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Connecting the Nautical Dots

We’ll start this circle of dots with Matson and its lovely containers — bringing us food, building materials, and Christmas trees!

Matson ship bringing containers into Honolulu.

Matson, bless its heart, recently lowered shipping rates before it was required to do so.  I’m sorry, I have to give them brownie points for that; I thought that was pretty fantastic news!

The USS Missouri (affectionately known as the “Mighty Mo”) represents a circle all its own.  The Arizona marks the spot where the United States was goaded into WWII and the USS Missouri represents, in the mind of many, the end of that horrible war.  The Mighty Mo has recently moved into drydock for maintenance and preservation work for the first time in over eleven years.  She’ll be back in the water come January, 2010.

As we’re preserving historic artifacts, still my heart aches as my darling boat, the Falls of Clyde, hangs on at Pier 7 while it too waits for a spot at drydock, as well as more funds to help with its restoration.

Anchor displayed next to the Falls of Clyde

As the Falls of Clyde clings to existence we connect right back with Matson who built that boat oh so many years ago.  Trust me I’ve tried to impress on them that any charitable funding would be preserving part of their own history as well!

Falls of Clyde tie

These are all news tidbits but where they will go and what will happen next remains to be seen.

You can go here for more detail about Honolulu’s maritime darling.

For those naysayers out there, I offer this quote from the Friends of the Falls of Clyde’s website:

Some members of the board of FoFOC [Friends of the Falls of Clyde] were fortunate enough to meet with Mori Flapan and his wife, who were in Hawaii on holiday. Mori has been a big supporter of the efforts of FoFOC even from afar. He has had a long career in the Australian maritime industry and has been intimately involved in historic ship preservation. He provided some recommendations for making our efforts successful. His work with the ship James Craig spanned a period of 20 years, but was very successful. He told us that we are well ahead of many restoration projects because Falls of Clyde is in much better shape than other ships that have been fully restored. We are greatly bolstered by this knowledge.

I’m gonna go with being “bolstered” by that too!

With the Falls we bring this blog post full circle back to Matson.  The Falls is the only remaining member of a Matson fleet of ships from more than a century ago!

Boats and Ink Blots

Last Saturday while my mother and I were meandering around with no particular goal in mind, we ended up down by Pier 38 where the fishy restaurants are, like Nico’s.

Tanya Rose

You know how sometimes you see something that reminds you of something else — like a cloud that looks like a bunny rabbit, or whatever form you think it looks like, or those ink blot tests that shrinks give you?  Well, if you look at the darling relic above long enough, you might think you see a dog.

Mom did.  She thought we were looking at a painting on the side of the boat.  Boats, much like our cars, suffer from the defacing and oftentimes debilitating effects of our coastline salt spray.  The boats suffer more so of course since they’re sitting in it!  We eventually found ourselves on the opposite side of this boat when we found out her name is Tanya Rose.

So, what does the Tanya Rose actually do?  What’s its function?  I don’t know. I tried to ascertain its duties from one local woman who simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “I dunno, it’s probably a trawler or something.” She had a slight grin on her face — somewhat amused by our boat-ly curiosity.  At that point I told her the dog story.  She looked at the boat, tilted her head and said, “Oh yeah!  With its tail up yeah?”

If nothing else, the Tanya Rose certainly makes for a good conversation piece.  Mom was so sure we were admiring a piece of artwork.  Who’s to say the sea is without her own artistic abilities?

Hawai’i Craftsmen’s 42nd Annual Exhibition

Woman in the Wind Natural Wooden ArtI’m a sucker for things that are naturally fantastic.  I saw this wood piece at an art show at Honolulu Academy Art Center At Linekona back in 2007 and have marvelled at it ever since.

This sensual “woman” was made by the artist from one piece of wood. Unfortuantely for me, I no long have the artists name. I will try to find it and include it here later! What a genius. I don’t remember the price either, or if it was even for sale. I didn’t notice the blue ribbon at first, until I was done gawking in disbelief.

I get way too worked up about these things but I do love them because I’m crazy like that!  Everyone should give it a try at least once!  The Hawai’i Craftsmen are having their 42nd Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition right around the corner and I’m excited to go see what they will have for us to see.  Don’t worry, the Exhibition runs from October 10th to the 31st so you have lots of time.  Just don’t put it too far on the back burner!

Honolulu Academy Art Center At Linekona
1111 Victoria Street
Honolulu, Hawai’i
(On the makai (ocean) side of Beretania Street between Thomas Square and McDonald’s)