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Maturity, Sensuality and Kindred Spirits


It is rare that you will ever see a “warning” like this around here.  In fact, you may never see it again.  There are people who are very sensitive to things that are outside the norm and not in sync with society’s morality checks.  With that in mind, I will warn all that I am sharing something with you that I found fascinating, but that remains a little, uh, off-the-cuff.

There are bloggers out there who have been afraid to become involved with Entrecard because they are afraid to have lewd or nasty pics and links added to their site.  The truth is, you get to approve each an every one before it appears and, if you reject it, you get to tell them why.  I rejected one.  I was concerned it would not be in keeping with the tone and personality of this blog.  I felt horrible doing it.  I was intrigued and impressed by this young lady and decided to change my mind, at my own risk, and then tell you why.  Hence the warning.

This little avatar is “clickable” so be PSLforewarned.  Read on.  I was actually quite taken by this blog, Phone Sex Life.  It was not so much because of what it is but more by the fact that this young lady, or Phone Girl, as she refers to herself, is a college student majoring in, of all the perfect things, psychology.  Talk about a truck-load of case studies!

Phone Girl is no different than any other student who is trying to balance the need for study time and the need for additional income to survive.  She is also no different than the rest of us bloggers who look for more readers, more comments and more income.  What most of us get is maybe more readers, perhaps a few more comments, and not quite so much income.  🙂   In the interest of sharing a little link love with another struggling blogger, I am happy to step out on the limb for this young lady.

To bring it home, I will point out that Honolulu is not without its side-steps from society’s norms either.  Most of you who frequent Nimitz Highway have seen this place.  Some of you may even have entered the doorway or maybe even done a little shopping.

Store Sign

It’s right there.  Plain as day.  I’m not making this up.  What do they sell?  If I have to spell it out, I’ll have to put up another “WARNING!”  So, I won’t.  The photo below may help you figure it out, or you can go check it out for yourself — as long as you’re eighteen or over.  🙂  WARNING:  Here’s their link.


So, what’s my point?  Let’s not, any of us, be so quick to judge until we know the whole picture.  A young lady working her way through school and trying to deal with day to day living is not a bad thing.  She’s an adult, she’s staying safe, and I’ll bet she’s good at her job too.  There are much worse things that all of us could be doing! Besides, it’s fun and a great study in the human mind for a psychology student.  It’s a little off the wall, but a serious element of the human psyche nonetheless.

There’s nothing like something as zany as what our Phone Girl is doing to keep us all just a little younger and just a little more aware of what’s out there and what we need to be aware of and avoid!  Come on you guys, I know there are other ladies out there who know what I’m talking about.  We always try to find a few kindred spirits to share things with and share ideas to keep each other safe and away from the dangers out there.  A lot of topics can be very touchy so we do our best not to offend the sensitive.  With the sensitive in mind, I will go no further.

So, as we get older, where do we go from here?  Well let’s see, Thought Prints, and blogs like it, can take us on to where we go from here — no matter what state or country we live in!  I was so tickled when I saw this little article and I had to giggle; I’m sure you will too!  Even if you’re male, you will be able to see at least some semblance of your other half in there somewhere, even if they’re not close to menopause.  🙂  There is no warning for this site, just an extra note about the web address, “Prism of Whispers.”  Is that the greatest name or what?!?

Getting older can still be fun.  As long as we can share things and work together to make the blogosphere and our homes fun, happy, and safe all at the same time, then we can say we are successful at what we do.  It’s all in your perception.  All warnings are over for this post.  Sorry if I have offended anyone.  You really should be giggling at this point, or at least smiling.  🙂

Okay, so I was just oddly touched and wanted to share some of this with others who might feel the same as me.  You know, a kindred spirit or two.  🙂

Honolulu’s Assorted Happenings

ffmaile2.jpgThere are so many little things going on in Honolulu that it’s hard to keep track of them all!  Here’s just a few things that have happened, or are happening, that have peaked my interest.  These are not in any particular order, they have just been large blips on my radar so I wanted to be sure to share them or remind everyone!  🙂

–> First of all, today is the deadline for submissions to the Carnival of Aloha!  Don’t forget to submit your Hawaii-topic posts!  If you need a little extra time, just let me know.

–> The start of a new season of University of Hawaii college football is almost upon us.  Not that anything will be able to compare to the last couple of stellar years the University has had, but it will be nice to watch our team play and grow again.

–> It’s almost time to vote!  I really don’t know what the ballots are going to look like for the primary election but it’s coming up on Saturday, September 20, 2008.  If you’re not registered to vote, get with it!  It may be too late for the primary election at this point, but there’s still time to get registered for the general election!

Little League World Series Logo> I need to send out great big belated “Congratulations!” to the young athletes of the Waipio Little League baseball team!  They won!  Last weekend they won the World Championship against Mexico — our boys!  It’s all that great air and active lifestyle on the west side of Oahu.  🙂  I had to throw that in.  Even the New York Times posted an article about them!

–> Finally, I need to send a lot of kudos over to Big City Diner in Aiea.  We’ll talk more about it all later but I have avoided this particular topic as it made me very angry and I didn’t know quite what to do with that amount of ire.

Big City Diner hosted an all-day fundraiser on August 19th for the benefit of the children of Janel Tupuola.  A percentage of all purchased menu items on that day were to be donated to the “Janel Tupuola’s Keiki Fund” to benefit the five surviving children.

You see, Janel Tupuola was bludgeoned (I hate that word) to death with the butt of a gun by her ex-boyfriend back in January of this year.  The jerk, Alapeti Siuanu Tunoa, Jr., was charged with second-degree murder but I have heard nothing since then.   You can count on one thing — when I hear, so will you!

Anyway, Big Mahalos to Big City Diner in Aiea for reaching out to the community.  If you guys read this, you can fill us in on how much you raised by leaving it in the comments below!  🙂

There are other things, of course, but I just had to share some of the things moving and shaking stuff around here.

Honolulu Mayor’s Race May Actually Be One!

Panos Sign WavingWe’ve actually got three viable candidates running for this office.  With all of the fussing about rail, gas, water, and heaven only knows what else, we certainly need someone who will take the bull by the horns and get something done around here!  Wow, it’s great to see more people step forward.

There have been talks about the traffic needs on Oahu.  The discussion about building the rail or not building the rail has become a very heated topic.  One person stood out in my mind when the issues surrounding the rail were brought up.  I did not think it would ever happen and I was both stunned and thrilled to hear the news    Panos Prevedouros, the engineering marvel from the University of Hawaii, has thrown his hat into the ring for the Mayor’s office!  OMG!  I thought this would be so cool but never thought that is would actually happen!

My step father, who passed away a few years ago, always said that he couldn’t understand why our roads were such a mess and that they needed someone with a little more know-how to structure our road system.  My step father was a civil engineer for the Federal government.  I have to chuckle now.  I wish he was alive to see this candidate enter the race!

Here’s a quote from the “About” portion of his campaign web site:

“Engineering is in his blood
Unlike most of us, Panos’ family is crazy about engineering. His family includes computer engineers, electrical engineers, architects, civil engineers and a mechanical engineer.

Can you imagine being really interested in how roads are built, how traffic flows, how to synchronize traffic lights, how to build sewers and dumps that work? Of course not. But luckily for us, Panos is really interested in all that stuff.”

For the record, that’s Dr. Prevedouros, for anyone who wants to know!

Doctorate in Civil Engineering, 1990. Focus on public policy, demand management, human behavior (in the urban transportation system context), transportation planning and modeling. DISSERTATION: Demographic, Social, Economic and Personality Factors Affecting Suburban Transport Behavior.

Now, if we can just find some of his students and interview them to see what kind of leader he is.  🙂   This one is looking good from where I’m standing!  Take a look around his site and see what you find interesting.  Oh, and he wants to see our racing woes taken care of too — auto racing is a passion of his!  Perfect!

Carnival of Aloha Reminder!

statueclose.jpgFirst Anniversary Issue!

Hey everybody, the next deadline for submissions to the Carnival of Aloha is fast approaching!  This is the First Anniversary for the Carnival so I’m hoping that everyone will join in the fun!

The deadline for submissions is next week Wednesday, August 27, 2008. If you’re just joining us, you can check out the guidelines here and submit your blog posts here.

This little monthly Carnival has accomplished so much to bring so many of us together.  I hope we will continue to add more participants  to our little family of bloggers.  That way we can all keep sharing the Aloha!

Species Preservation and Protection of the Honu

Indigenous to the State of Hawaii, the Green Sea Turtle or Honu, has been a much beloved creature for many, many years. The charm of this gentle sea creature, along with the fact that it is regarded as one of the ‘aumakua from Hawaiian mythology, has made the honu a popular resident.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

They really do make great neighbors! They’re quiet, slow-moving, and they simply stop over for a suntan and a nap near coastal homes. These herbivores have seen a revival in popularity in recent years. Stores and small shops carry their image on many kinds of goods. There are earrings and necklaces, statues and stationary, and stickers for just about anything you can put a sticker on, including automobiles.

Pretty Shells

They are seen on shore in several places, resting, or basking if you will, and keeping the beaches company. They come close to shore to eat the seaweed found there. It is illegal to disturb or approach them. Well, it was. They were considered a threatened species and have been protected by both the Federal Government and the State Government. The word is out that this may not continue much longer.

Tortoise with a turquoise shell

The good news is, they have recovered! Apparently they have recovered quite nicely because there is talk out there about removing them from the endangered/threatened species list. I have mixed emotions about this. While I’m happy they have recovered in number, it concerns me that they may end up right back on that list before we know it.

Hawaii is not the only place that protects this animal. Places like may have more to report down the road but, for now, I haven’t heard anything except speculation by the media. Time will tell and I will keep you posted!

Really, I Can Cook, Honest!

Things in the kitchen don’t always work in my favor, but it’s nice when it does. Some recipes work out nicely and I’m very happy to have a success story from the kitchen. I’ll be sure to share success stories here when they happen! Everybody knows that if you live in Hawaii, food is very important. We love to eat! Even CNN a few years back told the rest of the World all about why we’re overweight. They blamed it on Loco Moco, but the message still rings clear for several of our favorites — we like food way too much! It’s not always what we eat, but the quantity. My problem is both quantity and mayonnaise. Yeah, well, rice doesn’t help much either. 🙂

Hubby won’t touch most of what I cook because he doesn’t like beef, unless it’s hamburger, or chicken, unless it’s from Zippy’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken. As much as I love Spam, it gets old after a while. I miss the old recipes that Mom used to make and that we used to enjoy growing up. I’m going through some of those oldies to see which ones still work for me after all these years. Hopefully some of those recipes will be greeted more enthusiastically by someone else at home besides me. Mom can’t cook them anymore so I’m on my own.

If you’re going to purchase cuts of beef, I have had wonderful cuts from Safeway and some to-die-for steaks from Times Supermarket. Since these two merchants have become the only places I shop, they will be the ones that receive my attention. That being said, I’ll send out a huge “Mahalo!” to Lawrence of Pali Safeway’s Meat Department for a very beautiful five pounds of decadent, fat-laden, USDA Choice beef ribs!

Beef ribs from Safeway!

An old recipe that Mom kept worked out nicely for those ribs. Trust me, you will not find this recipe anywhere else — it was the brainstorm of one of my sister’s old boyfriends. The recipe card reads “Gill’s Ribs” and that is what we have always called them. Gill had a gift for cooking and he had quite a green thumb too! We lost him to an unfortunate accident on the Big Island some years back but his memory lives on.

Gills Ribs

From: Gill Reeves, Serves: 4


4/5 to 5 lbs of ribs


2 onions, chopped
1 tsp ea: paprika, chili powder
1/2 tsp ea: ground red pepper; pepper
1 Tbsp salt
2 Tbsp ea: Worcestershire sauce; red wine vinegar
3/4 C. catsup
3/4 C. water

1. Prepare sauce my mixing all ingredients (except ribs) together and mis thoroughly.
2. Place in casserole: 1/3 of ribs, sauce, 1/3 ribs, sauce, 1/3 ribs, sauce
3. Cover. Cook at 350° for 2 hours and 40 minutes.
4. Remove cover and cook another 10 minutes.

My only error was not taking a photo of the finished product. But, it was as good as I remember and worth a try if you like beef ribs!

Let’s Take a Dragon Ride — They Don’t Need Gas!

I tried to find a pictorial form of “transportation” for Chapter 12 of the Carnival of Aloha. Although not the safest method of travel, this one tugged at my heart strings because I never give enough attention to these guys. Every year everybody else beats me to it and floods the blogosphere with scenes and stories about Chinese New Year. So, I’ll just take this cultural favorite and let it be our virtual tour guide.

Carnival dragon to take us cruising

Since dragons don’t use gas for their fire breathing, or for flying either, and since you are supposed to ride dragons, NOT slay them, I figured we could just use this very long one and all hop on board together! I’m not making this up, just ask Anne McCaffrey. McCaffrey will tell you about the bond between a man (or a woman) and their dragon! Then again, our ride here is a Chinese dragon, not the medieval, bonding variety of McCaffrey’s fantasy world. So, you might want to avoid the teeth — they look sharp!

With everyone still very much in vacation mode for the summer, let’s get started!

TrigMom joins us for the first time and tells us of her discoveries about the Best Things To Do With Kids in Honolulu, Hawaii posted over at Thanks for sharing your list with us, TrigMom! You did Oahu well! I was happy to see you got out a bit while you were here rather than just hanging in Waikiki!

Leslie Carbone, I’m happy to report, shared a successful visitor event with us this time through Leslie Carbone: Pearl Harbor posted at Leslie Carbone. I am yet to visit the Arizona Memorial at Peal Harbor myself and I’ve been here all my life. It’s on the agenda. I’ll get there. Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your experience! I’m just glad it went well. 🙂 Leslie even gives a romantic twist to the oil droplets that continue, even after all these years, to escape from the Arizona.

Hawaii Vacation Gifts provides an alternative vacation idea for those of you who are a little more daring and fond of the outdoors. We get to learn about the New Indiana Jones Movie partly filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii posted at Hawaii Vacation Gifts.

Bobbie provides a transition for us as she reminds us about Hawaii Sunshine: Not just for tanning that she has posted on her Virtual Scratchpad. We all love the sunshine and the ocean but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded about just what valuable resources these things are, especially with all of the climate changes these days. Thanks, Bobbie!

As we protect our planet and protect our skin,

Angie reminds us: Don’t forget your pets in the face of disaster posted at True Aloha. This is something that people often forget and I, for one, appreciate Angie sharing this reminder with all of us! This is a very valid concern and a good point. Thanks, Angie, for reminding everyone!

Now, as we begin to wrap up the summer months, we’re heading into the political season.

Evelyn (that’s me) just had to share some of the upcoming political excitement with Everyone’s Aunty Runs for Office! posted right here at Homespun Honolulu. Many of us know her and I’m just being a happy volunteer cheerleader here! 🙂

Pua provides us with another transition as she asks us to Vote for your favorite Hawaii Story! posted at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog. We may have missed the party but you can still vote! Pua helps us round up this 12th Chapter of the Carnival and leads us into the next where we will soon be having yet another anniversary celebration.

Whew! That dragon is a fast mover! As we release our tight grip on his scales and wave goodbye to our reptilian friend, we can look forward to the next Chapter of Aloha. The upcoming chapter will be the Carnival of Aloha’s first anniversary! We hope all will join in and celebrate this first milestone for the Carnival! Don’t forget to submit your blog posts to the anniversary edition of the Carnival of Aloha! Just use our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Everyone’s Aunty Runs for Office!

Honolulu Hale

Honolulu Hale is a busy place these days. I think the clerk’s office, for those looking to register and run for office, needed a revolving door for a while there! The mayor’s race for the City of Honolulu suddenly has 12 candidates (maybe more) running for mayor come November. We’ll talk about that later.

Politics has been, for me, more exciting this year than ever. There is so much going on this year, at both the local and the national level, that it’s hard to keep track!

Aunty Lynn

I must say, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see someone I’ve come to know, to actually grace those same doors of the Clerk’s Office at Honolulu Hale. Lynn Vasquez-Dela Cerna is running for office! To be more specific, Honolulu City Council, District 7.

You know, most of us only think about taking that leap. We contemplate such things and toy with the idea of running for an office such as this but we never go any further. Lynn took hold of the idea and has moved forward. For District 7, this would be a great addition. I’m excited for Lynn and I’m excited for District 7!

This is not someone who sits on their haunches — if there is something that needs fixing, this is one lady who will stick with it until it’s fixed. My comment was that she’s like a “dog with a bone!” She’s not letting go until what needs to be done, is done. This is a lady who will take an issue to whatever level needs it needs to be taken to until it’s resolved!

For more information about this candidate, check our her site! Donations for this campaign can be given at any branch of First Hawaiian Bank with a reference made to Liliha Branch. Checks should be made payable to Friends of Lynn Vasquez-Dela Cerna.”

So, what is District 7? The city defines this district as, “a portion of upper Kalihi, Kapalama, Palama, Iwilei, Sand Island, Mapunapuna, Airport, Hickam, Pearl Harbor, Ford Island, Aliamanu, Salt Lake, Foster Village, Stadium and Halawa Valley Estates.” Unfortunately for me, the district that will appear on my ballot is District 6. So, my vote won’t help Mrs. Dela Cerna. But, if you’re in District 7, yours will! 🙂

Register to Vote

If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?!? Get registered and we’ll see you at the polls! This is an exciting year in many ways, gang. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it all! Politics exciting? No way! Way!