Carnival of Aloha

Kamehameha StatueJoin in the fun and connect to the Carnival of Aloha! Submit one of your Hawai’i posts to this Carnival by using this form.

We are reaching out to all Hawai’i bloggers (or bloggers visiting Hawai’i) to participate in our Carnival of Aloha!

All you need to do is submit one of your posts that talks about a local city, town, event or anything else that’s typically Hawai’i.

Bloggers from other states, or other countries even, are welcome to submit posts to the Carnival of Aloha. If you’ve been to Hawai’i, on vacation or otherwise, and have a story to tell, please share it with us!

Just to keep it simple and to avoid confusion, we have included some guidelines below so that there are no surprises. If everyone adheres to these guidelines things should run smoothly for both the carnival hosts and the participants.


  • We are looking for blog posts that either talk about Hawai’i as a whole, blog posts that are specific to any of the islands, or blog posts featuring a specific town, city or even a street within the confines of the State of Hawaii.  Any topic within these parameters is definitely welcome!
  • This carnival will accept entries from blogs only — that would be those sites with archives, comments, trackbacks, etc.
  • One entry per person or blog per month.  If you write pages and pages of content, just pick your best one!
  • Think high quality for your submissions; the editor for that month is more likely to focus on the top posts so that they receive the most attention.
  • Try to send in recent posts from the last month or two.  We will always consider older posts but if they appear to be “old news” and seem to be a thing of the past, they may have to be passed over.
  • DO NOT send in posts that are advertisements!  We have too much aloha for our readers to inflict that on them.  Please kokua.  Posts of this kind will not be permitted in this carnival.
  • Be sure to submit your entries no later than 9:00 pm Hawaii time on the last Wednesday of the month.  The Carnival will go live on the following Monday.  Gathering up all of the carnival submissions and putting it all together is a lot of work so please adhere to this time schedule.  Posts that miss the deadline will be included in the carnival for the following month.

  • In keeping with the rules of, we need to be sure this Carnival of Aloha remains “G rated.”  Posts should be suitable for the whole family.  Keep your listings clean!  What you put on your blog site is your business but any submissions of profane or offensive material will be removed.



When the Carnival of Aloha hits the blogosphere and your entry is one of the “rides” at the carnival, you will be sent an email with the link to the carnival.  It is then highly recommended that you post about the carnival and share the link with your readers so that they can go check it out!  If all of the participants do the same, then everyone gains by getting new readers to their site!