Calling All Bloggers! Deadline approaching for February Carnival!

Perfect pink hibiscus.This is just a reminder to submit your favorite blog posts to the Carnival of Aloha and share your thoughts and concerns with the rest of us!  Your fellow bloggers can then share the link with their audiences who can discover all of you!  It’s fun stuff, if it’s done right.

I’ve found so many interesting people following the links from Carnivals and Memes.  Hmmm… let’s start a game! What kind of a meme can we start that is Hawaii-specific?  Suggestions anyone?

For an example of a meme, you can check out Noel’s meme over at his blog, A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii.  This meme is a good one for those who love to take pictures of our natural flowers and vegetation.

For those of you who missed this definition, a meme, according to is a “unit of cultural information, such as a concept, belief, or practice, that spreads from person to person…”  In short, a blog meme is the sharing of like information between bloggers.  It’s similar to a blog carnival but not quite the same. 

A meme is a little more focused.  For another great example, you can check out Teaser Tuesdays!  So easy, so informative, and so much fun!  Following the links makes it even better — especially if you like to read!

For the time being, while we think of a new meme for all of us, remember to submit one of your Hawai’i posts to the Carnival of Aloha by using this form!   Now you can’t get mad at me if you forget! 

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