  The dog’s name is Nightmare.  I just wanted to squeeze his big, chubby face and hearing his name just made me laugh.  I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help it!

Front view of Nightmare

Since I insulted him, let’s talk about him.  Look at the chest on this guy!  He was the picture of health, calmly behaved, and being very obedient and cooperative with his owner.  I just wanted to hug him because he looked so huggable.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t.  Out of respect for the owners, I make it a practice not to touch animals at shows.  I don’t want to risk the transfer of illness from one animal to another.  But, trust me, my hands were itching to reach down and touch or stroke some of the beautiful, shining coats that walked by!

Relaxing bull kicks back amid all the hustle and bustle of people

There was so much going on all over the place but this little lady was just kicking back and people-watching, like I was dog-watching.  She could have taken out several ankles if she wanted to — mine included.  It wasn’t going to happen.  She was just chillin’ with no presence of malice in her pretty little canine brain!


Judging went on here as well.  This was a chance to see different sizes of the breed.  Shorty bulls, or pocket bulls, were fun to watch!

There was also a guest speaker there from Colorado who spoke of legislative changes that freaked me out, as any pet owner would have been!  Some of the horrible legislation that is currently being approved on the mainland is enough to rattle all of our cages!  You can see an example of some of it here.

I missed the gentleman’s name and his full story but they have promised that it will be shown in its entirety on the OC16 channel, but I don’t know exactly when.  I will keep an eye out for it and post the information as soon as I see it!  I’ll try to include a more detailed synopsis of it as well.  It is worth watching.

Part of the reason I made the extra effort to attend was to sign a petition to protect the dogs from being outlawed, banned, or whatever it was that they were trying to do to them.  As it turned out, the materials I had been reading must have been dated.  That piece of legislation was squashed before it made it to committee because of the public outcry.   Even the Hawaiian Humane Society took a stand against it!

I learned these things from Rose Woods whom I contacted after the show to see if I could get things straight.  Rose has apparently been quite a spokeswoman for the bull dogs!  She continues to be an advocate for the bullies while striving to “create education and awareness in the community.”

Rose had quite a bit of knowledge to share and I was impressed with her passion for this cause.  I like the way she spoke and I want to share some of her words of wisdom.  She said, “The issue is not the dogs, it’s the owners.”  Then she went on to talk about the legislature and how the “policy makers have to create policies that address the issues, not that fit the budget.”  Well said!

Rose also shared a desire to reach out to the bad owners and bring them into the fold of proper animal management and community awareness.  No matter what kind of pet you have, you have a right to protect them.  Along with that right, however, is the obligation to do so responsibly!

Bringing pieces of it home!

A couple of brochures from K9 Kokua and my Atomic Dogg bracelet came home with me.  I taped the “bracelet” into my notebook.

My newest Purebreed t-shirt!

Of course I couldn’t leave without a Purebreed shirt!  Relax; the shirts are decorated with fun, tongue-in-cheek expressions. The back of this “deadly force” shirt says “protecting the aina.”  Must be those toxic trash bags after being filled with the trash we find on the side of the street!  I must admit that does tick me off!  But that’s a topic for another post.

Henry and Christine Agbayani at Purebreed Clothing Company

Again, a big mahalo to Purebreed for taking me to places that always seem to get me on a soap box, but always for a good reason!

Happy New Year! Carnival Announcements

Pink flowers blooming along Nu’uanu Happy New Year Everyone! 

Two Carnival Announcements:

Carnival of Aloha – If you’re still thinking about submitting your article and you’re worried about the deadline, I’ve changed the deadline to tomorrow (Sunday) at noon.  So, send your posts in you guys!

Carnival of Cities – The Carnival of Cities was the guide by which the Carnival of Aloha was set up.  When Homespun Honolulu began, the Carnival of Cities started at the same time by the same organization.  Every once in a while I think about the Carnival of Cities and send in an article that means a lot to me, which I just did recently.

Oh my!  I got nervous when I saw this!  Twenty-three (23) entries in this particular edition of the Carnival of Cities.  Kudos to the host of the Carnival this time!  Roaming Tales — I like that name!

Car Show Heightens Awareness

Car shows are not normally my area of interest but this one was special and I had to be there to capture the scene a couple of weeks ago at Aloha Tower Marketplace. What was so special about it? The Oahu Motorsports Advisory Council put together this show to highlight the “Build the Track” campaign to provide a place for the different motor sports to enjoy their sport.

Car makes the best sign

Right at the edge of the mall’s main entrance sat this race car. That’s what it’s all about — Build the Track! Since I found out about this campaign I have heard several comments. One of those comments was that there is a lack of interest. Well, let’s look through these pictures and you tell me if there’s a “lack of interest!”

Attendees taking in all the sights and colors

There were trucks, cars and even a couple of motorcycles parked all over the place. I didn’t know where to turn first. With so much to see that it was hard to stay focused while trying to take in every corner of this automotive pageantry.


There were trucks with added character, truck-like coverings with a patriotic flair, and organizations whose specialty is, well, trucks.

Hawaii 4X4 Association booth

I gave up trying to get perfect, clear pictures — there were just too many people walking around and too many balloons to get in front of the camera. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I should just take those shots so that I could show everyone how there’s such a “lack of interest” in this venue. Lack of interest my foot!

Patriotic colored racers

There was a truckload of representatives from several automotive firms and there were a few vendors sharing their ideas. In addition to those sponsors, there were others as well. This brings up another comment that was made to me recently about the track project. “They need big sponsors to make it happen.” The translation of that is that they need money. Oddly enough, there were no booths collecting donations. This was to raise awareness and to gain support of the community.

Bridgstone's big tire

It wasn’t just the automotive places or tire stores who took part in this event! At least one of our radio stations, HOT I-94 (93.9 if you want to be picky), was there. There may have been other stations but I was focused on the automobiles.

National Guard corner

There was at least one branch of the armed services in attendance. The National Guard even had their own vehicle there!

Sheriff's car

It’s quite obvious that this project was not completely without some governmental support! Even the sheriff’s office was there with their vehicle all pretty and shiny for the occasion.

Officials from the Sheriff's office

Relax, they weren’t there to serve anyone with papers. They were there, I think, to show support while probably hoping “The Track” would come to fruition. They would have less drama with the freeway racing that we have seen so much of recently.

This brings up another statement that was made to me a couple of months ago. The statement went something like, “Those are not experienced racers doing that!” I know that. We all know that. What we have is young people wanting to race and having no place to do so.

When I was hanging with friends in the late 70’s and early 80’s, people went to Hawaii Raceway Park every weekend! Teens had something to do, something that captivated them and kept them out of trouble. They closed Hawaii Raceway Park. It’s gone. There is no place for them to go.

Youth of all ages love racing, they love anything with a motor that they can ride. That adoration doesn’t die with age.

Keiki Motor Track

There is no age limitation for the fascination with auto racing. The organizers of this show knew it too!

Young game observers

There’s just something about it that draws out the excited smiles of our keiki!

Keiki Cars

This really was a family event and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The real focus though was on the automobiles.

Admirers walking around the displays

People were making their way in and out and around the vehicles on display.

More Cars

There were many exhibitors enjoying the opportunity to share their hobby with others.

Sharing information with inquirers

The vehicle above was my favorite drenching of colors but the intensity of conversation was even more interesting to observe. The passion, like a lot of things we involve ourselves in, is very intense for this activity!

More shaing of information

I was hard-pressed, a few times, to figure out who was enjoying things more — the visitors or the exhibitors!

Classic Car

There was a lot of information to absorb and a lot of vintage vehicles to see and examine — inside and out.

I will continue making my point as we move down but I just couldn’t let any of these pictures be left without sharing them.

This way, everyone can get a better feel for just how important this event was to the organizers, and just how important this sporting venue is to so many.

Cobra under the hood

We’ve got cobras under the hood and engines that are as clean and shiny as the car’s exteriors!


Purple Vintage machine

Beautiful colors and classic models glistened around every corner.

Vintage Cars

More Vintage Cars

Old-time memories of vintage cars

Racer just like the video game

These racers have the traditional look of those race cars in the video games! Wow, they really do look like that! 🙂

More racers like the video games

Why do I care? I don’t race, I don’t like loud noises, I don’t like smoke, screeching wheels, or the smell of burning rubber. So, what’s it to me? I grew up on the West side of Oahu and every weekend there was almost always someone who was not home because they were reportedly at Hawaii Raceway Park. It was a life’s passion for many and a fun hobby for others. It was a place for youth to go and to burn off their energy instead of getting into trouble.

As I mentioned, they closed Hawaii Raceway Park. It has never been replaced. Nobody shared a place for the racers to go. They’re working on it!

Place to sign the Track Petition

There were no booths collecting donations but there was this booth to sign their petition with room for comments. Yes, I signed it and yes, I left a comment!

THE Message -- We Just Wanna Race

This says it all in a nutshell. “We Just Wanna Race!” The best argument that I have heard was that every other sport or hobby has it’s place to go. Basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, bowling, running, swimming, shooting, and just about anything else you can think of, has it’s own place to happen — it’s own field, it’s own course, etc. Everything, that is, except for racing. Good point!

Priceless Awe

This was the best photo! Isn’t he cute? He was so amazed at the sight of all those trucks! Oblivious to all else, I think he was just amazed that his toy trucks had become reality. 🙂 Right along the sidewalk too!

Motorcycles race too!

Okay, we couldn’t let the bikes go unnoticed. There were a couple of them there. 🙂 They too need a place to race. We all know the dangers of motorcycle racing. It would be better for all if they had a place designed just for that purpose.

My heart goes out to the racing community and I can comfortably say they have my full support. I would rather put my support behind TheTrack than that stupid rail! If you feel they’re right, watch them, follow their progress and support their efforts. Our community needs a track to replace what we lost. Let’s support them while they Build the Track!

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Carnival of Cities Travels Around the Globe

Carnival Clown

It’s been a long time since I joined an edition of the Carnival of Cities. I sent in my post about the No Rail petition, hoping to get some feedback from other cities about the impact that rail transit has had on their cities.

There hasn’t been any feedback as of yet but it was interesting to see how the Carnival of Cities has spread its wings over time. It has become almost a Carnival of Travel! It’s certainly worth a read to see what’s happening in other places to see if you want to travel there!

You can pick up a lot of information about all kinds of things across all kinds of country borders!

Here’s a small taste of what they’ve got going:

Then Roaming Tales takes us flying around some American cities for just a bit:

  • My favorite, okay one of my favorites, for this Carnival is this one in San Antonio
  • We get to see some of the arts in San Francisco via CatSynth.com
  • Leslie Carbone, who has joined us for the Carnival of Aloha before, will take us to Washington (D.C.) to see the Smithsonian
  • Go see more art on South Beach via the Seabird Chronicles which takes us to Miami
  • Miami checks in for a second time as Solo Friendly talks about the welcome warmth of that city in February
  • In Cincinnati we learn about USA-made vodka at Cincinnati Locavore

This is how I got involved:

Now, don’t think about getting lost over there and forget to cross back over the Pacific!  Be sure to check back here for the Carnival of Aloha which will go live on Monday!

Aloha to My Safeway Family

There’s one thing people in Hawaii love to do and it doesn’t matter which island you’re on or which side of town — we love to eat! Restaurants are a great thing but our menu items are often, much like us, an ethnic blend of recipes we have tweaked and morphed to our own liking. This is where our local grocery stores come into the picture and take on the highest priority!

Safeway's Interior Signage

I never noticed this sign until I was walking around with a camera. I never noticed the other half of it either… Safeway has been in Honolulu as long as I have! I knew there was something good about this place. Works for me!

More internal signage

It was three and a half years ago that I wrote a letter to Safeway’s corporate office in Arizona. I couldn’t think of any other way to let them know how pleased I was with my favorite grocery store. I opened the letter saying,

“Sometimes it really pains me that there is nothing that can be done by a consumer to fully show their earnest appreciation for the staff of an establishment like this one.”

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Let’s Go “Catch the Dream!”Major Mynah t-shirt

Meet Major Mynah! He’s actually a vintage bird but I couldn’t resist getting his picture. This is an old logo dating back a decade or so ago to when Hawaii Winter Baseball first started making the rounds.

Currently, home base seems to be Hans L’Orange Park in Waipahu. There are games on Maui (at Iron Maehara Stadium and in Hilo on the Big Island (at Francis Wong Stadium). For a full schedule of games, times and locations, go here.

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Carnival of Cities Gallops Around the Globe

Home Turf Media’s Carnival of Cities carries the tag line, “An Armchair Traveler’s Dream Come True.” I think that it is just that! With the quality of submissions from bloggers around the world, how can you go wrong?

Carnival HorseHomespun Honolulu is proud to host the Carnival of Cities this week and I’m proud to share all of these fantastic cities and their happenings with all with you! So, kick back, relax in that armchair and get ready to tour some of the World’s cities through the eyes of the people who actually live there. I think we should make our journey on the Merry Go Round this week. Since we will need to circle the globe we’ll need to be on a Carnival horse that’s on the fly! Many thanks to Virtual Horses for the pretty picture!

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Carnival of Cities Comes to Honolulu

Riding the Carnival of CitiesNEWS BULLETIN!

Homespun Honolulu will have the privilege of hosting the Carnival of Cities next week! We will be receiving the baton from Budget Globetrotting that is currently hosting the Carnival this week.

If you want to invite everyone to take a ride over to your blog, submit a story about your city for next week, or any week, using this form.

You may also visit here to get more information about the Carnival and to read through the guidelines for your submissions. You will also be able to get a feel for this event by visiting some of the past Carnivals that are listed on this site as well.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, as long as it’s about your town or city we want to share it with the blogosphere! So, come join the Carnival! There’s no ticket purchase required!

Check back here this coming Monday (August 13th) to see who has come to our virtual Carnival to share stories about their city!

Dolphins Take Over at Sea Life Park!

Sign at entrance to Sea Life ParkSea Life Park is one of Hawaii’s star visitor attractions. Everyone loves the wildlife from the sea! It had been years since the last time I was there. As much as I hate to admit it, I have to say that when we visited the Park about a year ago, I left the Park just a little disappointed.

The shows were very much geared to the visiting tourists, which is to be expected, but even more so to the little kids. Are those things important? Yes, of course they are! But the bulk of the crowd, while tourists, were at an age where a little more educational brain stimulation could have been thrown in and was definitely in order!

Sea Life Park has changed things a bit since then and they have added things to the park that were never there before. These additions may be because they were purchased not too long ago by Dolphin Discovery, an organization that has six different ocean parks across the country, one of which is now Sea Life Park.

NOTE: Before I continue I need to point out that the trainers will NEVER reprimand or punish these animals in any way. These are wild animals and they are given all of the respect that they are due. So, when a trick doesn’t work, you try it again. If the show fails, you move on and try to work on it for the next time.

Dolphin dances across the water

Continuing on, out of all the marine animals I think dolphins are the biggest crowd pleasers. They can dance across the pool for us…

Three dolphins showing off

…they can leap into the air to please an audience (or just because they want some free fish for doing, on cue, what comes naturally). I swear, Sea Life Park has the best back drop for photo taking!

Dolphin foot push, I like toss better

They can also toss you across the pool if you ask them to!

But, you know, the best pictures and the funniest videos are taken when kids or pets are misbehaving. When the atmosphere is charged with excitement and expectation, these charming creatures catch the excitement bug too! After all, it’s THEIR show! They ARE the show! Well, they took over and stole the show from the trainers one day while we were there on a return visit.

Kids are always the most naughty when they’re together and want to play. Apparently the dolphins are the same way! By being rascals and flipping a fin or two at the trainers they decided to not let themselves be separated from the next group of performers but to join them instead! While the trainers kept trying to separate them, the show host / announcer found himself in the position of educating the crowd and even taking questions to stall for time.

Five dolphins showing off

Great! So everybody gets into the act. Crowd involvement and spectator engagement! What a novel idea! I think it works better to have these attention seekers shock the crowd while having a conversation with the audience instead of just talking at them. These rascals were obeying the commands to get their fish, they just didn’t want to be separated — no way, no how! Not one, not two and not even three — five of these aquatic brats in the air at once!

After the show was over I couldn’t wait to talk to the young trainers (who were about to be reprimanded) and tell them that it was the best show I had seen and to let them know that, “the next time the dolphins decide to misbehave, I’m there!” I also thanked them for sharing some knowledge with us this time and we let them how much better it was this time than it had been a year or so before.

Their supervisor person (or possibly their professor since the trainers may have been graduate students in oceanography or something) then said to them, “See, after all the work you’ve been doing…” Ahem.

Kekaimalu performing for the crowd

Aside from all that, there is the wolphin, Kekaimalu. She is half bottle nose dolphin and half false killer whale and she pulls characteristics from both sides. Her weight is in between that of a bottle nose and a false killer whale, her color is a nice charcoal-gray combination of the dolphin’s gray and the false killer whale’s black. Even Kekaimalu’s tooth count is in the middle. Bottle nose dolphins have 88 teeth while false killer whales have 44; Kekaimalu has 66 teeth! Even her facial features are a clear combination of the bottle nose of the dolphin and the rounder, less-protruding profile of the false killer whale. Kekaimalu is also, if I’m not mistaken, the middle culprit in our photo of five rascals above. She may have been the ring leader for all I know!

Wolphin and parents, from Wikipedia

Kekaimalu was not supposed to be born. The photo above was “borrowed” from Wikipedia and shows Kekaimalu as a youngster with her parents. She is also not supposed to be able to reproduce. Surprise! Kekaimalu has had three babies. Only one is still living but that surviving daughter and Kekaimalu both live at Sea Life Park and are the only wolphins in captivity. Kekaimalu is 21 years old this year. Hopefully she will live the normal lifespan of the bottle nose which is between 40 and 50 years.

I found an interesting tidbit of information while I was doing a little research about these guys. Even though dolphins are surrounded by water the salt-water environment of the ocean is more like a desert for them. They can’t drink that salt water because their bodies would use even more water trying to desalinate what they drink. Their water comes from the foods they eat and from the internal process of metabolizing fat. So, even though Kekaimalu is now 21 and can now drink legally, it would only dehydrate her if she tried.

There are several more animal attractions at Sea Life Park but the dolphins did so well that day that they deserve all the glory in this post. We will talk about Sea Life Park and its other residents again soon, I promise! Thank you, Sea Life Park, for the improvements and for a great show, and thank you, Kekaimalu and the gang, for all of these Kodak moments!