Carnival Shares Reasons to Celebrate

Seeing the Ko’olaus from the Windward side of O’ahu

When looking at the beauty of the islands I have to admit that there are many things for which we need to be thankful.   Sure, we have a lot of issues to complain about, but, we also have reasons to celebrate.  For Chapter 27 of the Carnival of Aloha, we’re going to cruise around and find multiple reasons to celebrate!

Let’s begin with the above photo.  We can say, “Darn it, it’s always raining on the Windward side!”  Yes, but look at how beautiful and lush it is!  The beauty of our islands is always cause for celebration!  Trust me, there is quite enough sun on the Windward side to go around!

Moving right along, let’s share more about finding causes for celebration in spite of our annoyances.  We can’t help it if we’re all concerned citizens.  We just complain about it until (whatever it is) gets fixed!  So, let’s begin with the issue that has gotten a huge amount of press and created the most angst recently!

Georgette Deemer posted The end of furlough Fridays over on the State’s Hawaii House Blog.  Now there’s a reason for parents to celebrate!  Mahalo to all who took part in making this happen!  Yes, it’s true, $57.2 million may be coming from the hurricane relief fund.  Let’s just be happy that our youth will be back in school and pray that we don’t have another hurricane.  Perfect weather is, after all, cause for celebration!

Neenz joins us once again after being missing for what seems an eternity!  Neenz tell us that the City of Honolulu ranked top eco-city in the U.S., but… This is the perfect-timing post for this Chapter of the Carnival!  It talks about how happy we are for good news, “but…” we know we have issues.  Cabin fever and overcrowding are not helping the matter.  BUT, we still like that good news and we still love our home!  Thanks, Neenz, for agreeing to let me rope you in!

Misty at the Hawaii Book Blog shared this Book Review: Facing Future for our Carnival and, I have to admit, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this.  Please welcome Misty and Alex from Hawaii Book Blog to our little Carnival ohana!  Based on their review, I have to get this book, for several reasons! I met Misty and Alex at the recent Hawaii Book and Music Festival and I’m glad we were able to connect.  We can complain about how life takes people from us too soon but this book is another celebration of Hawaii’s own Makaha Son, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (Bruddah Iz).  Check  out the review and then think about getting a copy!

All of those events at Makua Ranch and I never knew the talent that was right there the whole time!  Sigh.  I was probably fourteen years old so give me a break!  Thinking about Makua Ranch makes me think about food.  We need some carbs!  Rice will do!

Ten Bruggencate shares (okay I swiped this link and hope he finds it ’cause I found no email address) a secret with us about sticky rice.  Sticky rice: an ancient Chinese construction secret posted over at Raising Islands — Hawai’i science and environment left me confused.  I wasn’t sure if I was stunned, hungry, or just irritated that someone didn’t “soak the pot” so it wouldn’t be all stuck with rice!  I’m going to go with stunned.  Great post!

Melanie agreed to join us once again with Maui: The Weekend Less Planned posted at Travels with Two. This article is actually Part 4 but the links to parts 1, 2, & 3 are at the bottom of this post so you can check those out as well.  Melanie is feeding us some healthy looking stuff to eat with our sticky rice! I think I just ruined Melanie’s menu but I’m sure she’ll forgive me.

Wendy Piersall presents Luau Coloring Pages | Fantasy Jr. posted at Fantasy Jr, saying, “These luau coloring pages get really popular at this time of year.”  We can complain about blatant advertising but look what we can get out of it!  I almost wish I had a kids party coming up!  Maybe we should get some for the 4th of July!  Of course then we would have to buy crayons.  I must admit, this is a post with Hawai’i in mind.

Okay now that we’re mad because we ate too much, we have a new friend, Dayle, who is going to help us work it off!

Dayle Turner tells about the Schofield Trail — 6/23/2002 posted at Hiking and Backpacking in Hawaii Blog.  Here is yet another one that I don’t know anything about and will have to check out!  Huge welcome to Dayle who will, hopefully, continue to keep us informed and share these wonderful finds.  We can complain about the work to get there but oh the beauty and sense of accomplishment!  The more mountain the better! Thanks Dayle!

That concludes this Chapter of the Carnival of Aloha.   I think we came out of this pretty well, in spite of all the complaining!  In the coming days I will be talking about things to complain about and the benefit that comes out of it all.

Submit your blog article for the next Chapter using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  • 1 Sheila // Jun 3, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Great carnival, again, Evelyn.

    Sorry I missed it this time.

    I love all the shades of green in the photo. It’s gorgeous!

  • 2 Evelyn // Jun 3, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Hi Sheila! My goodness, Pulelehua, where were you flapping your dainty wings this time?!? 🙂 I missed you!

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