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Get to Blaisdell before 5 PM today!

There’s still time to sign up for the Great Aloha Run!

Geoffrey Sewell, MD, President & Executive Medical Director and a Kaiser Vice President whose name I have forgotten.

Get down to the Sports, Health, & Fitness Expo!  It’s a lot of fun and a great community event!

The lead sponsor once again this year is Kaiser Permanente Hawaii.  If you’re a Kaiser patient, make your medical provider proud and come share in the fun and the ongoing efforts to support our community.

Carol Kai was there and she continues to make this a huge part of her life.  There are many corporate sponsors of this event and there are a lot of people who can’t wait to take part in the annual event that the combined effort of all these corporate sponsors has helped to make possible!

Zumba fans can’t wait ’til the doors open to get started on sharing their fitness!

Trying to contain the community’s excitement as GAR approaches is difficult.  The Expo couldn’t even get started without a Zumba crew entertaining onlookers before the doors even opened on Friday afternoon.

Walk, run, skip, just get down there and join in the fun!   According to Carol Kai, there were over 26,000 people signed up for the run before the Expo started.  Be sure to watch the news on Monday evening to hear the total participant count!

After the run, which was wonderful, as always, but way too hot!!! One of the commenters asked if I had any more pics of the Zumba activities going on at the Expo so I am posting what I do have, just for fun.  It was all over way too fast.Zumba goes on  until the blessing and the opening of the doors.Then it moved from outside to inside!

Zumba in full swing at the Expo!

Unfortunately, that’s all I have in the way of Zumba pics. Sorry, Shannon, I thought I had more than this.  Now we have to wait another whole year!  Shucks!

Carnival of Travelers

2011 Chinese New Year parade in Downtown Honolulu

Welcome to the 35th Chapter of the Carnival of Aloha! We’re running late, as usual,  but we get to share some cool imprints left on our visitors.  The best part?  We get to start with some yummy food to kick start our Carnival and kick up our strength!

Malia Yoshioka tells us about Dining on Maui: Local Favorites that she posted over at WhyGo Hawaii, saying, “I was born and raised on Maui and grew up loving the little mom and pop restaurants serving local favorites like dry mein, guri guri, and stick donuts. Here are the 5 places you’ll definitely find me when I return home to the Valley Isle.”  Okay, so Malia’s not exactly a stereotypical visitor.  She’s more like a homing pigeon!

We talk about the warmth of the islands and Ilana is helping us stay warm with a fun after-meal cocktail!

Ilana Eck (aka the Hip Hostess) shares the Hawaiian Lava Flow (cocktail) posted at The Hip Hostess, saying, “Hope you will include this recipe that was inspired by a trip to Hawaii.”

While on the subject of travel and warmth, and while we have many visitors that we call snowbirds, and even homing pigeons, we have a definite magnet attraction for some.  My favorite magnet pulls my butterfly, Sheila, back to us again and again.

Sheila presents an Aloha Friday Photo: Leaping Legends Editions posted at Hawaii Vacation Blog –, where she shares, “We have an ongoing series of Aloha Friday Photos that feature reader’s Hawaii vacation photos. For the carnival, I’m sharing just one of the many great photos we’ve featured. This one was sent to me from wonderful readers who live in Italy.”

All the way from Italy!  We’re on a travel roll with this chapter of our Carnival and we can’t possibly talk about island hopping or mainland travel either for that matter, without talking about our own mascot, Leilani, at Hawaiian Airlines.

CreditCardGuru presents Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Review: The Pros & Cons posted at credit card forum [the blog], saying, “My 2011 review of the Hawaiian Airlines credit card!”

We can share more of the reasons why we have homing pigeons!
Hawaii Beaches shares just A Few Of The Top Attractions On The Big Island posted at Hawaii Beaches.

Pua then follows Hawaii Beaches with some of the beaches on the Big Island!

Pua presents Best Big Island Beaches Youtube Videos posted at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog, saying, “What is your ‘Best Big Island beach?’ We love to hear from Hawaii visitors and residents.”

Travel costs money.  Earning money means taxes.  So, on a more practical note,

OahuRealEstateOnline tells us about sending love letters to the IRS when they talk about Love and Taxes!  They are providing us with “Real Estate News you can use!”

That concludes this chapter, so don’t forget to submit your blog articles to the next chapter of the Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form.   The guidelines can be found here.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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