Bloggers Bridging the Distance!

Go Visit Hawaii and Homespun Honolulu were able to connect for a brief greeting at Honolulu International Airport! Bloggers do a lot of bonding online and always hope to someday meet in real life. It’s always exciting to meet a fellow blogger for the first time and this was no exception. Sheila and her husband, Andy, flew in on Friday afternoon from North Carolina

Okay, this may not be the greatest picture in the world but we got it! We were outside the main terminal area so the lighting was poor and the young man who helped us had trouble holding still enough to keep the picture in focus.

Sheila and Me

It had been a long day for me so getting away from work a little early to see these two was the highlight of the afternoon! I’m glad the darling lei stands were in very fresh form with some beautiful leis to choose from!

Sheila kept trying to tell me how she was not feeling right, but, for two people who had just been flying for twelve hours, they looked pretty good to me!

Sheila at Honolulu Airport

Andy at Honolulu Airport

While waiting to board their flight to Kona, Sheila and Andy were kind enough to take turns watching each others bags at the gate so that I could say hello to both of them, in spite of the fact that they had to stand in line to go back through security again. Sorry guys! Thank you! I had to take pictures of them one at a time but we just make adjustments for pictures not taken together!

Pecan and Praline Mix

They made it here and that’s the most important thing! It’s also very important that they have fun while they’re here! Check out GoVisitHawaii and see what Sheila’s been up to since Friday.

Sheila took the time to thank me for the leis but, in reality, I was the fortunate one — fortunate to give leis to people who didn’t expect them and were so happy to receive them! Besides, I had fun being a temporary lei greeter!

Sheila brought this Pecan Praline snack mix that you certainly won’t find anywhere around here! It’s from the Carolinas! Andy brought me a copy of his newly-published book — autographed and everything! I’ll show everyone and talk about it soon, I promise! An author needs a post all to themselves. 🙂

Vog over Middle Street

After leaving the airport I got stuck in traffic but it was good to have a chance to think about our little meeting, melancholy as it was, and contemplate the vog over Middle Street and wonder just what it was like for them to follow the vog back to its origin. Maybe we’ll be able to rope them into Oahu for a few days next time!

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  • 1 Sheila // Mar 19, 2008 at 7:41 am

    Oh my goodness! What a sweet blog post in ADDITION to all the other kindness you’ve shown. We were really so appreciative of all the efforts you went through picking up those lovely leis….getting away from work early….driving to the airport….finding a parking space…..finding the terminal we were in….and then having to get through traffic on your way home. Wow! Just wow! And those leis, we’ll we know those were very special leis. People even stopped us to compliment how nice they were. Mahalo nui loa!

  • 2 Evelyn // Mar 19, 2008 at 8:47 am

    Would you stop! I got lucky with those made-for-you leis! I actually enjoyed sitting still in traffic to think about our airport adventure. The leis were so nice because of the people wearing them! They were just waiting for you guys to get here!

  • 3 Justin // Mar 21, 2008 at 8:20 am

    Seeing some of those pictures from Hawaii makes me miss it 🙁

    I love the blog!

  • 4 Evelyn // Mar 21, 2008 at 9:27 am

    Hi Justin! See, you need to come back and visit often! 🙂 I think I would be sick if I wasn’t here… even though I get irritated about some of the stuff that goes on around here, I think I would be too homesick! Let me know what you want me to talk about and I’ll go find it!

  • 5 HawaiiVacationGifts // Apr 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I am happy you both got to meet but sad I wasn’t there to join in and meet my two favorite bloggers both at the same time. Well, the next time you both come to the Big Island…

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