Achievements of Science and the Human Mind

You just never know what’s going on around town! The strangest things could be happening just about anywhere. I have to admit, I was really fascinated to find out that this kind of research is actually going on in our little town!  Intelligent Human Assistive Technology, or iHAT, is part of what makes Archinoetics tick.  While this kind of technology may be a difficult thing to put your arms around, it is a fascinating study in the literal linkage of technology and the human brain.

Entryway at Archinoetics

A fellow Twitter member asked if anyone would like to participate in one of their scientific studies.  Of course I’m just naturally nosy and, thinking this would be something about “going green” I had to raise my hand.  There was talk from the company about reading vital signs and about studies in fatigue — I knew I was still a good candidate at that point.  The fatigue reference was not what the volunteers were for, but it is part of their ongoing areas of research.

Never underestimate the power of the human brain.  For those of you who cannot decide if your brain is into the sciences or into the arts, like me, you will love this one!  Part of Archinoetics' Brochure Cover

“Archinoetics is currently developing ‘Brain Painting’ applications that allows people to paint on a digital canvas using only their thoughts. This is part of research conducted under a National Science Foundation grant to create brain-computer interfaces.”

When I was visiting with them, I was told that one of their ultimate goals is to create a way for people to use their brain power to operate a computer.  Oh my!  Can you imagine what that kind of technology could do for the blind, for quadriplegics, or for anyone with a condition that limits the abilities?  This is a way to tap into the human mind so we won’t lose any intellectual or artistic treasures these individuals have to share.  See how nicely art and science can mesh together?  🙂

These studies are going on in our own back yard!  They’re right here, in downtown Honolulu!  Visited by politicians and students alike, Archinoetics is reaching out to the community, leaving a mark, and being recognized across the globe.  My favorite part is that they are trying to get and keep the scientific interests and abilities of our youth involved.

“Archinoetics Chief Science Officer Hunter Downs was recognized in the 7th annual ‘Flavors of Technology’ ceremony for being one of Hawaii’s ‘Top 40 High Tech Leaders’. Says Dr. Downs, ‘I think the key to the growth of Hawaii’s technology industry is to promote entry into the industry by young adults / students; impassion them to innovate with new ideas; and then to train them to identify development opportunities for those ideas.'”

Archinoetics is definitely an organization to keep on your radar!  I’m impressed.  They’re going places — they already have.  Down the road this kind of technology may open doors into understanding the severity of brain damage caused by accidents or strokes, and maybe even find ways to repair that damage.  Okay, I’m stretching it, but I’m hopeful that Archinoetics’ achievements in research will someday help the human mind in areas we’ve previously seen as hopeless.

Neuroscience is a fascinating thing and neuro-anything behaves differently from one individual to the next.  Hats off to Archinoetics for their research and for their analysis of ways to harness and interpret the information they are able to extract from their scientific trials.  Research in this area is long overdue!

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  • 1 Keahi Pelayo // Sep 22, 2008 at 10:46 am

    Is this the mapping of the mind or the spirit?

  • 2 Evelyn // Sep 22, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    Hey Keahi! Well, since it’s an electronic-based study I think we should conclude that it is the mind. But, since it seems to ignite the human spirit to see strides like this, I’ll say it’s a little of both. 🙂 Maybe someone from Archinoetics will weigh in and tell us how they see it. After all, emotions can impact the heart rate and I’m sure things like anger can ignite a few brain sparks. 🙂

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