Evelyn A few years ago, after someone accused me of “psycho-analyzing everything,” I suddenly realized that I have acquired a tendency to look for the reasons people say what they say, and the reasons that they do what they do.

This so-called “analysis” and having a snapshot of a person’s psyche does make obnoxious behavior more tolerable – especially when someone decides to blow a fuse for what may seem to us like no apparent reason.

After a few years of psychoanalyzing the people and pets around you, a busy-minded person with a Type-A personality needs to find a challenge to keep their mind from atrophying. So, here I am! Blogging with the rest of the blog aficionados!

Bloggers are opinionated, passionate Netophiles! (I made that word up.) In this way, they are just like me. In other ways, they present one heck of a psychological challenge along with an abundance of Internet knowledge — all to keep my brain muscles all toned up!

Ha! What can I say? Life is good!