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Be Still My Heart! (I seriously need to get a life.)

With all of the businesses closing around town and in key places like Aloha Tower Marketplace (which we will talk more about a little later), it is always heart-warming to see a new one about to open.

I knew this little place on Bishop Street was under construction but I didn’t know what they would be opening.  My co-workers saw the signs before I did and one of them said, “Evelyn’s gonna be happy!”  Sure enough, they were very right!

A new business is under construction!

Just in case you have not been able to make out the logo on those signs in the window, let me see if I can help you with that… just a little bit.

This is where I say, “Be still my heart!”  What can I say?  You may think that I must be losing it but let me tell you, there were at least two other stunned people who were saying, “7-11?  Right on!”

A new 7-11 in Downtown Honolulu!This is an exciting event for me!  I can’t help it.  This is one of my business favorites!  If you could see my bank account statement, the list of charges would look something like this:

7 Eleven
Longs Drugs
Safeway Store
7 Eleven
Safeway Store
ATM Withdrawal
7 Eleven
Zippy’s Rest
Longs Drugs
Safeway Store
7 Eleven
Fresh Cafe

Well, something like that anyway.  You get the point.  If you work in Downtown Honolulu and did not know about this until now, then you should be excited too!

Finally! Downtown Honolulu has been needing a 7-11 Store for a very, very long time. Life is good!  I already know what I’m going to buy, just because I can!   Work life just got better!

Hawaii Pet Expo 2011

Every year I say I am going to go to this event but never quite seem to make it there.  This year I made it and it’s pretty darn amazing.  This is definitely something you should put on your calendars for next year!

Tails of Aloha banner sums up the whole event

No, “Tails of Aloha” is not the banner for the event but that name certainly sums things up nicely.  In reality, Tails of Aloha is the organization that cares for animals that need homes.  Visit their sight and check it out!

People and dogs everywhere!

People were walking around socializing with each other while the dogs were doing their own socializing.  You could tell that these animals had been socialized before — they must go to doggy parks a lot.  They were all so well behaved and people-friendly.  It was fun to watch this all taking place indoors at Blaisdell Center.

Birds are definitely a pet attraction!

The birds are always beautiful to watch and observe but they can also be life-long friends for some lucky people.

Felines have the personality to match!

The cats were here as well.  There were fish too!  Someone actually had koi there!

Persians are fun and fabulous felines!

These baby Persians, my feline breed of choice, were the cutest ever!

This very large Dalmatian was about hip-high if you stood next to him.

Dalmatians come in different breeds!

While there were not 101 Dalmatians at this year’s Expo, I am not altogether sure which one of these Dalmatians was the largest!

Pet Blessing anyone?  For more information on this event you can either visit or call 841-4755.

Pet Blessing Festival takes place on June 5, 2011.

This was definitely an event I would like to attend again.  It was very crowded and there was so much to see.  There were animals and pet foods and animal care products and… just a lot of stuff!  An event for the whole family to enjoy.