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The Cell Phone Saga

My Phone Came In!

I recently wrote about finding a really cool Sprint store at Mililani Town Center?  My new cell phone came in earlier than expected.  I figured out a way to get there earlier than planned.  I made it and, although my Sprint friend, Matt, wasn’t there, the staff in the store were a big help and fixed me up just fine!

Sprint Store in Mililani Town Center

They hung in and stayed with me until the memory was all mapped over to the new phone and I was comfortable enough with its use to be on my way.  I swear, this is the best Sprint Store ever!  Yeah, yeah, they try to sell you stuff, but they do such a very good job of it!  Their follow-up and follow through was excellent!

I don’t know if anyone remembers but I told you guys that things were going to happen that make me a little bit hissy.  I even mentioned it when I started talking about just wanting to get a haircut at Supercuts.  So, here I was, back at the same shopping center, and here I was heading home, and here is where I am about to get hissy again, or worse!

I did mention that I always get lost in Mililani, didn’t I?  The technology on my new little phone was a bit more advanced than the older one so switching the service over took a little bit longer than planned.  By the time I left the store it was late, dark, and raining.  Needless to say, visibility was minimal.

“Go back the way you came,” I told myself,” and you’ll get right back on the freeway.”  No problem.  Right?  Wrong!

I’m disoriented, I can’t even see my self-created landmarks, and I should have turned but I didn’t!  Or, I did turn and I shouldn’t have.  (Even now, I still really don’t know.)  I’m lost!  I can’t see the street signs through the darkness and rain, so that’s not helping.

“Okay, just keep going downhill and you’ll eventually get back to something familiar.  Then you’ll know where you are.”

Just as I made that decision I ran into something that jolted me out of my seat and scared me to death.  It also totaled my tire!

“Who the hell puts a curb in the middle of the street?!?” 

A concrete curb installed in the middle of Kipapa Drive

There were a few other “choice” words thrown into that sentence but I will spare you that part.  The photo above shows how narrow and winy the path to get around it is I understand why they did it.  I know it was to slow drivers down.  Mililani High School is on one side and a recreation center is on the other so I get it!  But, there is a better way to slow drivers down without putting them in harm’s way or destroying their vehicles.  “You dumb, *&$*%#!”

Uh, let’s see — lights?  Warning signs?  Lights on the median strip?  Anything would have been better than what was there — which was NOTHING!  Yeah, I think I had good cause to be hissy at that point.

Close-up of one of the broken poles

There were little plastic poles on both ends of this nightmare but they were both knocked over.  Gee, ya think maybe a few other people had this problem too???  Check out all of the tire marks seen on these photos of this middle-of-the-street “curb!”  A police officer stopped to be sure I was okay.  Shaken, angry, and a little banged around, but I was fine.  “The main thing is that you’re okay,” he said.  Uh huh, he knew!

Kipapa gulch has such a bad rap because of all the accidents, ghost stories, and urban legends that have shocked people over the years but, I swear, Kipapa Drive is worse!  That’s where this story took place — where Kipapa Drive meets Ikaloa Street.  This thing is such an anomaly it’s even visible on Google maps!  I really think the D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) needs a letter, or maybe even a reprimand!  Shall we at least talk about maintenance?  If those stupid, useless poles were supposed to be the markers should they not have fixed them or figured out they needed a better solution?  They’re just lucky that the damage to me personally was nothing more than a shock to my nerves and a bump or two! But I am digressing.

Going back up the road I came down

To continue the story, I’m now alone, in the dark, it’s raining, I don’t know where I am, and there’s a gaping hole in my tire.  Then, to make matters worse, I suddenly have a strange young man telling me he will help me fix my tire if I will give him a ride back to Kalihi.  Hmmm… he wants to get to Kalihi, what is he doing here?  What is he doing walking around Mililani with just a back pack and without any transportation of his own?  Even if I wanted to accept his offer, which I didn’t, my car had no jack and no tire iron.  I guess I never had a reason to look for either one so I never noticed that they were missing.

Man did I miss my little Datsun at that moment.  Datsun was a model of car; it became the brand young people know today as Nissan.  Trust me, I’ve had to explain this to some people younger than I!  Anyway, the tire would have been changed, by me, and I would have been back on the road in less than half an hour.

Mini Kipapa gulch on the side of the road

I do the usual — call my husband and tell him I’m stuck.  Husband finally finds me, he is furious, the strange guy is still hanging around and that makes him even more furious.  The tow truck driver who finally shows up is a lazy young guy who just wanted to tow us somewhere rather than help us change the tire.  He had neither a clue nor any desire to help us.  Loser!

Fortunately, we are in Mililani.  Mililani has a WalMart!  They had both a jack and a tire iron.  We got what we needed and got the darn tire changed.  It Jack and tire iron from WalMartwas no easy task either!  The lug nuts were frozen and not budging.  Even full body weight was not moving them.  Then, finally!  The nuts came lose, we changed the tire and got to the nearest gas station with an air hose before the spare ended up too damaged to get us home. I could go off here about having to PAY for air, but I won’t.  But I’m thinking it!  (That is another thing that makes me hissy!)

Whew!  OMG!  It was actually 2 a.m. before we were safely home and I pulled the blanket up over my head.  After all of that, didn’t I have a reason to be upset?  Even a little bit upset?

Durable Motorola phone from SprintI know technology can be challenging on occasion but all of that for a cell phone?  You have got to wonder if the technology is worth all of that drama!

Aw, poor little phone.  The phone is happy now.  My friend, Coco, and her mother just got back from Serbia and they gave me a pretty little hand-woven pouch — especially for my phone!

Phone with its new hand-made pouch

(Coco is our choir director and she’s actually tired of seeing me pull my phone out of my bra at the most inopportune times.)

What a spoiled little phone!  It has its own blanket!  A hand-made blanket!

What about the car?  What happened to the tire? That will be part four of this long story.  One thing just leads to another!

Drama to be continued…


It’s Blog Carnival Time! Jump on and pick a ride!

Welcome to the July, 2010 edition of Carnival of Aloha.  I’m at a loss for words, Leiwhich is rare, and I’m not quite sure where to start.  I think we will let Sheila help us decide where to go first.

Sheila tell us How to Pick the Best Hawaiian Island(s) For Your Vacation and she posted this over at Hawaii Vacation Blog –, saying, “I see so many folks struggling to choose which island(s) that best suit them for their vacation. So, after a lot of thought, I prepared this list of useful resources.”

Okay, we need to get something to eat first to work up our energy!

I guess I’m going to be in charge of feeding us this time but do be sure to visit this Sign for Safeway’s “just for U” campaign0ne and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for a Safeway Gift Card!  And you don’t have to live in Hawai’i to enter either!

Evelyn Hunter (that’s me) says that There’s a grocery list “Just for U!” posted right here at Homespun Honolulu.  I do love my food and I do love my grocery store for feeding me!  Writing about Safeway is always a pleasure — especially when my Pali Safeway is the best one.  Follow the link and tell me that your Safeway is better.  Go ahead!  (Take the bait — it’ll get you entered in the drawing!) 

Now that we have been fed, we can start our journey with the clean beaches of our Nation’s coastline.

Roger Elmore joins us for the first time and shares America’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches Not on the Gulf Coast posted at Hospitality Management Schools.  The oil spill has been at the top of news for over two months now and it’s good to know that three of those ten beaches belong to the State of Hawai’i!  Thank you, Roger, for sharing a recap of our Nation’s beautiful beaches!

We all know how important our beaches are to us.  We are also sensitive about our ocean-dwelling neighbors.  Please join me in welcoming Cynthia to our little Carnival ohana as she takes us to the Big Island of Hawai’i and reminds us just how important our ocean friends are to us.

Cynthia Hoskins shares Turtle Independence Day at Mauna Lani Bay posted at her blog, asynchronicity.  This is the coolest thing!  Apparently this is becoming an annual event.  Mahalo to Sea Life Park for providing the baby honu and mahalo to Mauna Lani Bay for raising and caring for them! Mahalo, Cynthia, for sharing their story with us! Thank you for joining us!

We’re not done with our biggest island yet…

Andrew Cooper helps us shed some light on the telescope controversy at the top of our Big Island of Hawai’i by sharing an abundance of information about Astronomy and the Island Community posted at A Darker View.   Thank you, Andrew, for that moonbeam spotlight — pulling all of the information and useful links together for us to examine in much better detail than we’ve been getting piecemeal.

Now, after all of this food for thought, we need to unwind and contemplate all of this mental input!

Pua helps us relax with the Best Hawaii Sunset Photos posted at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog, saying, “The sunsets in Hawaii are unique and special to visitors and residents. Experiencing a rare ‘Green Flash’ sunset makes it even more exciting. Come visit our Best Hawaii Sunset photos and let us know which sunset photo you like best.”

Thank you, Pua, for helping us wrap up this, the 28th Chapter of our Carnival.  Be sure to submit your blog articles to the next edition of Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Extending time for July Carnival submissions!

Taro and ferns at Ho’omaluhiaShare the Aloha at the July Carnival!

In the interest of sharing the holiday, I’ve extended the deadline for sending in your submissions until Sunday,  July 4th!

Send in the link to your favorite blog post and join in the fun on July 5th when we share your link along with the links of other Carnival participants.

In case you’re new to this site and wondering what a blog Carnival is, go check out this one about pet owners who are Pet Writers. I found them and shared a blog post with there!

As a special note, just in case you missed it, named O’ahu as one of its 8 Best 4th of July Destinations! They used our friend Sheila’s blog,, to put the icing on their story!  Sheila wrote about Oahu’s July 4th Fireworks and Events 2010 and FOX picked up on her link.  Outstanding!  That just goes to show you, if you really want to know about stuff, ask a blogger!

Send in your posts using the submission form found hereHappy 4th of July! Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe, and don’t forget to submit your posts!

I can’t wait to see what you have to share with the rest of the blogosphere!  See you on the 5th!