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Carnival Says Cyber Bon Voyage to Hawaii Superferry

All aboard for the March 30, 2009 edition of the Carnival of Aloha!  Since we will probably not say much about it for a long time, I thought it might be appropriate to make the Superferry our means of “transportation” this month.For those who have not heard, the Superferry is leaving the islands.  We may not have reason to talk about them again, except for the unfortunate, financial fall-out left behind for some interisland businesses that found it a thriftier way to transport their goods.


That being said, lets talk about the water!

Wayne Cross shares My First Scuba Diving Vacation posted at First Scuba Diving Vacation, saying, “Everybody who dives has to have a first diving experience. Mine was about twenty years ago of the Big Island of Hawaii with a group of my friends. None of us were certified. How could we be, since it was our first time? If we had been certified, at least we could have said we had previously dived to the bottom of some community pool back on the mainland.”  Scuba is still on my list of things to do, Wayne, so you’re ahead of me!  🙂

Angie keeps us in the water only not quite as deep as she asks, Going snorkeling? Know what you’re looking at which she shares with us over at True Aloha.  This is a great resource for snorkelers who want to be able to identify both the strange and the beautiful.  Thanks for sharing, Angie!

Kris Nelson takes us back on land but doesn’t let us dry off much as we go Chasing Waterfalls over at the Ka’anapali Dreamin’ Blog. Kris says, “This is one entry of many in our Trip Journal from our stay in Maui last month. We did so many amazing things this year, but our return to Hana was certainly way up on the top of that list.”  Hana would always be at the top of my list too, Kris. Thank you for joining us and for sharing your explorations.  🙂

Liz Wright presents SNL Mocks Clueless Hawaiian Honeymooners posted at Travelogged.  I honestly got a really good chuckle out of the clip.  I thought about it and read some of the comments about the clip.  Yes, it wasn’t very nice of Saturday Night Live to take a pot shot like that, but SNL is satire afterall.  While blown out of proportion, it isn’t too far from the truth about a lot of places.  But then, I would imagine you could say the same thing about any State, although I’m not sure.  I still liked the video, I couldn’t help it.

Well, while reality can be a little depressing laughter is always a good medicine.  Besides, when we get depressed what do we do?  We eat!  Andrew has done a fine job of feeding us for this Carnival!

Andrew Cooper tells us all about  SPAM – A Darker View posted at A Darker View.  Oh my, the onolicious things you can make with SPAM!  Honest!  Trust me, if you come to visit and stay around long enough, you’ll love it too!

Aside from yummy recipes, we’ve got more good news, at least I think it’s good news!

Ryan Suenaga stopped by to let us in on a little secret.  Ryan notices an increase in speed shares it with us in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Hidden Bandwidth Upgrade? posted over at Uncommon Cents.  I think you may be right, Ryan.  And here I thought my little laptop was just that good.  Shucks!  🙂

See, we do have things to celebrate!  Just like the end of the work week and fireworks on a Friday.  Oh, wait, we’ve got that too!

Sheila made sure that we would have some for the Carnival!  She tells us all about the Free Fireworks Show Every Friday Night in Waikiki that she posted over at Go Visit Hawaii.  Sheila, you may need to ask Andy to share how he got those great photos! Those are wonderful!

Wouldn’t it be great to watch the fireworks while snuggled up in a quilt?

Kris Bordessa has us “covered” with the Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Quilt Exhibit posted at Big Island on the Cheap.  Kris says, “The art of Hawaiian quilting has captured the imagination of people from around the world. As part of the upcoming Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo, the Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Quilt Exhibit runs from 4/4/09-4/30/09.”  This is awesome stuff gang.  If you can get there, by all means, do!

I did it again.  I ran into something that I couldn’t resist including here.  Kris created the perfect spot for it too.  Emery is going to kill me for not asking but time was too short.  I just discovered this yesterday and I couldn’t help myself.

Emery tells all about how their hula halau planted WAUKE!  You guys have got to read this over at the Halau Na Pua ‘O Uluhaimalama blog.  This is yet another cultural happening over on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Wauke is the plant they make tapa cloth out of.  Cool!  I just thought this was so awesome, it pulled at my heart strings, and I really wanted to share!

Now I ask you, what’s better to follow a hula halau than a selection of our favorite Hawaiian flowers?

Pua took care of that for us as she tells all about Our Favorite Hawaiian Flowers at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog.  Pua includes a virtual invitation saying, “Hawaii residents and visitors to the Hawaiian Islands alike admire the unique beauty of tropical flowers. We invite all of you to share your ‘favorite Hawaiian flower’ with our Best Hawaii Vacation blog visitors. Let’s have some flower power fun! Mahalo, Pua”

That concludes this edition.  I have not posted enough to justify sharing my own post this go ’round.  I’ve got 11 or 12 posts in the blog oven but they’re not quite done.

Signing off this time and thanking the Superferry for taking a chance and making a go of it.  Sorry guys.

Like me, you bloggers need to submit your favorite blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  The guidelines are here.

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Final Call for the April Carnival of Aloha

The April chapter of the Carnival of Aloha is scheduled to go live on March 30th.  The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday, March 27th!

Birds of a Feather hanging out on the lawn

So, let’s all make like birds of a feather and pull our posts together!  Please join us for the upcoming Carnival by submitting your favorite post about Hawaii using this submission form.  I’m looking forward to reading the fun and interesting things that come “flying” in at the last minute!   

Lex Brodie’s: More Than Just Gas!

Lex Brodie sign

Oh the grief of getting a flat tire!  Oh the grief of getting a flat tire on a Sunday after 12 noon!

“NO!  Where am I going to go?!?  I’ve got enough air to get a couple of miles, maybe 10, and then I have to add more air.  Pick a direction.  Which way?  Who’s open?  Head for the mechanics and tire places that know your car!  Go!”

Okay, let’s head for an area where Sam’s Club and Lex Brodie’s are a stone’s throw away from each other.  Get the number for Lex Brodie’s, punch the number into the phone, and head on out!

“You’re open until 3:00?!?  I’m on my way, I’ll be right there!”

Sure enough.  They were there, they were willing to either fix my tire or sell me a new one.  They patched the hole, more like a gash, tested the tire for leaks, and it was good to go!

Lex Brodie's Tire Company

Yes, they’ve got gas, but they have a lot more.  They’ve got staff — real people that can actually help you!  On Sunday!

Lex Brodie gas pumps

You’ll notice from the pictures that it was getting very late in the afternoon.  As I waited for them to print up my bill and receipt, I promised them that my next set of new tires will come from there. They have got service! I’ve got gratitude.

Lex Brodie’s
701 Queen Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-536-9381

Kim Taylor Reece Celebrates 30 Years!

Kim Taylor Reece with his work as a backdropThis photo was taken at the grand opening of the Kim Taylor Reece Gallery at 1142 Bishop Street back in February or March of 2007, which I crashed.  I crashed it, not because I knew it was happening, but because I followed the sound of the dragon drums at a very odd time of the year and at a strange time of the day for downtown Honolulu — it was already after 5:00 PM. 

I walked right into this, uninvited, but I’m glad I did!  It was great news and I couldn’t wait to blog about it. 

This is part of what I said back then:

“To his credit, Kim has devoted many years to absorbing and perfecting the knowledge of his subject matter. He has developed one art form that displays another! His talent only enhances the beauty of the cultural treasure that is the Hawaiian art of the hula.”

Tomorrow evening, March 19, 2009, during the Third Thursday festivities for the month, Mr. Reece will be celebrating 30 Years of photographic genius!    

If you check out the website and look at some of his work, you’ll see why I said the following: 

“Much of his work, as I see it anyway, is derived from his fascination with Hawaii’s beauty and culture, and his obvious admiration of the female body.”

And, yes, I appreciate that latter part too! 🙂  I appreciate that someone can see art there and doesn’t mind letting the world know about it! 

Okay, so I guess this all makes me a fan.  Get down to the Kim Taylor Reece Gallery for the 30th Anniversary celebration and you will be too!  That’s Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. 

Homespun Honolulu sends out a heartfelt aloha and a huge congratulations to Kim Taylor Reece on the 30th anniversary of his artistic achievements!  Mahalo, Kim, for capturing and preserving some of the beauty of Hawaii’s culture!   

Kim Taylor Reece Gallery
1142 Bishop Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

NERD ALERT: SearchAppalooza Contest!

The deadline is so close!  Where are all of our programming gurus?!?  Come on all of you computer nerds (that’s a compliment), this sounds like fun for you guys!   

This is so cool and I am such an admirer of people who are gifted enough to create a search application and enter a contest like this!  But, click on this cute picture — there’s only nine (9) days left! 

There is no entry fee but submissions are only going to be accepted until March 18th!  HURRY! 

I have no idea how long it would take to create such a beast but it sounds like a great opportunity.  Unfortunately for me, I graduated from college right before computer-anything was a requirement.  Ready, set, go!

Does Mended Trust Still Have Hairline Cracks?

Hawaiian yarn lei with koa embellishments Sometimes, patience is a virtue.  Sometimes falling behind in your blogging can be a blessing.  Check this out, back in January I started to write this post and then, for some reason, I thought better of it, saved it, and held off publishing it.

This is how I started:

“You have GOT to be kidding me!  What kind of a court master would recommend such a thing?  No, I’m not the only one who is reacting this way.   You’ve got to love the Honolulu Advertiser for letting people leave comments and share their opinion!

“For those who don’t know what all of the hollering is about, you might want to check out Samuel King and Randall Roth’s book, Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement, And Political Manipulation at America’s Largest Charitable Trust.  See, the corruption that all of us remember so vividly resurfaces whenever something as preposterous as this makes the headlines.  This horrible story made headlines across the Nation about ten or eleven years ago. 

“Let’s put it this way, Bernice Pauahi would have thrown up her hands in horror if she had witnessed these now-historical events.  Of course, she also would have thrown up her hands in horror when they removed the Bishop name from the name of the school.  So great a love should not have been dealt such a horrible blow.  Perhaps we’ll talk about that at a later date.”

As luck would have it, my blogger muse held off pursuing this story, right at that moment.  Part of what held me back was a secret hope that the trustees would do something exactly like what they’ve done!

After the courts approved their raise, the trustees opted to take a 10% cut instead.  I’m serious — they cut their own pay!

In short, the answer to the question in the title of this post is, “No, there are no hairline cracks.  The Trust was mended some time ago and the trust of the people was restored.”

What did they say about it?

“The trustees are committed to the keiki our trust exists to serve, and to the careful management of resources that will allow Kamehameha Schools to educate native Hawaiians in perpetuity.”

A historical resource like this one needs to be protected and it sounds like the trustees are taking their fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities seriously.  Mahalo and kudos to the Kamehameha Schools trustees.  🙂

Kamehameha Schools is a fine institution that produces some very fine graduates.  The students learn the subjects that all the schools teach, of course, but they also learn the history and culture of Hawai’i to a greater degree than most.  The trustees protect and preserve the trust and its ability to educate while the students leave with the benefit and ability to protect and preserve the culture.

I have other stories that I’ve held back on and I’ll share my initial, knee-jerk reaction with you guys and then tell you why I’m glad that I held back.  Yeah, this one could have been two blog posts but I have no desire to cut people down — until I find out that I’m justified in doing so.  I did not say that I would stop being a b*tch if I’m pretty darn sure that I’m right.  🙂

March Carnival Riding Along

Welcome to the March, 2009 Chapter of the Carnival of Aloha!  I was a little stumped about our method of transportation this month but it suddenly hit me — let’s just take a car!

Rolls Royce for the Carnival

This lovely, cushy ride was one of the automobiles at the recent Kruse International Collector Car auction held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Valentine’s Day.

We have got a lot of things to talk about this month so we need some sustenance to get us through!  We’re stopping for food first!  No eating in the car, please.  🙂

Kris had some trouble getting submission site to work right while trying to submit the following post but we got it through and now we all get to share in the reward — this is an awesome write-up about Fresh Pao Doce – Thursdays posted at Big Island on the Cheap.  Pao Doce (Portuguese sweet bread) for all!  The pictures are sure to get your mouth watering.  Now that I think about it, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Portuguese sweet bread.  Great post, Kris, and the pictures are awesome!

Kuanyin speaks volumes in her post, Maui At The Crossroads posted at Who’s Yo Mama?.  In these economic times, it’s all about having that kind of positive attitude, in spite of it all.  Maui seems to have this down!

Liza joins us from A Maui Blog and tells us to “Just Talk Story” on Maui.  We should just talk story no matter where we are.  Like a lot of us, Liza gets hung up on writing something great and ends up with blogger’s block.  Liza let go of that idea and decides to share with us what’s on her mind and what’s happening soon.  That really worked out nicely, Liza!

Meanwhile, over on Kauai, there’s a little bit of trouble sleeping.

Vanessa Wolf warns us about a Dead Rooster Walking posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland.  This little guy’s days were numbered as you will see in the tone of this sleep-deprived blogger visiting Kauai and its avian population.  I had to chuckle at this one, Vanessa.  Sorry, I loved it!

All is not lost, we do have one visitor who plans to come back.  (I really don’t think the roosters were enough to keep Vanessa away anyway!)

Lindsay shares the post about Hawaii Shore Excursion Ideas for Cruisers posted at Cruises 101.  Makes me want to take a cruise too!  I think I’ll avoid the helicopter rides though.  Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing this.  I don’t think I have heard any real feedback about the cruises from island to island. Feel free to share more of this adventure with us!

There’s a lot of room for adventures and Sheila, our Hawaii boomerang, found another.

Sheila gives us more excitement by telling us how she went to See the Banzai Pipeline at Ehukai Beach Park posted at Hawaii Vacation Blog –  Sheila said, “Well, I finally got to see the big ones and what a mesmerizing sight it was! It was so interesting that we went to watch the waves on two days of our 7 day Oahu vacation.” Thanks, Sheila, I so need to get out there!

The vacation/adventure options don’t stop there.

Pua presents a Mauna Kea Summit Adventure that she posted at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog.  Pua asks if we’ve “Ever wondered what else you can do on top of snow-covered Mauna Kea summit, besides stargazing and watching the spectacular sun rise over the Big Island? Read Keoki’s very own ‘Mauna Kea Summit adventure’. Sorry guys the post got a little long, so we decided to deliver it in 2 parts. Don’t forget to click the link to ‘Mauna Kea Volcano’ which is the beginning of the story. The only part missing is the photo of Keoki on his boogie board – no digital camera then. Too bad!”  Aw, shucks!  Digital cameras are such a God-send aren’t they, Pua?

There are other reasons to visit Hawai’i.  No matter why you come to visit, you’re left with a lasting impression.

Jason Zuckerman put his impression into his art work. Aloha, Welcome to Big Kahuna’s Kite Shop posted at Jay Zuck’s Sketch of the Day, was very moving for me when I read it.  Jay says, “I chronicle my journey to Hawaii to scatter my Nana’s ashes in the warm waters of the land she loved. The trip inspired a fun layout sketch I call, ‘Aloha, Welcome to Big Kahuna’s Kite Shop.'”  I think you should make prints, Jay, so we can buy them and share the story whenever somebody asks us about it.  Thanks, Jay, for sharing that bit of aloha you took home with you!  Definitely a conversation piece!

The next one is my doing, thanks to Entrecard.  The icon and the title of this blog fascinated me and then this post caught my attention.

Jack over at Comics Legends and Lore wrote a post that caught my eye.  Charlie don’t surf was an unexpected find and one that I’ll call a piece of educational history that actually kind of links in nicely with Homespun Honolulu’s most recent blog about Hanauma Bay’s Historical Firsts.

My goodness, what an electic group for this Chapter!  They all complimented each other well and went together without a hitch!  Must be that car!  That concludes this edition and, as always, I can’t thank the contributors enough for their educational and flavorful submissions.  You guys are the best!

Don’t forget to submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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